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Updated On 14 September 2023


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If you are perplexed about which course to pursue after completing your BCom and wondering about best courses after BCom in UK, then be delighted as this blog covers all the necessary information on this topic to help you make an appropriate decision.


The UK is amongst the top study abroad places with several renowned institutions offering varied courses post BCom in the UK. Hence, choosing best courses after BCom in UK 2024 would aid in fostering your skills and ensuring that you receive the best career and employment opportunities.


Without further ado, let us get started with the blog.


Best Courses in UK after BCom

We have compiled a list of the best courses in UK after BCom, their top courses and universities for you in this section, which are as follows:


International Business/Management

It is one of the most popular after BCom courses in UK wherein its popular courses and respective top universities are below.


  • MSc International Management

  • MSc International Business and Management

  • MSc International Events Management

  • MSc in International Management and International Relations

Top Universities

  • University of Sussex

  • University of Salford

  • Liverpool University

  • Brighton University

  • University of Southampton


MBA ranks among best courses after BCom in UK. Business and management professionals are in high demand in the UK, and some of the top leaders of the business world are from UK universities.

A list of some popular programmes and top universities is given below.


  • Global Executive MBA

  • MSc Management

  • Masters in Financial Analysis

Top Universities

  • Imperial College Business School

  • Warwick Business School, University of Warwick

  • Durham University Business School

  • Cass Business School, City University of London

  • Cranfield School of Management, Cranfield University

  • Alliance Manchester Business School, University of Manchester


Brand management and marketing courses are indispensable and highly demanded in the contemporary business landscape.

The list of top courses in marketing and respective universities are as follows.


  • MSc Marketing and Brand Management

  • MSc Digital Marketing Communications

  • MSc Corporate Brand Management

  • MSc Luxury Brand Management

Top Universities

  • University of Essex

  • Manchester Metropolitan University

  • University of Southampton

  • Nottingham Trent University

  • Brunel University

Finance and Accounting

A master’s degree in finance and accounting is amongst the top PG courses in UK after BCom, and pursuing this degree would open employment opportunities in the leading 100 multinational financial firms.

Below is a list of primary programmes and some top UK universities offering these programmes.


  • Masters in Finance

  • MSc in Financial Economics

  • MSc in Finance and Accounting

  • MSc Accounting

Top Universities

  • London School of Economics

  • The University of Oxford

  • Imperial College London and Political Science

  • The University of Edinburgh

  • The University of Cambridge

Human Resource Management

This course is one of the most appealing PG courses in UK after BCom due to a culturally diverse employee base and cross-cultural teams in the globalised business environment.

In this regard, the table below summarises some popular prorgammes and universities offering these programmes.


  • MSc Human Resource Management and Consulting

  • MBA Human Resource Management

  • MSc International Human Resource Management

  • MSc Human Resource Management and Organisation

Top Universities

  • The University of West London

  • The University of Nottingham

  • The University of Hertfordshire

  • The University of Reading

  • The University of Bath

  • Durham University

Project Management

Demand for project managers has exponentially increased in the UK business market and the global market, making this course one of the most popular PG courses in UK after BCom.

The list of top prorgammes and universities is illustrated in the table below.


  • MSc Project Management

  • MSc Management (Project Management)

  • MSc Engineering Project Management

  • MSc International Project Management

Top Universities

  • The University of Warwick

  • Lancaster University

  • University of Edinburgh Business School

  • Alliance Manchester Business School

  • Leeds University Business School

  • The University of Bath

Business Analytics

Business Analytics is also considered among the best courses in UK after BCom owing to a sharp rise in demand for business analytics professionals in recent years.

In this context, the table below highlights the top courses and universities in the UK for international students.


  • MSc in Business Analytics

  • MSc in Business Analytics & Big Data

  • MSc in Business Analytics and Management Sciences

Top Universities

  • University of Edinburgh Business School

  • Lancaster University

  • University of Warwick

  • University of Bath

  • Leeds University Business School

  • Alliance Manchester Business School 

Cost of Study After BCom Courses in UK

The average cost for pursuing a masters in UK after BCom, such as an MBA or other courses, cost approximately 17149 GBP  to 32155 GBP annually.


However, it can vary depending on the chosen programme and university. Also, living expenses can differ from 12000 to 15600 GBP according to your preferred location, accommodation and lifestyle.



Q. Which are the most popular and preferred courses after Bcom in the UK?

A. Masters in Finance and MBA are the two most preferred choices when selecting from several Master’s prorgammes in the UK after BCom.


Q. Is the UK an ideal location for students after BCom?

A. The UK is a land of opportunities for students aiming to pursue higher studies with several PG courses in UK after BCom. It offers around 50,000 courses in around 100 approved colleges, making it a lucrative choice for commerce students.


Q. Is GRE necessary for pursuing a master's in the UK after BCom?

A. The majority of universities and colleges accept GMAT and GRE scores. Still, some do not ask for any of these exams during admission as part of applicants’ eligibility criteria.



In summary, MBA, international business, human resource management, project management, business analytics and marketing are best courses after Bcom in UK for international students to pursue in 2024. However, choosing the right university and programme in alignment with your career aspirations and interest areas is crucial.


You can have more detailed information by contacting our expert counsellors at Meridean Overseas Education Consultants (MOEC) expert counsellors. Our expert counsellors can give you clearer guidance on program selection, the application process, and securing a spot in UK universities or colleges for PG courses in UK after BCom.


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