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Recently, there has been limited availability of CAS (Confirmation of Acceptance) letters in the UK. Universities grant CAS letters to international students, which is required in their visa applications. After Covid, many students have been waiting to study in UK and universities in UK are getting surplus applications. To resolve this situation, universities in UK have decided not to take any new applications in January 2023 intake and prioritize deferral entry.

Deferrals are students who can wait for more than a year to enter their universities and study in UK. Prioritizing deferrals will help universities in resolving the situation of limited CAS letters.

Universities that have decided not to accept applications in the January intake in 2023 are: 

  1. Keele Universitie

  2. University of Hertfordshire 

  3. University of East London 

  4. York St. John University 

  5. Coventry University 

  6. UCLan 

New applications in these universities were accepted in the September intake. Now, these universities are accepting deferral offers, for students who can wait for a year to start their academic year. 

After all this procedure, if universities still have some seats left, then direct entry applications will be accepted. 

The limitation of CAS letters has arisen due to excessive applications; universities do not have enough seats for international students. It is recommended to take the help of experienced educational counsellors to make the application at the right time in the right university. 

How to Defer your Admission to UK

Deferring admission to UK universities is not easy; there is a step-by-step that one needs to follow. Here's how you can defer your admission to UK universities: 

If you have applied for the current academic year but would like to defer your admission, then you will need an approval letter from the college or your university. Some universities only accept deferrals for certain courses. One needs to get in touch with them and check their availability. This can only be done if the student has strong reasons for deferral entry. 

If the student has already received the offer letter for the current academic year and needs to defer, then they'll need to contact the authorities. 

Sometimes, a student has deferred their place, but then they change their mind. In this scenario, students need to contact the university and can only get a place in the course if some seats are still left. 

In case of clearing applications, students may apply only for the current year. The student can use the track's "decline my place" button to submit a new application. To pursue the clearing procedure and hold a deferred place if they wish to apply for a seat this year through clearing. The student should inform the institution or university that they will not be retaining their deferred position.

There is no need to panic about this, The University or college can accept a student's desire to defer up until the start date, but it is entirely up to the institution to do so. The sooner the student contacts them, the more likely it is that they will assist the student and provide the needed remedy. 

One can take the help of experienced counsellors to make deferred entry to universities in UK for appropriate reasons and make an application at the right time. You can contact us at 1800-1230-00011 or mail us at

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