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Canada often pops up in our heads when we talk about study-abroad plans. The country is one of the most conducive places for international students to study varied courses. Many international students prefer to enrol in top universities for masters in Canada


Universities in Canada for masters are constantly on top worldwide for their high-quality, and research or practical-oriented study methods. Most universities in Canada offer industry-based internships or projects offering on-field experience. This helps students get early industry exposure. Secondly, studying in Canada is much more affordable than in other countries. Students can benefit from several scholarship schemes and receive financial aid.


In this regard, the blog renders significant information about Masters in Canada, comprising details of top colleges, costs, courses and scholarships. So, let us get started with the blog! 


Best Universities in Canada for Masters

Masters in Canada is a degree with different specialisations. Masters in Canada are generally 1-2 years long. It is a professional and academic degree in the country. Many different specialisations are provided by the top universities in Canada for masters. A masters in Canada is either thesis-based or course-based. However, some Canadian universities offer programs with a mixture of both. Some of the Canada universities for MS are mentioned below.


Top Masters Courses in Canada

Many top-notch universities offer various masters degree courses in Canada. The country is well-known for its academic excellence, affordable courses and fair cost of living. Masters in Canada allows you to gain international work experience and exposure to the global market. Here is a list of top Canada masters courses. Take a look. 


Some other specialisations in Masters in Canada for Indian Students are in the below-mentioned fields.

  • Engineering

  • Engineering Management

  • Medicine and Healthcare

  • Human Resources

  • Agricultural Science and Forestry

  • Physiotherapy

  • Logistics and Supply Chain Management

  • Management

  • Publishing

  • Creative Writing

  • Biotechnology

  • Social Work


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Masters in Canada Cost

Tuition fees in Canada is generally high, but it is less than in any other English-speaking countries. The fees vary from city and university in which you choose to pursue a masters in Canada.


Masters in Canada costs vary depending upon the course and the university. Studying masters in Canada includes one-time payable pre-arrival costs, tuition fees, and living costs. The cost of study and living is mentioned in the table below. Cost of Studying for Indian Students in Canada.


Average Annual Tuition Fee (in CAD)

University of Toronto 


University of British Columbia 


McGill University


McMaster University


Universite de Montreal


University of Alberta


University of Ottawa


University of Waterloo


Western University


University of Calgary


Cost of Living for Indian Students in Canada

Some of the detailed factors in the cost of living in Canada are listed in the table below.


Average Cost (Monthly)

Food and Grocery

250-350 CAD


400-600 CAD


40-60 CAD


200 CAD


500-700 CAD

Note: The cost of living may vary from person to person.


Masters Scholarships in Canada

When you think about studying abroad, the financial burden that comes with it is worrisome. So, to ease the pressure, the government or colleges offer scholarships. Some cover the cost fully, and some only cover the tuition fees, thereby reducing the burden of pursuing a masters in Canada. Some of the top schemes and master's scholarships in Canada are mentioned below.

  • Ontario Graduate Scholarship

  • JN Tata Endowment Scholarship

  • Graduate Scholarship (University of Waterloo)

  • Graduate Fellowship (University of Manitoba)

  • Graduate Entrance Scholarship (University of Waterloo)

  • Graduate Dean’s Entrance Scholarship (The University of British Columbia)

  • International Entrance Awards (McGill University)

  • Master’s Entrance Scholarship (University of Alberta)

  • Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships

  • Canada Asia-Pacific Awards


Note: These scholarships are for a minimal time and students, especially for international students. 



In conclusion, a masters in Canada is a great way to obtain an international degree and sets a stage for global work opportunities. Canada is a lucrative study-abroad destination as the universities have research-intensive methods, innovation and excellent academic reputations. Also, universities in Canada for masters offer different specialised degrees with scholarship options. Moreover, the cost of living and studying in Canada depends on your locality and university. The blog mentions all the details, so keep this information in mind when you apply for a masters in Canada.

Moreover, students who wish to pursue a masters in Canada may contact our expert counsellors at any branch of Meridean Overseas Education Consultants (MOEC). You can also take free online counselling through our website. Our counsellors will provide the best support for applying for university admission abroad and a visa. For more information or any queries, contact us at or 1800-1230-00011.



Q: Is pursuing a Master's degree in Canada worth it?

Ans: Canada has a reputation for having well-known degrees, and academic excellence makes it a popular destination for international students to study abroad. 


Q: Can I reside in Canada after completing my masters?

Ans: After completing the masters in Canada, you have 180 days to apply for PGWP(Post-graduate work permit), all while residing in Canada. Moreover, while applying for the licence, ensure you have successfully attended and completed the course. 


Q: Which masters degree courses in Canada are currently in demand?

Ans: The masters degree courses that are in high demand in Canada

  • MBA Programs

  • Business Management Programs

  • Medical Programs

  • Economics Programs

  • Finance and Accounting Programs.

  • Computer Science and IT Programs.

  • Engineering Programs

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