TOEFL Registration 2024: Step to Register for TOEFL Exam, Slot Booking & Test Centres

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To take the TOEFL exam and study abroad, you must complete the TOEFL registration process. The TOEFL exam is the most popular among Indian students taking language competence exams for admission to foreign universities.


To register for the TOEFL, go to the official ETS TOEFL website and create/log in to your ETS account. You would then have to proceed with your TOEFL exam registration.


The TOEFL registration procedure requires you to choose your preferred TOEFL exam date and the TOEFL test centre before proceeding with the TOEFL registration process. In addition, you must pay a TOEFL registration cost of 16,900 INR.




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  1. TOEFL Registration 2024

  2. TOEFL Exam Registration Procedures

  3. TOEFL Registration 2024

  4. Other Methods to Register for the TOEFL exam

  5. TOEFL Registration Fee 2024

  6. TOEFL Cancellation or Rescheduling

  7. TOEFL Registration Deadlines & Special Handling Requests

  8. TOEFL Home Edition - Registration

  9. TOEFL Exam DATE

  10. What is the best time to appear for the TOEFL exam?

  11. How many times may I take the TOEFL exam?

  12. TOEFL Center

  13. TOEFL Slot Booking

  14. TOEFL Eligibility 2024

  15. TOEFL Cut-Off

  16. FAQs


TOEFL Registration 2024

In 2024, ETS, the TOEFL exam conducting body, has introduced additional testing formats: the TOEFL Test on Paper and the TOEFL Home Edition, complementing the existing TOEFL iBT test.


The TOEFL, or Test of English as a Foreign Language, stands as a premier language proficiency test for students aspiring to study abroad. The TOEFL test gauges your English abilities in an academic context by examining reading, listening, speaking, and writing skills. It is an essential component of university admissions, where English proficiency scores are often required.


The TOEFL registration process is straightforward, allowing flexibility in choosing test dates throughout the year. Notably, you can reschedule your next attempt only after a 3-day interval following their initial test.


As universities often mandate English proficiency scores for admissions, understanding and navigating the TOEFL exam Registration process becomes crucial for you.


TOEFL Exam Registration Procedures

How to sign up for the TOEFL exam: You must follow the processes outlined below in order to book the TOEFL test successfully.

  • Go to the official website.

  • Make a profile for TOEFL exam takers.

  • Send in your TOEFL application.

  • Choose your TOEFL exam day and location for 2024, or select TOEFL at Home.

  • Pay the INR 16,900 TOEFL registration fee.

  • Confirm your TOEFL application and submit it.

  • Print or save your TOEFL confirmation page for future reference.


TOEFL Registration 2024

The TOEFL registration process is a meticulous and essential procedure for individuals aspiring to take the TOEFL exam, assessing their readiness for study, work, or relocation to English-speaking nations.


Step 1: Log into the Official Website

Start TOEFL registration by visiting the user-friendly official ETS TOEFL website. You must either create a new account or log in to an existing one for a seamless and secure registration experience.


toefl step 1


Step 2: Create a TOEFL Test-Taker Profile

Select the registration option, initiate the TOEFL registration process and create a personalised login crucial for tracking progress.


toefl step 2


Step 3: Select the TOEFL Test Date

You will then be needed to choose the TOEFL test date that works best for them as test takers.


toefl step 3


Step 4: Choose the Test Centre

Select your desired test location and city from available TOEFL test centres in India, considering immediacy and convenience.


toefl step 4


Step 5: Pay the TOEFL Registration Fees

After selecting the preferred test date and exam centre, you must proceed to the payment gateway to pay the TOEFL registration fee of 16,900 INR. Verifying examination details at this stage is crucial, as changes after payment are subject to additional fees.


toefl step 5


Step 6: Acknowledgement and Confirmation

Receive an acknowledgment receipt after successful payment, with a confirmation email or message validating the completed TOEFL exam registration.


In summary, the TOEFL exam registration is a straightforward process with clear steps, ensuring a smooth and efficient experience. These steps serve as a comprehensive resource for successful TOEFL registration in India, securing the opportunity to evaluate language proficiency.


Other Methods to Register for the TOEFL exam

While a maximum number of students chose the TOEFL registration process, some of them also took the TOEFL exam in person. Head down to the other methods and steps for in-person TOEFL registration in India.


