List of Courses at Humber College, Canada

All Courses are Here
Under graduate Post graduate
Bachelor of Health Sciences, Workplace Health and Wellness
Bachelor of, Music
Bachelor of Science NEW, Nursing - RPN to BScN Bridging
Bachelor of Commerce, Management Studies
Bachelor of Design, User Experience
Bachelor of Commerce, Supply Chain Management
Bachelor of, Public Relations
Bachelor of, Paralegal Studies
Bachelor of Commerce, International Business
Bachelor of Science, Nursing
Bachelor of Commerce, Marketing
Bachelor of, Journalism
Bachelor of, Interior Design
Bachelor of, Industrial Design
Bachelor of Commerce, Human Resources Management
Bachelor of Commerce, Healthcare Management
Bachelor of Commerce, Finance
Bachelor of, Film and Media Production
Bachelor of, Engineering – The Built Environment
Bachelor of Commerce, Fashion Management
Bachelor of, Engineering – Mechatronics
Bachelor of, Engineering – Information Systems Engineering
Bachelor of Commerce, Digital Business Management
Bachelor of, Digital Communications
Bachelor of Social Science, Criminal Justice
Bachelor of, Creative and Professional Writing
Bachelor of, Creative Advertising
Bachelor of, Community Development
Bachelor of, Child and Youth Care
Bachelor of Science NEW, Biomedical Sciences
Bachelor of, Behavioural Science
Bachelor of Social Science, Addictions and Mental Health
Bachelor of Commerce, Accounting
Wireless Telecommunications
Wellness Coaching
Web Development
User Experience (UX) Design
Television Writing and Producing
Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL)
Systems Navigator
Supply Chain Management
Retirement Home Management
Research Analyst
Regulatory Affairs
Radio and Media Production
Public Relations (Graduate Certificate)
Public Administration
Project Management
Professional Writing and Communications
Music Composition
Music Business
Marketing Management
Journalism (Graduate Certificate)
International Development
Interactive Media Management – Creative Technologies
Insurance Management – Property and Casualty
Information Technology Solutions
Infection Prevention and Control
Human Resources Management
Inclusive Resource Practice - Child and Family
Hospitality and Tourism Operations Management
Health Sector Regulatory Compliance
Fundraising Management
Global Business Management
Financial Planning
Forensic Identification
Film and Multiplatform Storytelling
Exercise Science and Lifestyle Management
Fashion Management
Event Management
Entrepreneurial Enterprise, Business Management
Enterprise Software Development
Creative Writing - Fiction, Creative Non-Fiction, Poetry
Creative Book Publishing
Content Strategy
Cloud Computing
Clinical Research
Clinical Bioinformatics
Business Insights and Analytics
Arts Administration and Cultural Management
Artificial Intelligence with Machine Learning
Alternative Dispute Resolution
Advertising Copywriting
Advertising - Media Management
Advertising - Art Direction
Advertising - Account Management
Addictions and Mental Health
Accounting, Professional Practice
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