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Top universities in USA offer a plethora of good opportunities for Indian students. The country is renowned for its excellent academic facilities, cutting-edge technologies, up-to-date sports infrastructure, and world-class facilities.


This ensures students access a stimulating learning environment that fosters intellectual growth and encourages innovation. Apart from this, the practical approach to teaching in American universities enables students to actively participate in hands-on learning experiences, promoting critical thinking, fostering problem-solving skills, and encouraging real-world application of knowledge.


Every year, the country receives millions of applications from around the world. However, applying to US universities and getting visa approval is a lengthy process. Every USA universities application deadlines are fixed so it is important to know the deadlines and apply timely to secure admission to your desired university. In this blog, let’s discuss the timeline for the application process and the US universities application deadlines for Indian students. Let’s get this interesting read started, shall we?


USA Universities Application Deadlines for Indian Students in 2024

Here, we have provided information regarding the available intake and USA universities' application deadlines for some of the best universities in the USA.

University Name

Application Deadlines

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

March 15

Harvard University

January 3

Stanford University

Mid-December, 2024-25

University of Chicago

May 1, 2024

University of Pennsylvania

February 15, 2024

Cornell University

January 2, 2024-25

California Institute of Technology

January 3, 2024-25

Yale University

February 15, 2024

University of California, Berkeley 

December 14, 2024-25

Princeton University

Mid-August, 2024-25

US Universities Application Deadlines: Types of Intakes

International students seek admission to some of the top universities in USA. You must be prepared to apply for the universities and check the USA universities application deadlines. Immigration and other formalities can consume a lot of time, which may even lead you to miss the deadlines offered by US universities so apply beforehand.


Application Deadlines for US Universities: Fall Intake

Fall is the most popular intake in the USA among Indian students. Technically, it is the start of the academic year. Almost all the USA universities application deadlines exist for Indian students for this intake for all the courses. Below, we have mentioned the Fall admission in USA 2024 deadline and the application timeline.



June - September

Search for the best universities according to your course and budget. Also, check the eligibility criteria and get all your documents ready. 

October - January

Send the application to your shortlisted universities. 

February - March

During this time, you’ll receive an offer letter from the university. After accepting the offer letter, apply for the I-20 form.


Fill out your visa application form (Form DS-160). Also, fill out CGI and pay the SEVIS fee.

May - July

Appear for the Visa Interview. Also, carry all documents with you during the interview. 

July - August

Book your flight tickets to the US.


Fly to the US and enjoy your study abroad journey. 

Application Deadlines for US Universities: Spring Intake

Spring is another significant intake in the USA. Indian students who miss a chance to apply for the Fall intake generally opt for the spring intake/January Intake. So, if you have also skipped the opportunity to secure admission in the Fall intake 2024, don’t miss the chance to apply for USA universities application deadline for the Spring intake.  Check the deadlines offered by US universities below for the Spring 2024 intake in the USA.



February – March 

Shortlist the universities according to your course preferences and budget. Also, check the scholarships and eligibility criteria of the university.

April - May

Appear for an English proficiency test and standardised admission test if required to apply for your course at a particular university.

June – July 

Get your proficiency test results and all your other documents ready.

August – September

Apply to all the shortlisted universities for your course.


Get the letter of confirmation from the university.


Complete all the processes of a US student visa and pay the SEVIS fee.


Book your flight ticket and pack your bag for your study abroad journey.


Move to your dream university.

USA University Application Timeline for Spring Intake 2024-25



Application Deadlines for US Universities: Summer Intake

Fall and Spring intakes are more famous in the USA than summer intakes. However, the summer intake has its advantages. The chances of getting an offer letter from the university are highest during summer intake due to fewer applications. Now, let’s check the USA universities application deadline for Summer intake in the USA.



July – August 

Research for US Summer Intake Universities. Decide the course you want to study in the USA and find the best universities by considering all the factors


Take the required tests to study in the USA. Appear for tests required to study in USA universities - GMAT, GRE, SAT and ACT. Language proficiency tests include IELTS, TOEFL, Duolingo, etc.