TOEFL Registration: Offline Mode

There are several TOEFL registration methods available for those students planning to attempt the TOEFL exam. Those in the New Delhi NCR region can register for the TOEFL test in person by visiting the TOEFL resource centre at the specified address.


TOEFL Registration Method: In-Person

  •  You can download the TOEFL exam registration form from the official website or collect it from the TOEFL Resource Centre.

  • The TOEFL exam registration form is filled out, and the provided terms & conditions document is signed. You must read it properly before handing it over.

  • A photocopy of the passport (first and last page) and any observation pages is submitted.

  • Payment of the TOEFL Registration Fees is completed.

  • The duly filled application form, along with all necessary documents and the test fee, is sent to the TOEFL Resource Centre at the provided address. 



2 Floor, DLF Infinity Tower-A

Sector-25, Phase-II

DLF City

Gurgaon - 122002



The application is processed upon receipt of the documents and TOEFL Registration Fees. It's important to note that seat allotment for the selected date is subject to availability.


Registration by Mail:

  • Download and print the official TOEFL registration form.

  • Complete the form meticulously, ensuring your name exactly matches the identification you'll present on the test day (valid Indian passport).

  • Dispatch the filled form along with the TOEFL form fee to the specified address on the form or the Gurgaon resource centre mentioned above.

  • It's imperative for forms to reach at least four weeks before the chosen test date to ensure processing.


Registration by Phone:

  • Thoroughly review the registration form before making the call, confirming the accurate spelling of your name as per your passport.

  • Dial the Regional Registration Center at 91-124-4147700.

  • Facilitate payment using credit/debit cards following the provided instructions during the call.

  • Regular registration concludes seven days before the test date, and any registrations after this period incur a late fee.


These detailed methods cater to your preferences, offering flexibility in the TOEFL exam registration process.


TOEFL Registration Fee 2024

For those seeking TOEFL registration in 2024, a mandatory TOEFL application form fee of ₹16,900 INR awaits. This registration fee is applicable to students securing their TOEFL exam slot from India. 

As an essential step in the TOEFL registration process, this fee ensures candidates' participation in the examination, emphasising the significance of accurate and timely payment.











South Korea


TOEFL Cancellation or Rescheduling

In TOEFL registration, understanding the nuances of cancellation, rescheduling, and reattempts is highly significant for you. Here, you will delve deeper into the intricacies of these processes, ensuring clarity for those navigating the TOEFL journey.


Rescheduling Your TOEFL Exam

Those seeking to reschedule their TOEFL exam must adhere to specific guidelines:

  1. Request for Test Day Transfer - To change the test date, you must submit a request for a test day transfer at least four days before the initially booked test date.

  2. Mail for Rescheduling - Rescheduling TOEFL tests via mail, email, or at the test centre is strictly prohibited. You must adhere to designated rescheduling procedures to ensure a standardised and fair process.

  3. Administrative Charge - A nominal administrative charge of US$60, inclusive of all taxes, is applicable for transferring the test date.

  4. Methods to Request - To reschedule, you must phone your Regional Registration Centre (India - 91-124-4147700) and provide your full name and appointment number. You can also reschedule any upcoming tests by logging into your ETS account online.


TOEFL Cancellation

Understanding the cancellation process is vital, and it comes with its own set of rules:

  1. 4-Day Deadline: Cancel TOEFL Essentials™, TOEFL iBT®, or ETS GRE® four days before the test for a 50% refund.

  2. Refunds: Refunds for ETS Products and services, including no cash refunds, are processed to the original payment mode, subject to applicable taxes, with varied cancellation terms, urging Test-Takers to consult ETS Test Bulletins for updated information.


TOEFL Registration Deadlines & Special Handling Requests

  • Regular Registration: You must secure your exam slots a minimum of 7 days before the scheduled test date.

  • Late Registration: In cases where you book your TOEFL exam only 2 days before the test, an extra fee of US$40 is applicable.

  • Reschedule Test: If TOEFL test rescheduling is needed, informing authorities at least 4 days in advance is crucial, with an additional fee of US$60.

