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The University of Essex introduced a free online preparatory course. The Essex Preparation Programme (EPP) is a free online course to support students after the Covid pandemic disrupted education systems globally. This EPP free online course will equip students with an offer letter from the University for the upcoming course. Additionally, students who complete the EPP before October 5, 2022, will receive a conditional cash bursary of £250 to help them with their studies.

EPP is a pre-arrival skills course for students joining the University of Essex. These skills include, among other things, reading, writing, critical thinking and time management. The University of Essex has started this program to facilitate the intake process for its students. This is a great opportunity for students to build their academic skills and thrive during their time at the University of Essex. The University started this free online course to support students through the Covid pandemic.

What is the Essex Preparation Programme?

EPP is the free online course that the University of Essex is offering as a pre-arrival skills development tool. The various topics covered in this free course by Essex University will enable the students to be successful in their academic as well as professional life. The wide range of topics with weekly updated content provide the students with endless learning opportunities.


This online course is designed to support students in building the following academic skills:

  • Learning: This allows the students to create more efficient study habits and learn how to manage their time at the university more effectively.
  • Speaking: Developing the ability to communicate effectively with others is essential to every student—this is the foundation of public speaking skills.
  • Thinking: Thinking rationally and critically is vital to every student’s success. The University of Essex ensures that students receive the best learning environment to develop this skill.
  • Reading: EPP provides students with the opportunity to develop their academic reading skills in addition to thinking critically.
  • Integrity: The University of Essex is committed to ensuring that students can develop their integrity and values. This makes them not only better students but also better citizens.

How to Join the Free Online Course by the University of Essex?

The University of Essex offers ‘Open Essex’, a free online platform for students to join. This platform simplifies the process of joining the course as well as provides students with all the necessary tools during the course.


The students can enroll for this University of Essex online course at no additional cost with the following steps:

  • Register with the ‘Open Essex’ online platform. The EPP is also conducted on this platform.
  • The email address provided during the registration process has to be confirmed by the student through the confirmation email received.
  • After registration, students can access the course by logging in to their profile on Open Essex and clicking on ‘Enroll Now’.


Essex University also has a support channel to assist the students enrolling for the online course - The students can contact the support for any issues with the registration process or any other queries with the course.

Who is Eligible for EPP - The Free Online Course?

The free online course is open to all students who will be joining any University of Essex course during the academic year. Any student who has received an offer letter from the University will be eligible to join the Essex Preparation Program. This pre-arrival skills program will take the students through a series of lectures, articles and quizzes designed to help them learn the essential academic skills. This is a self-paced course with weekly new content. The students can join the free online course remotely using the ‘Open Essex’ platform.

Get a £250 Cash Bursary from the University of Essex

The University of Essex is committed to aiding and supporting the students joining their course. This free online pre-arrival course proves such commitment. In addition to a free online course, the University of Essex also offers the students a £250 cash bursary. This is a significant help for international students during their higher studies. The East 15 Acting School courses at the University of Essex are not eligible for this bursary.

Who is Eligible for the £250 Cash Bursary?

The £250 cash bursary is beneficial for students who started their higher education process. This can be used for college fees, living expenses, study materials or personal expenses. The amount is directly transferred to the account opened by the student in the UK. This £250 cash bursary is available to all students who:

  • Registered at the University of Essex for the first year of study in a full-time undergraduate course. The course should be starting in October 2022
  • Completed the full EPP course before October 5, 2022, and received the certificate of completion.
  • Is joining an eligible full-time course leading to a Foundation Degree, Bachelor’s Degree or an Integrated Masters (four years) Degree. Any student registered for year 0 of Essex Pathways Degree is also eligible for the £250 cash bursary.


The £250 cash bursary is NOT AVAILABLE in certain cases. The following students are not eligible for the bursary:

  • Registered for the University of Essex online courses
  • Deferred their offer to the next academic year (2023-2024)
  • Registered with the East 15 Acting School courses at the Essex University
  • Transferring from another course
  • Transferring from the University of Essex International College
  • Moving from year 0 to year 1 in 2022


The students studying online due to the pandemic for courses that are otherwise on-campus will be eligible for the bursary.


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