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Project management is an emergent field in today's scenario. Project management helps students master the art of leading a project within the given resources. What other country is better suited for learning project management than the United Kingdom? The country is well known for its master's courses in project management. The core reason the UK is so advanced in project management is that it needs many project managers. The demand for project managers is rising with opportunities, and the country is even willing to give placements to international students in the same field after their masters.

The United Kingdom offers over 40 master's degrees in project management; currently, over 30 universities in the United Kingdom offer master's degrees in project management. The association for project management recognises all the university courses in the United Kingdom in project management

Benefits of pursuing Masters in Project Management in UK

  1. Chartered status: The Association of Project Management in the United Kingdom is willingly providing chartered status to the students of Master's in the United Kingdom who fall under their criterion. The chartered status will help you to be recognised as a professional in project management who is competent enough to lead complicated high-end projects. The student can smartly gain chartered status by enrolling in a fitting university. There are various universities in the United Kingdom that are showing the direct path to students of project management for chartered status. The student needs proper guidance to select the appropriate course for project management and can become a chartered project professional in the UK.

  2. Good opportunities: The United Kingdom is an advanced country. It has ample opportunities for various professions. One such profession is project management. The government has many well-paying jobs for students who have done their masters in the UK.

  3. Exclusive monetary benefits: Every student does a master's to grab the highest possible package. Pursuing project management courses in the UK can provide good financial benefits to students.

  4. Flexible program: The United Kingdom provides the best education opportunities in various forms. One can pursue a masters in project management in different ways. One must study in the UK for a minimum of one year to complete their master's in project management. This year, they can also opt for a full-time course, part-time course, or online study program. The extended knowledge programmes in project management courses in the UK are also available for different domains; project schedule and budget estimating, communication and contracting, and risk and quality analysis.

  5. Demanding job: The UK is known for producing high-quality managers. Pursuing the UK's project management course will help you gain a valuable degree. There is a huge demand for project managers worldwide. Companies need project managers to make their work operations efficient.

Universities for Project Management in UK

Master's in the United Kingdom has a lot of scope and several opportunities. The students who pursue masters from the United Kingdom are capable of leading any team under any circumstances. It has been made possible by the excellent education services of the United Kingdom. The universities of the United Kingdom create an educational environment with off-site job training and help students experience absolute project management values. This process of teaching students how to handle projects has helped United Kingdom universities gain students' trust across the world. The courses are vast, and a lot of universities are there to help students make their dreams come true:


Universities in the United Kingdom

Project Management Courses

University of Warwick

MSc in program and project management 

University of Manchester 

MSc in Management of Projects 

University of Manchester

MSc in Commercial Project Management 

University of Sussex 

MSc in Project Management  

University of Liverpool 

MSc in Project Management 

Heriot-watt University 

MSc in Strategic Project Management 

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English requirements for Masters in Project Management in the UK

Indian students have the proficiency in English necessary to study in the United Kingdom. Students need to have English as their first language. Otherwise, they need to meet the particular criteria in the English language to continue their application. A student who studies in the UK needs to score at least 6.0 in IELTS . Further, in the project management course, the score varies according to the university criterion.

Some students can easily opt for a master's in project management in the United Kingdom without appearing for IELTS. They must demonstrate their English communication skills well in the interview round. Another mandatory thing for students to get into courses in the UK or study in the UK is to secure at least 70% marks in the English language in their higher secondary education.

Universities accepting admission in Master's in Project Management without IELTS

The entry-level salary for international students in the United Kingdom for project management is more than £4803. The country is known for graduating students capable enough to lead larger teams for the first time. The job opportunities are restricted to the United Kingdom itself. The courses in the UK expand the reach of students in terms of job opportunities by more than 25% across the globe. So, if you do masters in the UK, you can get a high paying job in the UK and various strong economies around the world. Here’s the list of universities that can help you become a qualified project manager:

1. Lancaster University

2. University of Bristol

3. University of Southampton

4. University of Liverpool

5. University of Sussex

6. Nottingham Trent University

7. University of Strathclyde

Cost of Masters in Project Management in the UK

Cost is undeniably a huge factor that plays a role in students' careers when deciding on their university. The cost of a master's in project management differs for both local and international students. The former has to pay nearly £11,000, and the latter has to pay more than £27,000 for the same course. For international students, scholarship programs are also available, mainly for students with weak financial backgrounds or with the highest grades in their educational experience. Universities in the United Kingdom provide scholarships to international students in various ways. It can be a research assistantship, employment, or any form of teaching.


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