  • Special Handling Requests Charges: For a comprehensive breakdown of charges associated with special services, you can consult the detailed table provided by ETS, addressing specific needs or requirements.

Special Requests


TOEFL Registration Fee

₹16,900 INR

TOEFL Late Registration Fee

₹3,900 INR

TOEFL Rescheduling Fees

₹5,900 INR

Reinstatement of cancelled TOEFL scores

₹1,990 INR

Additional TOEFL score reports (per institution or agency)

₹1,950 INR

Speaking or Writing Section Score Review

₹7,900 INR

Payment Return

₹2,900 INR

Navigating the landscape of TOEFL cancellation and rescheduling demands careful consideration of timelines, fees, and procedural requirements.


Whether altering a test date or seeking a refund, you must be aware of the stipulations outlined by ETS. This understanding empowers you to make informed decisions, ensuring a seamless and efficient experience throughout your TOEFL journey.


So, the processes of cancellation and rescheduling in the TOEFL exam underscore the importance of meticulous planning and adherence to guidelines, ultimately contributing to your positive and successful testing experience.


TOEFL Home Edition - Registration

Special Home Edition TOEFL Test at Home: In response to the ongoing pandemic, ETS has introduced the TOEFL Home Edition, allowing you to take the test from the safety and comfort of your home. This is particularly beneficial as many TOEFL test centres are either operating at reduced capacity or temporarily closed due to lockdowns, posing challenges for test-takers.


Registration Process:

  • Visit the Official Website: Navigate to the official TOEFL website to initiate the registration process.

  • Create a TOEFL Test-taker Profile: Establish a personalised TOEFL test-taker profile with accurate details.

  • Submit TOEFL Application Form: Complete and submit the comprehensive TOEFL application form with the necessary information.

  • Select TOEFL Test Date: Choose a preferred TOEFL test date for 2024 and opt for the TOEFL at Home option.

  • Pay TOEFL Registration Fee: Process the TOEFL registration fee payment of ₹16,900 INR using the provided secure payment options.

  • Confirm and Submit Application: Verify all entered details, confirm accuracy, and submit the TOEFL application form.

  • Save Confirmation Page: Retain a printout or digital copy of the TOEFL confirmation page for future reference and documentation.


It's imperative for you to thoroughly review and meet the specified computer and testing room requirements outlined on the official ETS website before registering for the TOEFL Home Edition or Paper Edition. Non-compliance with these requirements on the test day may result in the inability to test, with no refund or free reschedule provided. You are encouraged to access tutorials available on the official ETS website for more information and system requirements related to the TOEFL Home Edition.


TOEFL Exam Dates

ETS TOEFL India offers flexibility in scheduling the TOEFL exam, catering to your preferences. They provide ample opportunities for you to choose a date that aligns with your preparation and personal schedules.


Notably, whether you are choosing a home edition or test centre, the convenience factor is elevated. The TOEFL exam test dates are subject to change. However, the test is typically held every Saturday and Sunday at the test centres.


This adaptability of TOEFL exam dates allows you to tailor your exam schedule to your unique circumstances, ensuring a more personalised and convenient experience.


Whether you prefer a home edition or a test centre, ETS TOEFL in India ensures that you have ample choices to accommodate your preferences. This accessibility is designed to facilitate a smoother testing process, supporting you in showcasing your English language proficiency at a time that suits you best.


What is the best time to appear for the TOEFL exam?

You are recommended to choose a TOEFL exam date at least 60-80 days prior to your first university application deadline. This ensures ample time for preparation and allows the flexibility of retaking the exam if the initial attempt falls short of expectations. 

Planning ahead in this manner empowers you to optimise your performance and enhance your chances of achieving the desired TOEFL scores for successful university applications.


How many times may I take the TOEFL exam?

You have the flexibility to take the TOEFL exam multiple times without restrictions on the number of attempts. However, there is a mandatory three-day waiting period between successive tests. This rule applies irrespective of any previous cancellations of test scores. 

The three-day interval is a key aspect of TOEFL testing regulations, allowing you the opportunity to retest while ensuring a reasonable timeframe for preparation and reflection between attempts. This policy empowers you to enhance your performance and strive for improved scores, contributing to a dynamic and learner-centric testing environment.


