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There will be an IELTS cue card section of the speaking test in the IELTS exam where you will be asked to describe your perspective on a certain topic. This IELTS speaking test is divided into three sections. In the first section, you will be asked to explain yourself, while the second section will contain the IELTS cue card. You must answer the follow-up questions for the part 2 topic in the third section.


Now, one of the common questions asked in IELTS speaking cue cards is, “Describe your Favorite Singer.” Therefore, this blog will explore how to answer these types of IELTS speaking cue card topics.


Describe your Favourite Singer cue card - sample answer 1

Who is this singer?

I like to listen to a variety of music depending on the occasion and how I'm feeling. However, if I had to choose one performer to discuss, it would be Dua Lipa, who is my all-time favourite. She has had multiple successful singles and albums and is currently well-known as a prominent pop vocalist.


How do you know this singer?

I first heard the voice of Dua Lipa when I saw the famous movie ‘Barbie’ in which she sang the song “Dance the Night”. My interest in this well-known song by her was initially piqued by its lovely melody and thought-provoking words. I still have that song as my ringtone.


What is this person like?

In addition to being a gifted vocalist with a lovely voice, Dua Lipa is also an avid songwriter.


Why do you think he/she is good?

Since she draws inspiration for most of her compositions from her own life and experiences, they are incredibly moving, vibrant, and motivating, giving the impression that she is narrating my story. Her music is suitable for listening while you're happy, tired, bored, or excited. They still have significance and give you a nice, happy feeling.



Listening to her at night after a chaotic day brings peace to my mind and soul. That's all I have to say about the subject.


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Describe your Favourite Singer cue card - sample answer 2

Who is this singer?

One of the best things I love to do is listen to songs and music. Rather than a jumbled list of music, my playlist will be packed with categories of songs based on the vocalists. I will now discuss Diljit Dosanjh, who is both an actor and a singer.


How do you know this singer?

I heard Diljit's songs for the very first time during my college days. And I immediately started liking his music. During those days, I used to talk to my friends a lot about movies, music, lyrics, and songs. So, casually from the conversation, I got to know that he is an actor too.


What is this person like?

Those who pursued a variety of hobbies and succeeded in each one were always the people I looked up to. It's difficult to balance everything in life; typically, we limit ourselves to what is comfortable. Diljit Dosanjh is an actor, singer, and songwriter, and he works really hard to balance all these things.


Apart from this, I’ve also heard that he used to give away the money he received from doing stage concerts and other events to the less fortunate ones. Therefore, I’ve always admired him because of these qualities.


Why do you think he/she is good?

Diljit Dosanjh, in my opinion, is a wonderful artist because of his ability to merge traditional Punjabi music with new beats, resulting in a unique and fresh sound. His music has a wide audience, with fans of various ages and ethnicities. In addition to being essential and entertaining to listen to, his songs are also relatable and frequently convey a story.



I believe he is a great singer and an actor, and I’ll always be his big fan.


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Describe your Favourite Singer cue card - sample answer 3

Who is this singer?

Shreya Ghoshal is the singer I'm going to discuss. She is one of the top and best singers in Indian cinemas. She has performed in both types of movies, Tamilian films and Bollywood films.


How do you know this singer?

Once, I was watching a movie with my father, “Singh is King”, in which Shreya Ghoshal sang the song “Teri Ore”, which was one of her hit songs. I noticed that the singer of the song was Shreya Ghoshal as soon as I listened to it. I've been listening to her different songs ever since. She has not only given Hindi hits but also performed various Tamil hits.


What is this person like?/ Why do you think he/she is good?

She is one of the most versatile and brilliant singers in the industry, and I truly admire and am always in awe of her singing. When she sings in Tamil or Hindi, her voice melts hearts. Despite the fact that her mother tongue is not Tamil, her pronunciation is significantly superior to that of many of the vocalists.



That's why Shreya Ghoshal is my all-time favourite singer.


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IELTS speaking part 3: Follow up Questions

Question: Do you think celebrities have a lot of income?

Answer: Celebrities make a lot of money, but I believe it is reasonable. They work hard and keep us entertained. Because of their popularity, they also give up their privacy and personal space.


Question: Do singers play an important role in your country?

Answer: Yes, singers are valued in India just as much as actors, politicians, and other professionals. In our country, songs are a traditional form of cultural expression. Songs play a significant role in a variety of rites and celebrations.


Question: In your country, do people prefer to listen to traditional music or foreign music?

Answer: Traditional music is still popular among the older generation in India, but the Western world has impacted the younger generation, who prefer to listen to international music.


Question: What do you think about the role of singers on the national level?

Answer: National-level artists must carefully select song subjects and lyrics because there are countless opportunities for young people to be affected. As a result, it is their obligation to keep it enjoyable while preventing any bad outcomes.


Question: Do you prefer live performances?

Answer: Yes, I prefer attending live performances. For a music enthusiast like me, live performances will be extremely calming. It also allows me to witness my favourite people's vibrant interactions and obtain a photograph or autograph from them.


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You can ace your IELTS speaking cue card question by being truthful and smart in your response. Therefore, in order to improve your performance and raise your IELTS Speaking section score, you might take practice exams or mock tests.


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