What is Homecoming in USA?


06 April 2023


Introduction to Homecoming

Homecoming in US is a beloved tradition in the United States, particularly at universities and high schools across the country. For international students from India, who go to study in USA may be unfamiliar with this tradition, it’s an exciting and unique experience worth exploring.


Homecoming is typically a week-long event in February. If you have missed Homecoming 2023, worry not! Preps for 2024 will begin soon. The events are filled with activities and celebrations, usually centered around a football game. It’s an opportunity for alumni to return to their alma mater and reconnect with their former classmates, as well as for current students to show their school spirit and pride. The homecoming game is often a highlight of the week, with the entire school community coming together to cheer on their team.

Now that we are cleared about what is homecoming in USA, lets move further to other aspects of it. 

Homecoming Court

One of the most notable aspects of homecoming is the homecoming court. This is a group of students, typically seniors, who are nominated by their peers to represent their school during the week of homecoming. The homecoming court often includes a king and queen, as well as several attendants. The court is typically announced at a pep rally during the week of homecoming, and they are often featured prominently at the homecoming game and other events throughout the week. 


Homecoming Court

Homecoming Parade

Another important tradition is the homecoming parade. The parade usually takes place on the day of the homecoming game and includes floats, marching bands, and other groups representing different clubs, organizations, and departments within the school. The parade is often a highlight of the week and is attended by students, alumni, and community members.

For international students from India, homecoming in USA is an excellent opportunity to immerse themselves in American culture and traditions.


Many universities in USA will have events and activities throughout the week that international students can participate in, such as a multicultural fair or international student reception.


One of the most exciting parts of homecoming in USA is the school spirit and pride that is on display throughout the week. Students and alumni alike often wear their school colors and show off their school spirit with pride. It’s a great time to show off your own school pride and learn more about the history of homecoming and traditions of your school. 


Homecoming Parade

Best Homecoming Parades

While homecoming is an exciting time for all schools, some schools are known for having the best homecoming celebrations. These schools often have a long-standing tradition of school spirit and pride, and their homecoming events are eagerly anticipated by students and alumni alike.


The University of Alabama, the University of Michigan, and Mississippi  University are just a few examples of schools with incredible homecoming celebrations. However, they are not the only schools that excel at homecoming.


The University of Georgia is another school known for its impressive homecoming celebrations. The school's homecoming festivities include a parade, a pep rally, and a concert, as well as a homecoming court and a football game. The university also has a tradition of inviting alumni to a pre-game tailgate, where they can catch up with old friends and reminisce about their time at the school.


The University of California is also known for its lively homecoming celebrations. The school's homecoming events often include a parade, a carnival, and a bonfire, as well as a homecoming court and a football game. The university is also known for its philanthropic efforts during homecoming week, with students and alumni raising money for a variety of charitable causes.


Of course, there are many other schools across the United States that are known for having fantastic homecoming celebrations. Whether you attend a large university or a small college, there are likely to be  homecoming events that you can be a part of and enjoy. Homecoming is a beloved tradition in the United States, and it’s a unique and exciting experience for international students from India to explore. It’s an opportunity to immerse yourself in American culture, make new friends, and build a sense of community within your school. So, if you have the chance to experience homecoming at your school, don’t miss out on this exciting tradition! 

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