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In the IELTS speaking exam, a cue card question provides an opportunity to demonstrate fluency, coherence, and vocabulary range. The topic "Describe an Interesting Conversation That You Had" is a popular IELTS speaking cue card. Everybody has some or the other stories to tell on this topic. One can easily achieve a good score by telling any of the interesting conversations they had.


But, still, if you are confused about how to answer these types of questions, read this blog till the end. In this blog, we'll learn how to respond to "Describe an Interesting Conversation That You Had" type IELTS speaking cue card questions.


Sample Answer 1


I met with one stranger while waiting for a train at the station and struck up a chat with him. It was a pleasure to meet that person, and I thoroughly enjoyed our talk. Thank you for your question, which I will answer briefly.


Who you had with? Where did you have it?

The discussion took place at a Jaipur junction station. I was waiting for a train to reach my hometown. The young man was likewise standing in the queue for a train. Then, he suddenly began talking about people's suffering and other issues. The talk gradually shifted in an intriguing direction, and I joined him. The mutual chat covered a wide range of topics and was a pleasant experience. Unfortunately, the conversation did not last long. We were at a station, and my train had arrived.


What was the conversation?

The topic of the conversation was primarily the city's current unemployment issue. I learned some critical facts regarding the problem. I had no clue that such a large proportion of educated young people are unemployed.

The city's unemployment rate is high, and many young people are looking for work. The intriguing aspect was that practically all the kids were well educated, had been rejected from state jobs, and were looking for alternatives.


Why did you have it?

The stranger explained the situation to me to maintain his anonymity. He did not, in fact, get a wonderful listener like me. I gradually realised he was also an educated, unemployed person, so he expressed his plight. However, the topics were engaging for a variety of reasons. The man explained that he had completed his post-graduate studies at a reputable university in Delhi and was now spending his free time in Jaipur. He had been looking for a suitable employment for himself. Surprisingly, he was scheduled for a formal interview at a research organisation dedicated to improving sanitation in the country. However, he was dissatisfied with the cronyism in the business sector.



In many ways, the conversation was fascinating. It all started with the plight of ordinary people who had to rely on public transport. Later, it moved on to other country-related challenges, such as unemployment. Indeed, the unemployment situation was startling for the hiring process. The man's gradual discourse piqued my curiosity, and I wanted to learn more about it. Actually, I strive to learn from everything, and this was an excellent incident. As a result, I find the conversation engaging.


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Sample Answer 2


I enjoy exploring new cafes, restaurants, and parks around the city. It's a wonderful opportunity for me to meet and interact with new individuals. I'm going to tell you about one of the interesting talks which I had 2 weeks ago.


Who you had with? Where did you have it?

Once, I was roaming around the city park where I met one stranger. Though he was a young child, he was a sensible talker. He was brilliant and had strong opinions over what was happening in society.


What was the conversation?

He talked about a variety of topics. One of the issues he kept bringing up was politics and how our country’s leaders and ministries control us. Some of the topics he spoke elicited valid emotions. He slandered all of the pastors.


Why did you have it?

More than the topic, the way he spoke was intriguing. He had genuine societal concerns but was unable to articulate them appropriately.



Conversation can provide a new perspective on the world. It can help us see things from a different perspective.


Sample Answer 3


When I was dealing with my weight and feeling bad about my body shape few months ago,


Who you had with? Where did you have it?

My cousin gave me some advice and claimed that if I followed it, it would change my life, and she was correct. It pointed me towards the proper way in terms of weight management. We had this conversation when she visited my house during a break to stay with me for a few days.


What was the conversation?/ Why did you have it?

She informed me that we needed to modify the way we think about food and our eating patterns. My friend suggested we revert to our traditional dietary origins and eat what our forefathers did. She emphasised, for example, that clarified butter (ghee), which was popular with our forefathers but has been abandoned by the current generation, is actually beneficial to our health since thinking about nutrients is more necessary than counting calories.


Following this, I transitioned from food fads and western diets to fundamental rural eating practices. I began eating local meals as well as foods my mother used to cook and that I had grown up eating. Before talking to her, I used to believe that the only way to lose weight was to diet or restrict my food intake, starve or eat less, and engage in a variety of difficult workouts.  She also advised me to eat in modest portions to lose weight. This kickstarts the metabolism.


Apart from this, she said that people should only consume cuisines they enjoy rather than imitate other cultural eating habits that may not suit them. She refers to it as food miles. Fruits and grains grown and gathered nearby are more nutritious for the local populace.



After that, I was impressed and read the book she recommended, which I found quite interesting. After speaking with her, I learned that we may quickly lose weight by eating a balanced diet containing all the necessary nutrients. She also mentioned that several healthy dishes can help you lose weight. I feel healthier and more energetic after implementing the recommended practices.


IELTS Speaking Part 3 Follow-up questions

Q: What is the difference between the conversation between men and women?

A: I don't think there's much of a difference between men's and women's interactions in today's environment. Previously, there were stereotypes that guys talk about business, news, sports, and politics, while ladies spoke about cooking, family, children, clothing, and fashion. However, this distinction has faded with time. Males and females excel in all fields and are interested in all things. Other than personal gender discussions, there does not appear to be any variation in conversational themes.


Q: Which conversation is better, phone or face-to-face?

A: I believe that casual discussions can be conducted over the phone; however, long or significant conversations should be conducted in person. Personally, I believe that physical presence is an important component of the dialogue. As a result, I believe that face-to-face communication is preferable to a phone conversation.


Q: Why do people get nervous while they give presentations?

A: They are most likely an introverted person. Introverts dislike being in a crowd and especially dislike being the centre of attention. As a result, those who become nervous during presentations may be introverts.


Q: Is it important to use visual aids during presentations?

A: Although it is not important to use visual aids during presentations. However, visual aids make the presentation more interesting and appealing. Therefore, using visual aids in your presentation is a great idea.


Q: Why is body language important?

A: Body language is one of the most essential types of nonverbal communication since it conveys a person's feelings and intentions. While communicating, posture, facial expressions, and hand gestures are all examples of body language. If something is not said, it may always be deduced from a person's body language.


Q: Do you think humour is important for the speaker?

A: Yes, humour can be used to spice up a speech and keep the audience's attention. However, while having a conversation on sombre topics, you should avoid using humour.


Q: What kind of speaker do you like?

A: I admire the speaker's ability to keep my attention. He or she should be animated and hold my attention throughout the discourse.


Q: Are there any disadvantages of face-to-face conversation?

A: One downside of face-to-face communication is the person's lack of confidence and inability to express himself freely owing to anxiousness. Conflicts that occur face-to-face may also turn ugly. But, on the whole, face-to-face talks are beneficial since they allow for clear and honest communication. It also allows for more obvious facial expressions and hand gestures, which aid in more efficiently expressing opinions.


Q: Who do you prefer chatting with – your parents or your friends?

A: Having a conversation with both of them is important for me. I tell my parents about my daily activities, whereas I discuss studies, sports, and films with my pals.


Q: Do most people have just a small number of friends or many friends?

A: Of course, there is a distinction because most people have a limited number of friends, and it is dependent on their interaction, or if they are not a social butterfly, they will have fewer friends.



This blog is intended to help you with the IELTS speaking cue card topic "Describe an Interesting Conversation That You Had." Here's an example of a topic with model responses and follow-up questions. This blog will help you perform well on your IELTS speaking tests. However, these are just sample answers; make sure to use your own words during the test.


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