TOEFL Center

ETS has developed the TOEFL at Home examination to ensure your safety if you choose to take the exam at home. You frequently find it more convenient to take the TOEFL test in a TOEFL Test Centre.


You should be aware that TOEFL test centres are running at reduced capacity or have temporarily closed due to the ongoing pandemic, as well as the severity of the virus in the area. Before reserving a TOEFL exam session, you should confirm with the relevant test centre. The TOEFL exam is given at the following test centres in India:



















East Godavari District








Gurgaon NCR Region





TOEFL Slot Booking

Now, the most important step is the TOEFL exam slot booking. So here’s a step-by-step walkthrough of the slot booking process that ensures a smooth TOEFL registration process. 


TOEFL exam booking includes selecting a convenient TOEFL test centre, choosing an exam date from the available pool of exam dates, and completing the booking by paying the TOEFL Registration Fees, which stand at INR 17,000.


Make sure to start the process with a valid passport and a debit/credit card. Have a look at some of the steps below: 

  • Find a TOEFL Test Center - You must identify a TOEFL test centre in your desired location from the official TOEFL website or the dedicated TOEFL test centre page that provides complete information. 

  • Check Available Test Dates - You need to check the available test dates at your chosen test centres, which vary based on your location and demand. Planning ahead is advisable to select a date that allows sufficient preparation time.

  • Fill out the TOEFL Online Registration Form - You are required to proceed to fill out the TOEFL Online Registration form on the official website. This involves providing personal details, including identification information (passport or Aadhaar card).

  • Make Payment for TOEFL Registration Fees - After TOEFL exam registration, you are required to make a payment for the exam fee online, amounting to INR 16,900. Various online payment modes such as credit/debit cards, net banking, or other designated methods are accepted.

  • Confirmation Email or Receipt - You will then receive a confirmation email or receipt upon successful TOEFL registration and payment. So, the document will contain vital details like the test date, time, and place. 

  • TOEFL Exam Preparation - Once the booking is complete, you must shift your focus to preparing for the TOEFL exam. Utilising credible TOEFL preparation materials, practice tests, and other resources is vital. Familiarity with the test format and content enhances your chances of success.


IDP TOEFL Booking is a meticulous process designed to accommodate your needs when seeking language proficiency assessment.

The information mentioned above ensures a comprehensive understanding of each step that empowers you to navigate the TOEFL exam registration process seamlessly. 

From selecting a test centre to receiving the confirmation, meticulous attention to detail is key. 


TOEFL Eligibility 2024

The TOEFL exam welcomes all individuals, and there are no specific eligibility criteria set by the TOEFL registration process.

While individual educational institutions may have their own eligibility requirements for admission, the TOEFL exam itself does not impose any specific criteria for candidates to participate.

This inclusivity allows a diverse range of individuals, such as students and professionals, to take the TOEFL test as part of their language proficiency assessment for academic or professional purposes.



Many top institutions and universities in the United States and other major international education destinations often need a TOEFL cut-off score of 79 or 80. 

In addition, several colleges have TOEFL cut-off scores for each area. As a result, experts usually advise checking the proper TOEFL score criteria given by the college/university to which they are applying. 

Exceeding the TOEFL cut-off scores will keep you safe and increase your chances of admission to your selected college/university. Knowing your target score is usually a good idea because it will help you prepare for the TOEFL exam in 2024.



1. Can I take the TOEFL exam without my passport?

No, you must be required to bring your original valid Indian passport to the TOEFL test centre on the test date, a copy of which was submitted during the TOEFL exam registration process. Your entry must be refused when you fail to bring a valid passport to the text centre. 


2. How much does it cost to register for the TOEFL exam?

The registration cost for the TOEFL exam is US$190 for Indian nationals. Additional fees apply for special services and late registration.


3. Is a TOEFL score of 500 considered good?

The adequacy of a TOEFL score depends on the specific cutoff set by each university. Higher scores enhance your chances of admission and scholarship opportunities.


4. What documents are allowed inside the TOEFL exam centre?

Only a valid ID (passport for Indian citizens) is allowed. While ETS recommends bringing registration information, it is not mandatory for entry.


5. How do I register for the TOEFL exam?

You can visit the official TOEFL website to create an account and complete the registration process. 

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