IELTS vs CELPIP Score- Which is easier CELPIP or IELTS for Canada ?


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If you are planning to take an English proficiency test, you may be wondering which one is best for you. Different tests test different skills, so this article takes a closer look at the IELTS vs CELPIP tests. We discuss:

  • The different parts of each test;

  • Which test is more difficult;

  • Reasons for each test.

  • Ready? Let's dive in right away!

IELTS vs. CELPIP: General Introduction and Overview

A frequently asked question from potential candidates is; "Should I take an IELTS or CELPIP test?" It totally depends on a lot of ways, but knowing each examination part - where it is comparable and where it is different - will help you make the best decision to study abroad.

CELPIP is explained as “Canadian English Language Proficiency Index Program” for study abroad and IELTS is explained as “International English Language Testing System”. Both tests are designed to assess English proficiency, and both tests are used for study, work, and immigration, although CELPIP is specifically designed to assess Canadian English. CELPIP is very useful for people who want to get permanent residence in Canada or citizenship.

CELPIP vs. IELTS: format, focus, and breakdown of results

An important difference between the two experiments is that the CELPIP test is completely computer-based. All test items are sent via the computer. In contrast, in IELTS, the reading, writing, and listening portions are paper-based and the speech test is conducted in person.

Although both exams are designed to test your language skills, CELPIP focuses a little more on “functional language” than IELTS. Many CELPIP assignments require applicants to understand and deal with a variety of everyday situations in which a person has moved to an English-speaking country. This is also the case in some parts of IELTS, but not so much in CELPIP.

Both exams accept American and British English spelling and grammar, although CELPIP is designed in Canadian English and IELTS in British English.

The rating is also different. At CELPIP, each section has a score of 1 to 12, which corresponds to the Canadian Language Proficiency Standard (CLB). The IELTS score for each section is 1-9.

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Comparison of tasks IELTS vs. CELPIP

IELTS vs. CELPIP: Partial comparison of tasks

In some areas, the experimental tasks are very similar. However, there are many sections for each experiment. For example, in the written section of the general CELPIP exam, you will need to write an email and answer the questions in the survey. This is completely different from the IELTS academic exam, where candidates write a chart and an essay report. If you’re trying to figure out which exam is “easier,” this may be part of the answer to the question, as writing an essay requires a lot of studies, and writing in charts is a skill most applicants need to learn. On the other hand, writing an email is something you’ve probably done in the past. Don’t worry the best study abroad mentor will help you. 

Likewise, speech tests vary widely, although there are repetitions. IELTS Speaking is divided into three sections that test candidates ’ability to discuss current topics, engage in a structured discussion (often describing their personal experiences), and express their opinions. CELPIP Speaking has seven sections, each of which tests a specific language function. The IELTS exam also shows two functions - experience and expression, but there are others, such as giving advice (part 1) and dealing with difficult situations (part 7).


Listening Test


  • 4 components

  • 40 questions


  • 7 components

  • 40 questions


Reading Test


  • 3 components

  • 40 questions


  • 4 components

  • 38 questions


Writing Test


  • Writing a letter

  • Giving a point of view


  • Writing an email

  • Answer a survey


Speaking Test


  • 3 components


  • 8 components

Choosing the Right Experiment and the Right Version

There are different versions of both IELTS and CELPIP. The IELTS test is an academic test for applicants studying abroad, a General Training test for those wishing to move to an English-speaking country, and a UKVI test specifically for applicants who need a UK visa. At CELPIP, you can choose a general exam that tests all four language skills (reading, listening, speaking, and writing), or an LS exam that tests only listening and speaking. The full test is useful for many purposes, such as job search in Canada, while the LS version is specifically related to Canadian immigration applications.

Before booking a test day, make sure you are making the correct version. You can always search the IELTS Frequently Asked Questions if you need further assistance in making your selection.

You can also check IELTS Academic vs IELTS General, Cambridge Tests / IELTS, or even TOEIC vs IELTS Tests.

CELPIP Vs IELTS: Which Test Is Harder?

When we compare the difficulty of CELPIP and IELTS, there is no clear difference between the two. Both exams are challenging and require a good level of English and serious preparation.


The main reasons for choosing between the two should be:

  • Which of the two test forms is more useful to me?

  • Which exam is more relevant to my future career/study?

You can also learn more by comparing these tests to the TOEFL exam.

Why take CELPIP instead of IELTS?

If you are still considering CELPIP vs IELTS, you may want to consider some of the following reasons why CELPIP has a small advantage:

  • CELPIP uses only North American accents in the Listening section;

  • CELPIP takes place in one session (IELTS requires two);

  • CELPIP is a fully computer-based test;

  • You will receive results within four or five days of the test.


CELPIP is also widely accepted for university, employment, and immigration applications, making it a valuable certificate to add to your file.
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