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Social work generally means serving people in any way you can. It also means helping the people in need. Various non-governmental organisations (NGOs) are working for needy people on specific issues. Students who love to help and serve the people and want to raise any matter that the government has not raised can attend this course. Also, students from any background can apply for a Masters in UK for social work program.

The programme allows the students to help and serve people globally and add benefits to their personalities. Students can opt to pursue MSW in the UK due to increasing demand. Social work is a profession based on practice. It is also the academic profession that deals with bringing changes in society and the nation. Studying social work in the UK will provide the students with various ideas they can implement and work on practically. While planning to Study in the UK, make sure you research your courses well and take the right guidance.

Though it offers a great career prospect to students, social workers cannot ignore its need in the coming future. Hence, this blog will make you understand the need for this course. Also, we have mentioned some top universities and their average fees below

Benefits MSW course in the UK

There are a lot of benefits that students will receive after pursuing an MSW course in the UK. Students who love volunteering and want to pursue this as a career can opt for this course without hesitation. Let's explore more reasons to pursue an MSW course in the UK for international students.


1. More importance to international students

British citizens are given less importance in the UK for being social workers. This provides a huge opportunity for international students to apply for this degree and, furthermore, for the job. Primarily, international students or NON-EU citizens are preferred for this degree.


2. Enhances personal skills

Students get a chance to enhance their personalities. They develop good communication skills, teamwork and time-management abilities. They also learn problem-solving skills and how to feel empathy. With all these skills, students become excellent social care workers.


3. Attractive salary packages

Social care workers in the UK receive high remuneration each month. The average pay starts at GBP 16,000 and may reach up to GBP 50,000 or more. In the beginning, like in any other field, social care workers receive lower pay-outs, but in the long run, they earn generous amounts of money as well as great satisfaction. The new social worker gets an average salary of GBP 20,000, and with experience, he can earn up to GBP 40,000.


4. Open to several Job options

The primary benefit of pursuing this degree is that a student can apply in any field to get a good job. He is not restricted to a single field or area. Also, the students need not show their master's degree scores to the recruiter. The degree is self-answerable to the capabilities you have. Students who pursue MSW courses can become certified social workers in an NGO or other organisation.

Top Universities for MSW in UK with fee structure

There are several universities in the UK that provide MSW courses. Universities in the UK offer degrees in social work to enhance and upgrade students' interests. Students interested in social work can study at UK universities for better job opportunities. The UK requires many volunteers and is the best place to pursue the MSW program.


The Guardian University Guide 2021 lists some universities as the best for studying Social Work in the UK. The names of the universities are:

  • Queen's University Belfast
  • Anglia Ruskin University
  • The University of Edinburgh
  • University of Bath • Bournemouth University
  • Lancaster University
  • University of Hertfordshire
  • Glasgow Caledonian University
  • Manchester Metropolitan University


There are some other UK universities also which provide Social Work degrees. The names of those universities are as follows:

  • University of Portsmouth
  • University of Bristol
  • Swansea University
  • University of Birmingham
  • University of Sussex


The fee structure for this course is relatively high. It ranges between GBP 17,000 and GBP 40,000 per year. The course period may vary from university to university. It may be completed in 15 months in some universities and may take two years in others. However, universities provide various scholarships to international students. This provides financial aid to the students and encourages them to pursue this course in the UK.

Students who wish to pursue the social work course in the UK can apply to any of the universities mentioned above. Meridean Overseas Education Consultants will guide you from the UK admission process to the UK Student Visa process and other important factors in between.

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Eligibility Criteria for MSW

The eligibility criteria for a master's in social work degree in the UK are:

  • Students must possess an original and valid passport.

  • Students must secure 60% or above marks in their Bachelor's degree. The degree should be from a recognised institution or university.

  • Have Studied English and Mathematics subjects at the senior secondary level, i.e. class 12th.

  • Relevant work experience is acceptable in the social care sector. It is mandatory for some universities in the UK.

  • Accepts an IELTS score of 7.0 or 6.5 overall. It may vary according to the university.

  • Also, it accepts other English proficiency tests, i.e., TOEFL, PTE, etc.

  • An IELTS waiver can be provided to students who scored more than 65% in English subjects in class 12th. In this case, students must submit a medium of instruction (MOI) in English.

  • Should have two letters of recommendation (LOR) and a strong statement of purpose (SOP).

Scholarships for MSW

The UK provides various scholarships for master's in social work programs. The scholarship programme depends upon the university. Some universities offer high-amount scholarships, and some provide low-amount fellowships. The minimum scholarship available to the student can be GBP 1000, and the maximum can be up to a 50–60% tuition fee waiver. The names of some scholarships are:


 Scholarship Name

             Scholarship amount            

Chevening Scholarship

 Up to Full tuition fees

 GREAT scholarship 2020

 Vary from student to student

  Academic excellence scholarship

 Up to 2,500- 15,000 pounds

 Global leaders scholarship

 Up to 5,000 pounds

 Humanitarian scholarship

 Up to 38,500 pounds  


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