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Public health degrees are a great way to explore life sciences. Pursuing a master's degree in public health will enable you to explore national health. The degree is primarily for students who aspire to learn about public health and its preventive measures.

A master’s in public health will help you explore the field with different aspects. After completing a master's in public health, one can work in various sectors and practice all their knowledge.

A Master’s in UK is an excellent opportunity to learn about public health and get good working exposure. Your decision to study in UK will help you learn from excellent faculties that can help you acquire the best possible education. The course will help in gaining in-depth knowledge regarding public hygiene.

Why Pursue a Master's in UK?

The UK has made its place quite admirable in the education sector. It has also introduced some new subjects and majors, opening doors for various opportunities. International students study in the UK because of its exceptional education institutes and post-study work opportunities. UK universities offer master's courses in multiple subjects. One of the most prevailing subjects nowadays is public health.

Healthcare is not restricted to MBBS; now, it has become a vast field, and one can take courses in different specialisations. The UK offers short-duration yet demanding master's courses compared to other study destinations. One can choose to study masters in UK from various courses. These courses range from 12 months to 24 months.

The UK has plenty of opportunities for public health workers. Currently, the UK is the third highest paying country for public health workers. Public health workers in the UK are trained with the help of world-class infrastructure and the latest health technology equipment.

Masters in Public Health in UK: Course Details

Master's in public health in the UK is an interdisciplinary course offered under different specialisations. The course's primary curriculum includes challenges of public health and essential measures to mitigate these challenges. Basic course details for master's in public health are:

  1. Principles of public health
  2. Introduction to statistical methods
  3. Introduction to epidemiology
  4. Principles of social research, amongst others.             



10 months- 24 months

Degree Level


Available Specialisations

Epidemiology, Health Education, Health Economics, Mental Health and Occupational Health Safety

Eligibility Criteria

Minimum 60% marks in bachelor in relevant field

Work Experience

Minimum of 2 years in health care field

Average Program Fees


Average Salary in UK

£30,000 per annum

English Proficiency Test Score

IELTS or TOEFL (various universities in UK give a waiver based on previous academic scores)

Top Colleges

Coventry University, University of East London, Birmingham City university, Imperial College London, Queen's University, Belfast


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Requirements for Masters in Public Health UK

  1. The candidate should have a bachelor's degree with at least 60% marks (2:1). The degree should be in a healthcare background.
  2. At least 2 years of work experience (paid) in the healthcare field.
  3. Mark sheets of previous academic years; 10th and 12th and bachelor's degree.
  4. Photocopies of all certificates.
  5. Letter of recommendation from previous professors and employers, with their contact information.
  6. Curriculum Vitae/ Resume
  7. Well-drafted SOP should portray a student’s goals after their master's in public health and why they choose to study in UK.
  8. English proficiency exam score

Benefits of Pursuing Master's in Public Science

Public health helps students enlighten themselves with severe health care issues like obesity and malnutrition. These are the issues that are growing significantly in all corners of the world. The government of almost every country is in need of public health professionals. The reason for this urgency is to educate people about public hygiene and effective measures to reduce health issues.

Graduates with relevant work experience and qualified degrees in public health can get good job roles in the UK. They can get government jobs or grab good packages in some private firms.

The healthcare business in the UK is vast and almost 1.9 billion (combining both private and public sectors). After covid-19, the concern for public health in UK has risen, which has led to an abundance of job opportunities. After gaining a public health degree from top UK universities, one can get a job as a nurse, public scout, community health worker or public health specialist in the UK.

After gaining a specialised master's degree in public health in UK, job opportunities increase for international students. One can get a job in these positions with an average salary of 35,000 GBP per year:

  1. Junior Manager
  2. Manager
  3. Senior Manager
  4. Assistant
  5. Nutritionist
  6. Epidemiologists


Some top organisations in UK that offer jobs for public health graduates are:

  • Global Data
  • Greenwich Council
  • London Borough of Islington
  • National Health Service

Scholarships for Master’s in Public Health in UK

Scholarships are a great way to study overseas without worrying about finances. Studying in UK is not so expensive with financial aid. Governments of both India and UK willingly offer various scholarships for Indian students. Multiple universities also provide scholarships for Indian students.

Some of the scholarships offered are:

  • Gates Cambridge Scholarship
  • Chevening Scholarship
  • GREAT scholarship
  • Commonwealth Scholarship
  • British Havening scholarship
  • Jerian Enskin Memorial Fund Scholarship

King's International Scholarship

Cost of Master’s In Public Health UK


University of East London

14,670 GBP (approx.)

Coventry University

15,330 GBP (approx.)

Imperial College of London

37,800 GBP (approx.)

University of Manchester

10,000 GBP (approx.)

Queen's University, Belfast

18,200 GBP (approx.)


Apart from all these expenses, one of the most important expenses one must incur while studying in the UK is living expenses. The cost of living in UK is not so high if one knows how to manage expenses well. One needs at least 500-600 GBP per month to live in UK.

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