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Canada is known for its multicultural society and friendly atmosphere. International students are welcomed and embraced in Canadian communities, creating a comfortable environment for studying and living. The country offers many courses with different specialisations to domestic and international students. Pathway programs, bachelor, Master's, Diploma, and certification courses are famous among international students wanting to study in Canada. Canadian institutes and colleges are especially famous for offering PG Diploma programs in various areas of study.


Are you also looking to study PG Diploma in Canada?  A postgraduate certification significantly expands your learning capabilities as it gives a stage for ability improvement. Aside from the customary Masters programs, Canada offers 1 to 2 years of PG Diploma courses for understudies having a place with various streams. Mainly, the Top colleges of Canada offer these programs wherein depending on your interests and study areas, you can research and shortlist the programs and institutes you wish to target. To help you out, we have compiled information for you on two-year PG diploma courses in Canada. You’ll gather important insights on why you should study for a 2-year PG diploma in Canada, along with the top specialisations, institutes, cost of studying, etc. So without any further ado, let’s get this started, shall we?  


Why Study PG Diploma in Canada?

PG Diploma courses in Canada are highly valued and recognised by employees in terms of employment opportunities. Pursuing a PG Diploma in Canada offers numerous advantages and opportunities for international students. Here are some reasons why choosing to pursue a 2-year PG Diploma in Canada is a great option:


1. Quality Education: Canada is renowned for its high-quality education system. Many Canadian institutions rank among the top universities in the world, offering world-class education and practical training.


2. Diverse Programs: Canadian colleges and universities offer a wide range of PG Diploma programs in various fields, including business, engineering, technology, healthcare, arts, and more. This diversity allows students to find a program that aligns with their interests and career goals.


3. Affordable Tuition Fees: Compared to other countries like the United States or the United Kingdom, the tuition fees for PG Diploma programs in Canada are generally more affordable. This makes Canada an attractive option for international students looking for quality education without breaking the bank.


4. Post-Graduation Work Opportunities: Canada offers various work permits and pathways for international students to gain work experience after completing their studies. The Post-Graduation Work Permit (PGWP) program allows eligible students to work in Canada for up to three years after graduation.


5. Permanent Residency Options: Completing a PG Diploma in Canada can enhance your chances of obtaining permanent residency through various immigration programs. Canadian authorities often give preference to international students with Canadian educational qualifications in their immigration selection criteria.


6. Research Opportunities: Canadian institutions actively participate in research and innovation, providing students access to cutting-edge research facilities and projects.


7. Cultural Experience: Studying in Canada allows students to immerse themselves in a diverse and vibrant culture. Students have the chance to explore beautiful landscapes, experience various festivals, and interact with people from different backgrounds.


8. Support for International Students: Canadian colleges and universities offer support services specifically tailored for international students. These services include orientation programs, academic assistance and counselling to help them adapt to a new culture.


9. Network and Connections: Studying PG Diploma in Canada provides an excellent opportunity to build a global network of friends, colleagues, and potential future business partners from various countries.


Two-Year PG Diploma Courses in Canada

The majority of PG Diploma programmes in Canada last between one to two years and cover a wide range of areas and specialisations. Below are some well-known PG Diploma Programmes in Canada to help you in your research. Let’s check them out, shall we?


1. Graduate Certificate in Global Business Management

This course is organised to assist you with acquiring business ability and fostering your administrative abilities. It will likewise help you in fostering an appreciation for worldwide patterns and societies. For this course, the base IELTS band score is 6.5.


2. Progressed Diploma in Architectural Technology

This 2 years PG Diploma course in Canada assists understudies with comprehension of constructional science and see how to foster their structure plan abilities. This course also requires an IELTS score band of 6.5.


3. Post Diploma in Information Technology 

This seminar on the rundown of 2 years PG Diploma courses in Canada requires a base IELTS score band of 6.0. This course is intended to assist you with understanding the various uses of Information Technology like stockpiling, handling, and spreading of any sort and type of information.


4. Post Diploma in Tourism Management

The developing travel industry requires more talented experts, and this is the place where the 2 years PG certificate courses step in. This course helps you in understanding the diverse worldwide and local administration and travel industry laws. This course also requires a base IELTS band of 6.0 score.


5. Recognition in Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technician

This course is intended to assist you with expertly introducing, planning, working, keeping up with, overseeing, dealing with and supporting electromechanical machines. This 2 years PG confirmation course in Canada requires at least an IELTS band score of 6.5 for affirmations.


6. PG Diploma in Supply Chain Management

One of the most popular specialisations in PG Diploma courses in Canada includes supply chain management. PG Diploma for 2 Years in Supply Chain Management options available in Canada are offered by many top colleges and are highly sought-after in the country. Here are the best two years PG certificates in Supply Chain Management in Canada


  1. Postgraduate Certificate in Supply Chain Management - Logistics by Centennial College

  2. Postgraduate Diploma in Supply Chain Management from the University of Winnipeg

  3. Postgraduate Certificate in Supply Chain Management by Humber International Graduate School


7. PG Diploma in Engineering

International students, especially Indian students, love PG Diploma courses in Engineering in Canada, given the excellent academic standing of the course and the fruitful job prospects upon completion of studies. The programs come with specialisations in many different fields. Let us take a look at the details related to it.


Some of the top PG diploma courses in Engineering in Canada are listed below.

