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If you are looking forward to work in Canada and are wondering about major job opportunities in Canada and average salary in Canada offered by companies functioning across different industries, then this blog can provide key insights for you.


The blog renders information about job opportunities in Canada, highest paying jobs in Canada, and average salary in Canada for individuals, including international students striving to pursue job in Canada.


Hence, give this blog a good read to ensure that you choose the right industry and job for yourself according to your academic qualifications, skills and areas of interest or experience.


Why Job in Canada

Canada denotes an alluring landscape for job prospects and career growth as it offers several opportunities across many industries to career-driven individuals.


Strong economic growth, focus on innovation, and favourable immigration policies build an enticing environment for professionals seeking lucrative job opportunities or students seeking new avenues.


Industries from healthcare to technology, renewable energy, and sustainable industries, along with the artificial intelligence industry, are examples of some top industries that are witnessing rapid growth in the present times in the Canadian job market.


In addition, good work-life balance and a welcoming environment for immigrants due to the labour shortage in varied industries of Canada serve as major reasons to opt for job in Canada.


Hence, making Canada an attractive destination to skilled individuals and job aspirants seeking exceptional employment growth and opportunities.


Individuals focused on progressing their careers in an innovation-oriented environment and experiencing cultural diversity and high standards of living would find Canada a rewarding and extraordinary destination. 


The average salary in Canada for competent employees ranges around CAD 54,600 and CAD 105,000 annually. However, the salary may differ in accordance to the experience, job type, capabilities and employers.


Moreover, let us delve into details about job opportunities in Canada and salary in Canada so that you can make an appropriate decision concerning work in Canada. 


Job Opportunities in Canada 2023

Some of the top job opportunities and highest paying jobs in Canada exist for individuals in Canada. A complete list of some key job opportunities, including job description and title of job in Canada, is presented in the following table:

Job Title

Job Description 

Computer Engineering Technologies

Computer engineers or professionals are in high demand in Canada and across the globe among tech giants.

Canada is known to have lucrative employment opportunities for techies and software engineers.

Software Developers

There is an immense need for competent software developers in different industries in Canada. These professionals are mainly responsible for writing, modifying, testing and integrating computer codes for data processing and communication software. 

Electrical and Electronic Engineering Technologies/

The technology sector is witnessing exponential growth in Canada, which led to the creation of attractive job opportunities for electrical engineers. 


Nursing is deemed to be amongst the most promising and growth-oriented career streams in contemporary times. This job type serves as an attractive opportunity for nursing professionals to work in private as well as the top public sector healthcare institutions in Canada. 

IT Business Analyst,

The profile of IT business analysts is popular and highly preferred by tech giants such as Microsoft, Apple and other business organisations. 

Network Engineer

The job profile of network engineers became largely popular with the rise in remote working. The servers, programmes and network is managed via network engineers. 

Data Scientist

The domain of data science is booming at  a fast pace, which makes it a high-paying and growth-oriented career. Hence, the demand for data scientists is huge, particularly when the workers are experienced and skilled. 

HR Manager

HR managers are liable not only for handling the department but also for managing employees and guiding varied HR functions. There are abundant job opportunities in Canada aiming to work on the role of HR manager as companies such as KPMG, EY, Infosys and Deloitte recruit HR managers on a regular basis. 

Recruitment Specialist

This particular job profile encompasses performing functions such as staffing, recruitment and talent acquisition accountabilities. 

Sales Manager 

Top-ranked international companies in Canada have ample sales and marketing job opportunities. The efficient marketing skills of individuals make this job profile a lucrative one. Moreover, Canada is regarded to be having some of the leading firms recruiting individuals for sales profiles. This particular job profile falls under the best paying job in Canada.  

Marketing Analyst

A marketing analyst is considered to be an attractive career option in Canada as all companies recruit marketing experts. Data plays a crucial role in enabling organisations to navigate through competition. Thus, companies in Canada hire marketing experts who gather, assess and interpret the available information for devising effective business tactics as well as market plans. Overall, the demand for this job in Canada is high, so by having the right skills, aspiring candidates can be employed with international brands in Canada. 

Operations Manager

The job role of an operations manager is always in demand due to the involvement of Canadian firms in the production of services and goods. Overall, companies in Canada offer high wages to individuals with relevant experience and skills in this domain. 

Finance Manager 

Multinational organisations and globally renowned brands in Canada pay good salary packages for this job profile. Moreover, finance managers are in high demand in Canada, which makes it a lucrative job profile. 


Medicine is said to be amongst highest paying jobs in Canada, wherein surgeons are paid sufficiently well, especially, Ophthalmologists, Cardiac surgeons, Neurosurgeons and Oncologists. 


Canada is home to some well-known law firms, and it offers good salaries to individuals having expertise in Labour Law, Criminal Law, Domestic Law and Corporate Law. The above-mentioned job roles are in high demand.  

Salary in Canada

Now you are well aware of the job opportunities in Canada and some of the best paying jobs in Canada, as elaborated in the aforementioned section.


This particular part of the blog provides information about average salary in Canada for the most demanding job profiles so that you remain aware of the salary packages for job in Canada prior to moving there for the work purpose.

Job Title 

Average Salary in Canada

Software Developers

Software developers in Canada receive an average salary or wage of around 68,476 CAD annually. 

Data Scientists

The average salary varies between 54,800 to 112,300 CAD for data scientists in Canada on an annual basis. 

EEE engineers

Electrical engineers in Canada receive approximately 71,358 CAD per year.

Computer Engineers

Computer engineers get around 78,424 CAD annually in Canada. 

Network Engineers

Network engineers are paid around 72,223 CAD yearly in Canada, indicating their average salary. 


