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Australia is home to 8 of the top 100 universities in the world, attracting many international students from different backgrounds. Top-class education, globally recognised degrees, and a practical approach to teaching is why international students study in Australia. Generally, Australian universities offer two intakes for international students, i.e., February and July. This blog explores why Australia is a perfect study-abroad destination for international students.


Excellent Education


With its world-class education system, Australian universities offer theoretical knowledge, and practical training focused on industry-oriented skills. The universities in Australia focuses on equipping student with industry-specific skills and practical knowledge to help them succeed in their chosen field. They are committed to generating graduates with entrepreneurial and innovative mindsets so that the graduates can excel in today's competitive and fast-changing environment. Educational institutes like the University of Melbourne, Monash University Clayton Campus, UNSW Sydney, and Australian National University are some of the top universities in Australia.


Diverse Range of Course Options


Since Australia's universities are some of the top-ranked in the world, it's no surprise that they offer a diverse range of degrees, courses and majors. Think of any career you wish to enter; the Australian university has a course that provides a pathway towards your dream career. Moreover, international students can find English-taught courses easily in Australia. Some of the best courses to study in Australia include accountancy, nursing, engineering, business and management, agricultural science, and computer science.


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Multicultural Environment


While studying in Australia, international students will get multicultural exposure. The country is a melting pot of diverse cultures. The experience and knowledge you gain while talking to people from different cultures, religions, and ethics are highly commendable. Also, while living in a mixed culture environment, students can form a global perspective and learn to respect others' opinions. Moreover, Australia is considered the second-best country in the world for its quality of life.


Post-Study Work Permit


Once international students complete their education in Australia, they are eligible for PSW (post-study work). The duration of PSW is a maximum of up to 6 years, depending upon the type and level of the program. It is a great opportunity for internationals to gain highly valued work experience or apply for Australian PR.


Excellent Career Prospects


Australia's amazing life and quality education might tempt international students to stay longer. The country is home to many world-class industries that offer international students job opportunities. Moreover, students can connect with top industry experts and eminent personalities from different parts of the world and take guidance and inspiration from them.


Part-time Work Opportunity


The Australian student visa permits the international student to work up to 20 hours per week. It is an amazing opportunity to explore the local life in Australia and meet the localities. Also, it helps them gain work experience and earn money to bear expenses. Since Australia is an English-speaking country, it will be easier for international students to find part-time jobs. Some part-time job options in Australia for international students are sales assistant, tutor, cashier, and administrator in hotels or bars. Students also have the option to work online. International students earn up to 18.23 AUD per hour through part-time jobs. Moreover, many Australian degrees and vocational courses include work experience programs and internships, so you can gain hands-on industry experience and grow your professional network while you study.


Plenty of Places to Explore


Undoubtedly, Australia is one of the best destinations for tourists as well. There are plenty of places to explore and enjoy. Australia is a vibrant country where you can easily travel to several nearby cities from wherever you decide to study. From the breathtaking Sydney beach landscape to the quaint shopping shops of Melbourne, each one provides a variety of distinctive experiences. During your holidays, you can dive or snorkel on the gorgeous Great Barrier Reef. Bushwalking or kayaking are often achievable within a day trip. Apart from this, Australia is home to the most diverse wildlife species. There are various national parks and wildlife centuries where you can gaze and experience different species.


High Chances of Getting a Student Visa


International students must apply for a subclass 500 visa to study in Australia. The chances of getting an Australian student visa are approximately 85% - 90%. To achieve the visa, firstly student must be enrolled at the university. Also, there are several other requirements you will need to meet for your application to be approved, including sufficient financial capacity. Students must also have health insurance during their stay in Australia.


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Student Support Services and Scholarship Opportunities


Australian educational institutes offer extensive student support services to help them settle into their new life in Australia. Also, there are various dedicated international student support centres, each offering practical advice and support on issues like legal rights, job skills and opportunities in several cities and towns in Australia. Moreover, international students also have the benefit to apply for scholarships in Australia. The government and educational institutions offer various scholarships for international students in Australia.


If you're looking forward to studying abroad, the above points might convince you to study in Australia.

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