List of Universities in USA for Masters

Universities in the USA for Masters

The United States is the most popular foreign educational institution in the world and the location of one of the largest higher education systems. But how good are its universities for graduate school?

The Best Choice for Postgraduate Education in the USA

When you ask to study in USA consultants you will get so many answers for the same.

The best American universities dominate the world rankings. They also work very well in league-specific schedules, where scores are more important for graduate students (or “graduate students”).

This page summarizes the global ranking of US universities in the three most important tables of the international league. We have also listed some of the major domestic rankings of U.S. universities. In addition, you can check out our guide on the prestigious Ivy League universities.

Best American Universities for Study in the USA

The following table lists the 20 best universities in the United States based on the ranking of the world's universities.

20 Best Universities in the USA

This information is based on the latest ranking tables compiled and published by the Times Higher Education, QS World Ranking, and Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU). For more information on using international rankings as a graduate student, see our guide.

Universities for Study Masters in the USA

Top 20 American Universities 2022

University THE 2022 QS 2022 ARWU 2021
California Institute of Technology 2 6 0
Harvard University 2 5 1
Stanford University 4 3 2
Massachusetts Institute of Technology 5 1 4
Princeton University 7 20 6
University of California, Berkley 8 32 5
Yale University 9 14 11
University of Chicago 10 10 10
Columbia University 11 19 8
Johns Hopkins University 13 25 16
University of Pennsylvania 13 16 15
University of California, Los Angeles 15 40 14
Cornell University 22 21 12
Duke University 23 52 32
University of Michigan-Ann Arbor 24 23 26
Northwestern University 24 30 34
New York University 26 42 27
Carnegie Mellon University 28 53 97
University of Washington 29 85 19
University of California, San Diego 34 48 18

So how good are USA universities for a master’s degree?

USA universities dominate in all three global university rankings, and U.S. institutions rank number one in two of the three rankings. Of course, this strengthens the status of the United States as a place of higher international education. But to what extent is it appropriate to study for a master’s degree?

Global rankings take into account some of the factors that are important for graduate students. The quality (and volume) of a university’s research, the reputation of its scholars, and its ability to attract external or partner funding can all affect the quality of top-level programs.

But international rankings measure these factors at the overall level. This may obscure areas of specialization or experience that represent key aspects of the institution and on which its master’s programs are based.

Domestic Ranking of US Universities

As you would expect from one of the world’s largest higher education systems, there is a wide range of domestic rankings that include only US universities. Much of it is produced by the American media and similar organizations.

Domestic rankings do not compare U.S. universities internationally; instead, they pit U.S. institutions against each other. This can be useful if you limit your search to the US but is less useful if you are still comparing a number of postgraduate study options abroad.

We do not summarize the specific rankings of US universities here, but important examples are:

  • US News & World Report offers a wide range of rankings in education and other fields and is one of the most influential providers of American university league tables. The ranking of their Best Schools looks at postgraduate qualification providers (‘graduate students’) in twelve broad areas.
  • The National University Rankings of Washington offers an alternative to US News & World Report. It does not offer a specific ranking of postgraduate schools, but its core ranking examines the research performance of each university in detail. This can make it more suitable for degree programs, such as masters and doctors. You can see the current rating here.
  • The ranking of the best American colleges is published by Forbes magazine (an influential American business publication). This ranking focuses primarily on student-centered measures such as satisfaction, academic achievement, and graduation rate. These are not specific to postgraduate work, but they can still be useful in assessing how well a university is teaching its students. You can see the current rating here.
  • The Wall Street Journal / Times Higher Education Rankings College is a relatively new league table that focuses on the ranking of U.S. colleges and identifies student responses to its annual survey as one of its key indicators.

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