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How an MBA in USA Can Change Your Life?


06 April 2022



MBA or Master of Business Administration is a university level program; in today's world, it is considered an essential degree for dynamic career advancement. Obtaining an MBA helps a person accelerate their career and increase their earning power. Simply put, this degree is an investment not only for the immediate benefit/benefit/career enhancement but will also help reap benefits even in the later stages of one's career. Some striking features of pursuing an MBA in the USA that allow candidates to develop their careers are:

Why to Study MBA in USA?

The candidate gains credibility because the MBA is important to various companies and clients. An MBA qualification proves that the person has skills in the field, armed with the right skills. While applying for new jobs or seeking promotion(s), interacting with colleagues or clients, discussing projects in meetings, a person with an MBA adds a deep and holistic perspective. These interactions increase career development prospects.


Why MBA is Important?

A candidate with an MBA has access to interactions with management personnel and hiring managers. The best part of any MBA program is its affiliation with its alumni network which provides access to influential professionals for high-ranking positions and networking for better opportunities. It also provides access to alerts on suitable job opportunities before the job is advertised on any recruitment website. It helps in Rolodex building and networking.
A candidate who goes through the rigors of pursuing an MBA ends up brushing up and improving their soft skills. These candidates end up acquiring strong interpersonal and leadership skills. This helps them outperform their peers who do not hold an MBA. In addition to their technical expertise, academic distinctions and work experience, MBA graduates are highly valued candidates, especially in management positions.


MBA for Good Salary Package

Applicants with an MBA are always able to negotiate a better salary. Even when changing jobs or careers, they have an advantage in asking for better pay. New opportunities are particularly on the rise in the United States and Canada; hence, thousands of overseas aspirants target pursuing an MBA in the USA.
MBA recruits typically engage in work profiles that involve extensive travel. This gives them the advantage of being a globetrotter with fully paid expenses and allows them to build an international vision.


Study in the USA for Indian Students

From a practical point of view, studying in the USA, especially studying in the USA for Indian students is a worthwhile/lucrative investment as the return on investment after graduation is worth every penny spent.


Key Features of Pursuing an MBA in the USA

Any good educational consultant in the United States will tell you that pursuing an MBA is a serious investment of time, effort, and money. Therefore, selecting the ideal and suitable school according to one's aspirations is also essential. In addition to helping with career advancement, networking, and providing growth opportunities, an MBA graduate is surrounded by people who inspire each other to perform better. As a business school (B-School) is an investment and a commitment, here are some of the best US universities for MBA.

Universities for MBA

Best Universities Offering the 2-Year Full-Time MBA

  • Stanford University GSB

  • Harvard Business School

  • University of Pennsylvania - The Wharton School

  • University of California, Berkeley

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Sloan)


Best One-Year MBA Programs

  • Johnson School (Cornell University)

  • Kellogg School (Northwestern University)

  • Goizueta School (Emory University)

  • Marshall School (University of Southern California)

HULT International Business School

In these B schools, a student does not spend much time working/refining technical/hard skills; rather, the focus is on building a holistic personality and gaining immense practical experience. Therefore, Study Abroad Consultants or Admissions Consultants who mainly focus on helping students gain admission into their dream universities explain the benefits of pursuing an MBA in the USA or to study largely in the United States. Some great benefits that provide professional and personal growth are:
MBA students/graduates have the best skills to ace any interview with a lot of confidence. Pursuing the MBA is a confidence-building program and helps candidates recognize their strengths, develop their passion, and become the smartest people in the room. He is someone whose voice is heard.

While pursuing an MBA, students have the opportunity to interview many companies that come to campus. This gives them plenty of practice to hone their interview skills. They learn to be calm, composed and confident; without an MBA, acquiring these skills takes considerable time and experience.
Interaction with the MBA peer group gives candidates a real sense of their level of “awareness” and “intelligence”. It helps them analyze their strengths and weaknesses and make better decisions in their professional life.

An experience at School B exposes applicants to a wide range of career possibilities that they may not have heard of/thought about before. This experience helps them discover new areas, interests and areas of work. It's easy to change careers, make a transition, and grow exponentially with an MBA in your kitty.
It is easier to be recognized if you wear the badge of an MBA. MBA graduates typically have good presentation, impressive communication and negotiation skills; they can apply for the desired position or serve on the senior management/board of directors and share their views.

Students also improve their quantitative skills. MBA graduates are generally proficient in MS Excel and familiar with the four Cs.

Even if applicants feel they have good quantitative and interpersonal skills, an MBA in the USA can be a life-changing experience as it offers unparalleled experience in the form of great networking opportunities. The aspect cannot be emphasized more than the networking opportunity is one of the greatest assets/benefits of attending a B school. Life is unpredictable; you never know who can help at what turn. At such times, the alumni of Grandes Ecoles B get together to help each other.
You learn from people who have done groundbreaking work in their field. The MBA is a program that helps to meet people who can inspire, from whom one can learn and, in turn, grow. The sheer experience one gets/drifts is immense.

Many Indian students prefer to pursue an MBA Abroad/MBA in foreign countries as they will be able to grow and build their network with global citizens. They will meet a new and diverse set of people, make amazing lifelong friends, and have a great career.

MBA in Abroad

To add, if a student pursues an MBA abroad after engineering, there is a good chance that he will land a much better salary because many tech and fintech companies only hire MBAs. Some hire MBAs only from top universities in the United States.
The MBA is the only hope if you want to change your career trajectory. It opens doors; we can explore unexplored territories but promising avenues.
Pursuing an MBA abroad gives a free chance to explore a different city, culture, lifestyle, and country. It helps a candidate to discover a better future and a new facet of his personality. As businesses are now global, this provides a wonderful opportunity to get to know people from different walks of life.


In conclusion, the MBA is a rigorous program, and a lot of checks are necessary to prepare an application for the MBA. To find the best universities in the United States or colleges in the United States offering good quality MBA degrees, you can contact us. Meridean Overseas Education Consultants is the ideal study abroad consultant / overseas education consultant who can help you realize your academic ambitions and embark on a glorious career path.

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