  • PG Certificate in Software Engineering Technician (1 year)

  • Postgraduate confirmation in Electromechanical Engineering Technology – Automation and Robotics

  • PG Certificate in Construction Project Management (1 year)

  • PG Certificate in Cyber Security (1 year)

  • PG Certificate in Web Development

  • PG Diploma in Computer Systems Technology – Networking


Some other famous 2-year PG Diploma courses in Canada for international students are mentioned below.

  • Hospitality Management

  • Science and Engineering

  • Computer Science

  • Web Development

  • Marketing

  • Predictive Analytics

  • Financial Management

  • Network Security

  • Nursing

  • Social Work

  • Journalism 

  • Accounting 

  • Communications 

  • Public Relations 

  • Magazine Journalism 

  • Book Publishing 

  • Financial Planning 

  • Leadership 

  • Business Administration 

  • International Business

  • Human Resource Management

  • Health and Medical Science


2 Years PG Diploma in Canada After Graduation

There are various alum confirmations and declaration courses accessible in Canada that you can seek after. Here are the main 2 years PG Diploma courses in Canada.


Universities/Colleges in Canada

PG Diploma Courses


Thompson Rivers University

 - Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Tourism

 - Tourism Destination Development

 - Adventure Studies

 - Managing Festivals and Events

 - Resort Experience Management


Centennial College

 - Computer System Technology – Networking

 - Energy Systems Engineering Technology

 - Biotechnology – Advanced (Fast Track)

 - Financial Management

 - Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technology: Automation and Robotics

 - Global Business Management

 - Strategic Management – Accounting


McMaster University

 - Clinical Behavioural Sciences


Simon Fraser University

 - Business Administration 


The University of Winnipeg

 - Financial Management

 - Marketing Management


St. Clair College of Applied Arts & Media Technology

 - Media Convergence


University of the Fraser Valley

 - Data Analytics


Kwantlen Polytechnic University

 - Human Resources Management

Universities and Colleges for PG Diploma

The country boasts several prestigious institutions consistently ranked among the top in the world. Studying in Canada ensures that students focus on practical learning, where research opportunities and advanced teaching methods equip students with the necessary skills and knowledge for future success. Here are the top schools apart from the previously mentioned ones for PG Diploma Courses in Canada:


  • Centennial College, Ontario 

  • Carleton University

  • Concordia University 

  • Royal Roads University 

  • North Island College, British Columbia 

  • School of New Caledonia, British Columbia 

  • Simon Fraser University 

  • McMaster University 

  • Fleming College, Ontario 

  • Humber College, Ontario 

  • Lambton College, Ontario 

  • Fanshawe College, Ontario 

  • St. Lawrence College, Ontario 


Cost of Studying Two Year PG Diploma in Canada

The cost of studying plays an important role in determining whether you’ll pursue a certain course in a foreign country. Knowing your budget and searching for a course that fits that well is always advised to reduce financial strain. The cost of studying in Canada, in comparison to other countries like the USA, UK or Australia, is relatively low.


These courses cost less than pursuing a master's or any other degree in the country. Normally the PG diploma in Canada can cost between 15,164 CAD to 30,000 CAD. There are various cheaper options available, and you can learn more about them from our expert counsellors.



Q. Is there a 2-year postgraduate diploma in Canada?

A. Canada has become a popular destination for PG diploma courses in management specialisations like supply chain management, tourism and hotel management, etc., as well as 2 years PG diploma courses in Mechanical, Computer Science and Civil Engineering.


Q. How much does a 2 years diploma cost in Canada?

A. 2-year PG diploma in Canada: In Canada, a two-year PG diploma takes four to six semesters and costs between 13,000 and 20,000 CAD. It allows you a three-year work stay, which is a considerable perk.


Q. Is it easy to get a job after a PG diploma in Canada?

A. International students who complete their postgraduate diploma from a Canadian university are in high demand in Canada and most other parts of the world. After the course completion, it becomes much easier for these students to get high-paying jobs in the cities and countries of their choice.


Q. Who is eligible for PG Diploma in Canada?

A. To apply for a PG diploma in Canada, you need a bachelor's degree in the relevant sector with at least 65 per cent marks. However, business administration, management, and marketing programs may require at least two years of work experience.


Q. How long can I stay in Canada after the PG diploma?

A. The PG Diploma program is usually 2-3 years. After completing the course, students who desire to stay back can apply for a post-graduation work permit (PGWP) after finishing their course in Canada.  The validity and duration of the PGWP is dependent on the time duration of the course undertaken by the student. 



To summarise, Canada is a destination that builds the careers of many. In recent times, the country has emerged as one of the best study abroad destinations, with more and more students choosing it over other countries like the USA, the Uk, Australia, etc. The institutions in the country are globally recognised for offering quality education and various courses at different study levels. Pursuing a 2-year PG Diploma in Canada is a wise choice due to its high-quality education, post-graduation work opportunities, welcoming environment, and potential for long-term immigration and career prospects.


Studying in Canada with a PG Diploma will also open a plethora of opportunities for you. Just choose the course which you are interested in and give your best. Rest will unfold well. If you are confused about the specialisation, keep the ones mentioned in the blog in the list too. We know you’ll choose what’s best for you, and wish you luck in your future endeavours.


If you are still unsure or would like to get deeper insight, we encourage you to have a word with our team of expert counsellors at Meridean Overseas Education Consultants (MOEC). If you are unable to travel to our offices, we offer online counselling services via our website. Our dedicated counsellors will provide you with the best guidance regarding your application to study in Canada. Apart from this, our expert counsellors will also provide assistance in the visa process for your successful study abroad journey. Don't hesitate to contact us at or call us at 1800-1230-00011.

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