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People say higher secondary education is what shapes you into the person you are. Science students have a strong foundation in PCM, which can open up a variety of career prospects in fields like medicine, engineering, research, and technology. After class 12th in science, students enter the STEM line of courses. Studying STEM subjects equips you with critical thinking, problem-solving skills, and analytical skills, which make you attractive to potential employers. Similarly, there are several other reasons to opt for multiple subjects by science students. This blog will tell you about the Top Courses after 12th Science.

Importance of Science Courses

Passing out of 12th from science stream has become a trend these days, with the majority of students doing this. Why science? Science lets you enter the STEM [Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics] field. To give you more insight into the importance of after 12th Science Courses, here are various such reasons listed below:


  1. STEM fields are dynamic and constantly evolving

  2. Graduates from such fields are in high demand as they are skilled and proficient

  3. Jobs in STEM offer high salaries and financial compensation

  4. STEM fields have a positive impact by contributing to advancements in all aspects of life

  5. There are many lines of the field to choose from


Therefore, class 12th science students can get rewarding and fulfilling opportunities for career growth and innovation. Let’s move ahead to analyse the Top Courses after 12th Science available for you.

Top Courses After 12th Science Students

Students who have completed their higher secondary education from the science stream can pursue several options for their further studies. Below are some of the most popular after 12th science courses list to choose from for students.


Course After 12th Science - Medicine

Scholars interested in pursuing their career in the healthcare sector can choose medical degrees. Furthermore, medicine has many options for specialisations like surgery, dentistry, nursing, pharmacy, physiotherapy, and much more.


Pure Sciences Course After 12th Science

Students who feel that research and academics are their forte can opt for pure sciences in physics, chemistry, and biology.


Best Course After 12th Science - Engineering

This is a popular choice for science students worldwide. Engineering entails various specialisations like mechanical, civil, computer science and electrical.


Mathematics - Course After 12th Science PCM

Scholars of versatile nature can choose a mathematics field that offers several prospects in research, finance, data analysis, and much more.


Computer Science - Best Course After 12th Science

There is constant rapid growth in technology all over the world. Computer science is also the top selection of science stream students. They are mainly interested in coding, software development, and many other tech careers.


 Architecture Course After 12th PCM

Architecture is a field of study made for STEM scholars with creative minds and who love challenges. This career line has many options such as designing buildings, urban spaces, and landscapes.


Agriculture Course After 12th for Science

Students who love agriculture and related fields can find various opportunities in agriculture science, agricultural engineering, and horticulture

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Q: What are the best degrees for 12th science students?

A: Some of the best degrees are BE in Civil Engineering, Bachelor of Surgery, BS in Nursing, BE in Mechanical Engineering, and BS in Computer Science, among others.


Q: What are the world’s top universities for class 12th science students?

A: According to the QS World University Rankings 2022, the highest-ranked institutions for students after doing class 12th science are MIT, Harvard, University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, and Stanford University.


Q: What are the entrance exams to take after 12th science?

A: The admission tests you can take after finishing Class 12th in Science are determined by the degree you choose to follow. Below are some of the top entrance exams for popular science courses:

  1. BE/BTech – JEE Main

  2. MBBS – NEET

  3. BArch – NATA

  4. BSc – CUCET


To conclude, there are many career options for students like you, and you can choose from top courses after 12th science. One can find interesting opportunities in various fields, such as engineering, computer science, chemistry, and medicine. We hope that we have provided you with sufficient information about Top Courses after 12th Science.


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