October - November - 

Start applying to your selected universities in the USA and attach the relevant documents with your student application for the US university.


Receive an offer letter from the university in the USA if your application is selected.

January - February

After getting an offer letter from a US summer intake university, apply for a US student visa and loans, if needed and pay your SEVIS fee. 

March/ April

Once you receive your US student visa, book your flight tickets to the US.


You’re all set to fly to your university in the US. 

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Types of Application Deadlines for US Universities

USA universities application deadlines are of 4 different types for each intake. Look below to learn more about the different types of USA universities application deadlines.


Early Decision Deadlines (EDD)

Early Decision Deadlines are for students who want to apply to a university before the start of the regular admission process. However, there is one condition for the students who apply under Early Decision: it obliges them to accept admission to that particular university.


Early decision deadlines offered by US Universities:

  • MIT

  • UMass Dartmouth University

  • Columbia University

  • Duke University

  • Brown University

  • Cornell University


Early Action Deadlines (EAD)

The Early Action USA universities application deadlines open earlier than the regular admissions, but admittance is not guaranteed, and students are given a window of time to determine whether they are accepted or rejected before the remaining spots become available for regular admissions.


Early Action Application Deadlines for US Universities:

  • Harvard University

  • Princeton University

  • Yale University

  • Stanford University


Regular Decision Deadlines (RDD)


The standard USA universities admission deadlines for any intake at the time of a significant admission are known as regular decision deadlines. Most US universities' application deadlines fall between January 1 and January 15. These application deadlines for top universities in USA are accessible for every intake the colleges offer.


Rolling Admission Deadlines (RAD)

Applying before the USA universities admission deadlines is optional for rolling admissions at US universities. The institutions that accept rolling applications have admissions all year, with an internal deadline window determined by the number of spots available for the next round of classes. Further, please note that the applications are accepted as they come in.


Rolling Admission Deadlines for top universities in USA:

  • Michigan State University

  • Colorado

  • Oklahoma

  • University of Pittsburgh

  • IOWA State University

  • Arizona

  • Indiana University

  • University of Houston, Texas


EAD, EDD, RDD, and RAD USA Universities Application Deadlines





Stanford University

01 November

05 January


01 November


01 January

Harvard University

01 November

01 January

Duke University


01 November

03 January

Princeton University

01 November

01 January

University of California

30 November

University of Chicago

01 November

01 November to 04 January

04 January

University of Pennsylvania


01 November

05 January

Boston University

01 November / 01 January

03 January 


To conclude, as an Indian student, you must research the university well in advance and apply to them at least a month before the deadline. Applying to the university before the deadline increases the chances of getting an offer letter. Therefore, prepare everything before the intake you want to use to avoid missing the USA universities admission deadlines. Now, without further delay, take steps towards starting your study abroad journey.


If you need clarification or more profound insight regarding study in USA, we encourage you to speak with our expert counsellors at Meridean Overseas Education Consultants (MOEC). If you cannot travel to our offices, we offer online counselling services via our website. Our dedicated counsellors will provide the best guidance regarding your application to study in USA. Don't hesitate to contact us at or call us at 1800-1230-00011.



Q. Can I still apply to US universities even though the deadline has passed?

Ans: You can apply for a regular decision deadline if you missed the early application due. If the regular decision date has passed, you still have the option to use it through rolling applications or certain universities' spring or summer intakes.


Q. Are decisions made under regular deadlines obligatory upon acceptance?

Ans: No, in accordance with the standard decision timeline, the University notifies the chosen candidates through an offer letter within 8 to 10 weeks, which they have a specific window of time to accept or reject.


Q. When does the Indian student application deadline for US universities fall in 2024?

Ans: November 1 and 15 for early action and January 1 and January 15 for standard decision dates are the most popular US university application deadlines.


Q. What is the number of intakes for admission to US universities?

Answer: Admission to US universities is offered in three intakes: autumn, spring and summer. 


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