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Are you planning to pursue higher studies in Canada? If yes, it is an excellent choice due to its high-quality education, good healthcare facilities, and strict safety and security norms for international students. There are many opportunities in different sectors, like healthcare, IT, Engineering, etc., and you can find the highest paying jobs in Canada. Canada's employment rate is high, making it one of the most chosen places among the students.


International students can choose their careers based on their interests, skill set, and job opportunities in Canada. Also, the university you choose is vital in getting you the best job opportunities, so be careful and pick the right one that fulfils your career goals.


In this regard, this blog discusses Canada's highest-paying jobs, salaries, and available job options.


Average Salary and Job Opportunities in Canada

To get one of the highest paying jobs in Canada, you need to decide your field of work, university, and course to grab your dream job. To make selection easy, we have provided a table about Canada's top 15 highest paying jobs and their average annual salaries.

Job Roles

Average Annual Salary







IT Manager


Petroleum Engineer






Marketing Manager


Sales Manager










Full Stack Developer


Medical Anesthesiologist


Top 15 Highest Paying Jobs in Canada


Surgeons are doctors who specialise in a specific area and operate on patients with injuries or illnesses. With all the qualifications, this role demands them to comply with all the guidelines, medical laws and regulations. A surgeon is also responsible for diagnosing the illness, creating surgical plans, and suggesting treatment based on the patient's medical history. Therefore, it is the most required and highest paying jobs in Canada.


Qualification Required: First, a PG degree in Medicine is required. To be a surgeon, you must complete 5 years of training to become a professional surgeon.



Physicians are the doctors who examine and treat illness. They need to know human anatomy, pharmacology, medical ethics, etc. Physicians work in specialised clinics and hospitals and practice at home. Being a doctor, these are the best jobs in Canada.


Qualification Required: You need a medical college degree and hands-on experience in a particular area. Additionally, the physicians must have a license to practice medicine.



Dentists are professionals who specialise in the diagnosis and treatment of dental flaws. They treat and control disorders of teeth and mouth. They provide dental care by cleaning teeth, doing root canals and repairing cavities. It is one of the highest paying jobs in Canada.


Qualification Required: You need to complete a bachelor's and a 4-year master's degree in dentistry. Students must pass a dental exam by the National Examining Board of Canada and get the regulatory body's license.


IT Manager

The IT manager has a team of employees whose performance he has to monitor. The managers are also responsible for developing IT strategies, maintaining computer systems, solving tech-related problems, etc.


Qualification Required: To be an IT Manager, it is vital to have a bachelor's degree in a specific area like IT, computer science, software engineering and relevant work experience in the field.


Petroleum Engineer

Petroleum engineers plan and supervise the projects to extract gas, oil, and other fossils from the ground. They design equipment and figure out ways to inject gases, chemicals, and water to extract more gas or oil.


Qualification Required: To be a qualified petroleum engineer, you need a master's or PhD degree in the specific field.



A lawyer is known to give legal advice and represent their clients before the court. They act in their client's best interest and maintain a case's confidentiality. It is a crucial profession and one of Canada's top-notch, highest paying jobs.


Qualification Required: To be a lawyer, you must complete at least a three-year degree and then appear for LSAT.



These professionals have specialisation in treating mental disorders. They are known to assess and prepare a plan to treat them well. They also prescribe treatment for emotional and behavioural illnesses.


Qualification Required: As a psychiatrist, you must acquire an MD degree from a Medical college.


Marketing Manager

The marketing managers are responsible for advertising and promoting the brand and its products or services. They develop marketing strategies and techniques and create strong networks in the market.


Qualification Required: To become a marketing manager, a master's degree in management is required. Moreover, it is a dynamic field, so you must be updated with the market changes.


Sales Manager

The sales manager manages a team to meet every month's sales target. They promote and sell products, create strategies, and drive sales operations.


Qualification Required: You require a bachelor's degree in marketing, business administration or related field.



Pilots provide air transportation services for aircraft and helicopters. They have to specialise in navigation, flight controls and flight engineering. Pilots monitor the weather and stay in touch with air traffic during flying.


Qualification Required: To be a pilot, you must complete your aviation school training. A commercial pilot license is required to fly an aircraft.



A cardiologist is a heart and cardiovascular specialist or surgeon. They have expertise in examining and treating cardio diseases like high blood pressure, hypertension, artillery fibrillation, and other heart-related issues etc.


