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By promoting creative, historical, critical and philosophical study, the humanities help to give us a clear understanding of ourselves and provide tools that we can use to create a better world. As an Indian humanities student, you can explore past and present cultures, societies, and schools of thought. You can also dive into scholarly debates about existentialism, which will improve your ability to think, enquire, read critically and make arguments. Moreover, the things that you learn while studying humanities will not bind you to certain areas; rather, studying humanities will expose you to every aspect of life, whether it be personal or professional. In this article, you can explore the humanities, the areas it covers, and the best universities for humanities UK offering these courses and job prospects for humanities graduates.


Humanities Studies for Indian Students

You might be thinking, why should an Indian student go to study in UK for Humanities?

To answer your question, the UK has exceptional state-of-the-art facilities that you cannot find in your home country. Have a look at some of the benefits of studying in the UK:


  • World-Renowned Universities

  • High Quality of Education

  • Cultural Immersion

  • Career Prospects

  • Scholarships and Financial Support


Overall, studying humanities in the United Kingdom allows Indian students to access a world-class education, gain valuable cultural experiences, and create excellent career prospects with the help of practical learning. In the UK, more importance is given to practical learning because it gives students exposure to interaction with diverse people and helps expand their network. 


Further, for Indian students who are looking to pursue further studies in humanities in the United Kingdom, there are numerous options available. Have a look at some of the popular humanities programs that Indian students consider: 


  • English Literature

  • History

  • Philosophy

  • Environmental Humanities

  • Anthropology

  • Classics

  • Cultural Studies 


Top universities offering humanities courses in the UK

Indian students who are interested in studying humanities in the United Kingdom need to conduct in-depth research about universities and programs that align with their interests and career goals. They should also consider major factors such as cost, location, resources, and support services for international students. As a student, it might be difficult for you to do intensive research, so to aid your process, we have shortlisted some of the best universities in UK for Humanities and the courses they offer: 



University of Exeter

  • BA (Hons) Environmental Humanities

  • BA Liberal Arts

  • BA Communication

  • BSc Psychology

  • MA Philosophy: Mind, Body, and Culture

  • MA History

  • MRes Politics

University of Warwick

  • BA (Hons) Law with Humanities

  • BA Liberal Arts

  • MA Environmental Humanities

  • MA History of Art and Visual Studies

University College London

  • BA Creative Arts and Humanities

  • BA International Social and Political Studies

  • BA English and History

  • BA Sociology

University of Leeds

  • BA (Hons) Arts and Humanities with Foundation Year

  • BA Liberal Arts

  • BA English Literature

  • MA Modern History

  • MA English Literature

University of Edinburgh

  • MA (Hons) Cognitive Science(Humanities)

  • MA Celtic and English Literature

  • MA English Literature

  • MSc (Res) Health Humanities and Arts

Oxford Brookes University

  • BA (Hons) International Foundation Arts, Humanities and Law

  • BA (Hons) Philosophy

  • BA (Hons) Liberal Arts

King’s College London

  • BA (Hons) Ancient History

  • BA History & Political Science

  • BA Liberal Arts

  • MA Arts & Cultural Management

University of Glasgow

  • MA (Hons) Ancient History/Philosophy

  • MA (Hons) Archaeology/ Film & Television Studies

  • BSc (Hons) Archaeology/ Geography

Queen’s University Belfast

  • BA (Hons) Anthropology and Politics

  • BA Drama and English

  • MRes Arts and Humanities

University of Bristol

  • International Foundation Program (Arts & Humanities)

  • MA Environmental Humanities

  • MA History

  • PhD English Literature

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Future Opportunities

Studying humanities can provide students with a wide range of future opportunities in various diverse fields. So, make your choice according to your interests, and work towards a career in the field you desire. We have shortlisted some of the careers you can consider after studying at the top universities in UK for Indian students


  • Education: Students who have humanities as their major can pursue education as a career in which they can become a teacher at primary, secondary or post-secondary levels.  


  • Writing and Journalism: Become a writer, editor or journalist and produce content for newspapers, magazines, websites and various other media outlets. This will be an easy task, as studying humanities gives you a strong background in research, critical thinking and analysis; all skills which are needed to become a writer or journalist.


  • Public Relations and Marketing: Studying humanities develops your communication abilities. Start your career in public relations or marketing by creating and implementing communication strategies for businesses, non-profit organisations and other entities. 


  • Law: The benefit of studying humanities is that you can law without much difficulty as you have already attained some basics from the humanities. All you have to do is attain an advanced degree in Law, and you can then become a lawyer, judge, or legal researcher. 


  • Non-Profit and Advocacy Work: A humanities degree acts as a wonderful asset  if you wish to work in non-profit organisations or advocacy groups, promoting social justice, human rights, and environmental causes. 


  • Government: When you have attained all the knowledge of politics or what is happening around the world, it is a bit easier to start serving in government, administrative roles, or government agencies. 


  • Business and Entrepreneurship: If you do not want to work under anyone, you can always start your own business. The alternative is to work in various roles in the business world, such as consulting, management, or human resource. 


Overall, if you complete your studies in humanities, it will provide you with a strong foundation and skills that will be valuable in almost every field and industry; for instance, you will learn critical thinking, communication, and problem-solving skills. 



To conclude, there is nothing that you cannot do with the skills you obtain from humanities courses in UK. From being a part of the government to working in the education sector, or starting your own business, you can do whatever you want after completing a humanities degree. Moreover, Indian students graduating from top UK universities will have many horizons open for them. 


We hope we have cleared most of your doubts about the humanities courses in UK for Indian students. If you have chosen to study in UK, we advise you to speak with our expert counsellors at Meridean Overseas Education Consultants (MOEC). If you cannot travel to the office, you can utilise our free online counselling service via the website. Our team of dedicated counsellors will provide you with the best guidance and support so you can enrol at top universities in the UK, for humanities. Please do not hesitate to contact us at or call us at 1800-1230-00011.

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