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Are you passionate about the mechanism and production of automobiles and want to explore the industry? Well, pursuing a Master's in Automotive Engineering from the UK is one of the most in-demand fields of Engineering that offers a huge career scope to graduates interested in automobiles. In this blog, let's explore all the details about pursuing your Masters in the UK


Masters in Automotive Engineering?

A Master's degree in Automotive Engineering is a graduate-level program that provides students with advanced knowledge and skills in the field of automotive engineering. The program typically focuses on the design, development, testing, and manufacturing of vehicles, as well as related areas such as powertrain systems, electronics, materials science, and sustainability. However, the course also encourages creative thinking and the development of engineering leadership skills, as well as teaches you how to solve problems through research. The course curriculum generally includes areas like: 

  • Vehicle dynamics and control

  • Automotive safety and crashworthiness

  • Advanced powertrain systems

  • Advanced materials and manufacturing processes

  • Vehicle design and aerodynamics

  • Electrical and electronic systems in vehicles

  • Sustainability and environmental considerations in automotive engineering

Why Study Masters in Automotive Engineering Courses in the UK?

  • The UK has a reputation for providing high-quality education, with many universities consistently ranking among the top in the world. This means that students can expect to receive an excellent education in Automotive Engineering, with access to world-class facilities, resources, and faculty.

  • The UK has a strong automotive industry, with many leading car manufacturers and suppliers such as Tata Consultancy Services, Toyota Motor, Leyland Ltd, Jaguar, Land Rover, Tesla, and TVS Motor Company based in the country. This provides students with opportunities for internships, research, and job placements, as well as exposure to the latest developments in the field.

  • The UK offers a wide range of Masters in Automotive Engineering programs, from traditional engineering programs to more specialised programs in areas such as motorsports, electric vehicles, and autonomous vehicles. This means that students can choose a program that aligns with their interests and career goals.

  • The engineering sector in the UK has seen consistent growth for job seekers. Also, it is estimated that by 2024, the country will demand around 2,00,000 skilled workers. Therefore, the country offers tremendous job scope for Automotive engineering graduates.

Eligibility Criteria for Masters in Automotive Engineering in UK

Before enrolling for a Master's in Automotive Engineering in UK, international students must fulfil the criteria mentioned below:

  • A bachelor's degree in Automotive Engineering or a related field 

  • Standardised admission test scores such as GRE

  • Some universities may ask for work experience in a relevant field

  • English proficiency test scores

  • Personal statement (SOP)

  • Letters of recommendation (LOR)

  • Valid Passport

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Top Universities for Automotive Engineering in UK

Some of the best universities to study Masters in Automotive Engineering in UK 

  • Brunel University  

  • University of Warwick 

  • Oxford Brookes University 

  • Birmingham City University 

  • University of Bath 

  • University of Leeds 

  • University of Hertfordshire 

  • Coventry University 

Scholarships for Masters in Automotive Engineering in the UK?

UK universities offer a wide range of scholarship opportunities for international students to offset the cost of studying in the UK. 


Offered by


Commonwealth Scholarship

UK Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office

covers full tuition fees, a monthly stipend, travel expenses, and a thesis grant

Chevening Scholarships

Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office and partner organisations


GREAT Scholarships

Great Britain Campaign of the British Government and the British Council


Royal Academy of Engineering Scholarship

Royal Academy of Engineering


The Global Study Awards

ISIC Association, StudyPortals and British Council IELTS


Gates Cambridge Scholarship

University of Cambridge


Job Scope of Automotive Engineering in UK

Let’s have a look at what you can do with your automotive engineering degree. 

Job Role

Average Salary

Automotive Engineer 

£39,000 per year

Automotive Design Engineer

£43,000 per year

Automotive Project Engineer

£43,000 per year

Automotive Research Engineer

£45,000 per year

Vehicle Dynamics Engineer

£49,000 per year

Automotive Control Systems Engineer

£53,000 per year

Powertrain Engineer

£55,000 per year

Automotive Systems Engineer

£57,000 per year

Senior Mechanical Engineer

£62,000 per year

Technical Specialist

£70,000 per year


Q: What is the cost of studying for a Masters in Automotive Engineering in the UK?

A:  The cost of studying for a Masters in Automotive Engineering in the UK varies from university to university and course to course. However, the average cost ranges from 11,000 GBP to 50,000 GBP per year.


Q: Are Automotive Engineers in demand in the UK?

A: The Automotive branch of Engineering is one of the most in-demand fields in the UK. While the UK automotive industry has faced some challenges in recent years, it remains a significant employer and a key contributor to the economy. Therefore, the graduates of Automotive Engineering have a secured future in the UK.


Q: Why is the UK best for Automotive Engineering?

A: The UK is one of the best countries to pursue a Master's in Automotive Engineering due to the following reasons:

  • Quality education

  • Job opportunities

  • Wide range of specialisation

  • Industry exposure


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