Qualification Required: You must complete a four- or five-year cardiology medical degree to specialise in heart diseases.



An optometrist takes care of a person’s eye health. They carry out different tests and prescribe the best treatment to improve vision and resolve eye disorders.


Qualification Required: You must complete a three-year UG course in maths and science and a four-year university program in optometry.



An architect plans and designs to construct a building. Their work is to consult and create a building as per the client’s requirement. This profession is known to get you the highest paying jobs in Canada. The field is creative as well as serves a purpose in human life.


Qualification Required: You must obtain a bachelor's or master’s degree in architecture and 3 years of training under a professional architect.


Full Stack Developer

It is known to be one of the most in demand jobs in Canada and offers the highest paying jobs in Canada. IT is a dynamic and rapidly changing field, which makes it even more enjoyable.


Qualification Required: A full-stack developer needs to know different computer languages like  HTML, C++, Java, SQL, etc.


Medical Anesthesiologist

Healthcare professionals get the highest paying, most accessible jobs in Canada, including medical anesthesiology. They give drugs to patients so they do not feel pain during an operation or surgery. Their job is to know a patient's medical history and decide what anaesthesia suits them.


Qualification Required: Graduation from a medical college and volunteering at a hospital.


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Best Highest Paying Easy Jobs in Canada’s Different Cities

Canada has a high employment rate that differs from city to city. Some of the highest paying jobs in Canada are in Vancouver, Toronto, Montreal, and Edmonton. Here, we have created a list of jobs in different cities for your convenience to shortlist the jobs that suit your qualifications; take a look below:

City Name

Highest Paying Jobs


  • Construction managers

  • Financial auditors and accountants

  • Court officers and justices of the peace

  • Engineering managers 

  • Managers in social, community, and correctional services


  • Computer and information systems manager

  • Managers in healthcare

  • Computer engineers (except software engineers and designers)

  • Financial and investment analysts

  • Restaurant and food service managers


  • Java Developer

  • Architect

  • Communication Director

  • Product Manager

  • Optometrist

  • Chartered Accountant


  • Industrial engineering and manufacturing technologists and technicians

  • Nursing coordinators and supervisors

  • Human resources professional

  • Information systems analysts and consultants

  • Registered nurses and registered psychiatric nurses

In Demand Jobs in Canada

  • Business Intelligence Analysts

  • Cloud Architects

  • Cloud Engineers

  • IoT Specialists

  • IT Project Managers

  • Data Scientists

  • DevOps Engineer

  • Registered nurse

  • Security Professionals (Data, Information, Network, Systems, Cloud)

  • Mechanical engineer

  • Welde


Other Best Jobs in Canada

  • Engineering Manager

  • Chief Marketing Officer

  • Software Architect

  • Pharmacist

  • Data Scientist

  • Utility Manager

  • Business Operations Manager

  • Enterprise Architect

  • Corporate Controller



After completing a degree in Canada as an international student, you can work based on your skills and preferred profiles. However, once they complete their studies in Canada, they must understand the career options available to select the best career path for themselves. There are different kinds of jobs in other areas, but the blog suggests the best, in-demand, and highest paying jobs in Canada. If you are looking for employment in a particular city, there are some popular career options in top cities in Canada. You need a recognised degree from a leading Canadian university to get the highest paying jobs in Canada.


Moreover, students who wish to study in Canada and seek more details on securing the highest paying jobs in Canada may contact our expert counsellors at any Meridean Overseas Education Consultants (MOEC) branch. You can also take free online counselling through our website. Our counsellors will provide the best support for applying for the university per your goal and help select an appropriate job profile. For more information or any queries, contact us at or 1800-1230-00011.



Q. Which career is known to have the highest-paying jobs in Canada?

Answer: Surgeons are known to have the highest-paying jobs in Canada. Their average salary is a whopping $3,25,020, at the top of the list.


Q. Which are the in demand jobs in Canada?

Answer: Nowadays, IT careers are on the rise. It creates a demand for sectors like web development, artificial intelligence, software development, etc. A recognised degree in IT can get you a job in top-notch companies worldwide.


Q. Which is a better city to live in Canada?

Answer: Vancouver is considered better than any other city in Canada because of its beauty and suitable climatic conditions. Also, it offers the highest-paying jobs in Canada, excellent education and a reasonable cost of living.


Q. Which skills have the best jobs in Canada?


  • Healthcare

  • Engineering

  • Computer Science & Information Technology

  • Business, Accounting and Finance

  • Education

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