For nursing professionals, average salary in Canada yearly is noted to be around 54,674 CAD. 

Marketing analysts

Marketing analysts in Canada can earn approximately 51,262 CAD in a year. 

Operations Managers

Operations managers in Canada receive an average salary of approximately 70,874  CAD yearly. 

HR managers

HR managers in Canada receive an annual salary of around 71,773 CAD in Canada. 

Sales managers

Sales managers usually receive an average salary of 63,120 CAD annually in Canada. 


The salary of a surgeon, on average, is around CAD 195,418 yearly. However, it depends upon the specialisation.

Finance Managers

Finance managers receive an annual average salary of 79,193 CAD in Canada. 


Lawyers in Canada receive around 76,772 CAD yearly.

IT Business Analyst

In Canadian firms, business analysts commonly receive an average salary of 67,088 CAD yearly.

Recruitment Specialist 

In Canada, recruitment specialists receive around 48,636 CAD annually.    

Work Permit Eligibility in Canada

Having looked upon job opportunities in Canada, best paying jobs in Canada, and average salary in Canada, it is evident that the Canadian job market is lucrative for competent individuals across the globe striving to work in Canada.

However, it is important to know about work permit eligibility concerning Canada. Some main eligibility requirements are mentioned as follows:


  1. There is a need for a passport having more than 6 months of validity from the pre-planned arrival date in Canada. 

  2. Candidates need to provide evidence of sufficient financial resources for covering their expenses while staying in Canada. 

  3. Candidates must undergo medical examinations only at registered hospitals. 

  4. There is a need to pay the application fee. 

  5. Candidates must possess educational qualification certificates. 

  6. Candidates should provide evidence of their professional qualifications as well as their work experience in order to be eligible to work in Canada.

  7. Candidates should have two recent photographs (passport size).

  8. Candidates need to have IELTS or TOEFL examination scores. 

  9. Applicants need to provide proof that they would leave Canada upon the expiry of their work permit. 

  10. Candidates should not have any past criminal record. 

  11. Candidates must have medical insurance and should be in good health. 

  12. Applicants must not be working under any unauthorised employer or any non-registered employer with the government of Canada.



Q. What are the highest paying jobs in the IT and technology domain of Canada?

Software engineers, data scientists, software developers, IT business analysts, along with IoT Solutions Architect are among the top highest-paid jobs in Canada at present.


Q. What are the highest paying jobs in the business and management sector of Canada?

Finance managers, sales managers and operations managers, along with HR managers, receive high salary packages annually in Canadian firms, but the salary varies as per individual skills and experience.


Q. What can I do to enhance my employment attractiveness and secure best paying job in Canada?

There are several things one can do to increase the chances of securing best paying job in Canada, such as having the necessary experience and educational qualifications according to the desired job role. Other than this, you can develop your capabilities and remain updated on key trends relevant to your domain. In addition, networking with professionals or experts in your industry or sector and attending industry workshops and events can also help in fostering your employment attractiveness.


Q. What are the main educational requirements for grabbing highest paying job in Canada?

Educational requirements for grabbing highest paying job in Canada differ depending on the job title. However, most of best paying jobs need the completion of a bachelor’s degree in engineering, computer science, business and management or a related sphere.


Q. What is the non-IT job in Canada that comes under high-paying jobs?

A surgeon is the highest non-IT job profile which is the highest paid in Canada. Apart from this, lawyers can also earn well in Canada.


Q. What is the average salary per hour in Canada?

The average yearly salary in Canada is approximately 39,127 CAD or 20.07 CAD per hour. Still, it tends to vary as per the skill set, degree, education and experience of individuals and the industry they choose to work for.


Q. What is the eligibility for a Post Study Work Permit in Canada?

A full-time program lasting at least eight months must have been completed by you in Canada. You must submit an application for a work permit within 180 days of receiving your degree. A transcript or official letter from the college or university serving as formal assurance that this is accurate is required. A current student visa is required while requesting the PGWP. You need to have finished a course in Canada full-time that lasted at least eight months.



It is apparent from the discussion surrounding job opportunities in Canada and average salary in Canada in 2023 that Canada is thriving in the field of technology, business and management, healthcare and artificial intelligence. In addition, it is found that job roles from software engineers to surgeons, finance, and HR managers are best paying jobs in Canada.


Further, it is determined that average salary in Canada varies from 54,600 CAD to 105,000 CAD for skilled workers yearly. Still, the salary package can differ according to the job title, skill set and experience of candidates. As a whole, it is deduced that the Canadian job market is conducive to individuals’ career growth due to the rapid economic development of the nation, favourable immigration policies, fast industrial growth, a broad range of employment opportunities, and attractive salary packages. Additionally, high living standards, proper work-life balance and the opportunity to work in a culturally diverse and rich environment make Canada an enticing destination for individuals aspiring to work in Canada.


Hope this blog offered meaningful and factual information about job opportunities in Canada, the average salary for different job roles, and best paying jobs in Canada that you can choose from as per your educational qualifications and capabilities. The blog clearly highlights average salary in Canada for different job roles related to varied industries, which can assist you in understanding a clear picture of salary and job prospects in Canada.


Moreover, if you are seeking more information regarding job prospects in Canada after completing your studies and looking for appropriate guidance, you can contact our expert counsellors at any branch of Meridean Overseas Education Consultants (MOEC). You can also take free online counselling through our website. Our expert counsellors will provide you with the best support and guidance concerning job opportunities in Canada in 2023 and attractive salary packages along with the highest paying jobs in Canada in accordance with your requirements. For more information or any queries, you can mail us at application02@meridean.org or call us at our toll-free no. 1800-1230-00011.

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