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Updated On 12 September 2023


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Imagine yourself studying in a picturesque Canadian university with a warm embrace of its multicultural communities. A visa is one of the most significant requirements for international students to study in Canada, so here we will explore the SX1 visa.


When you pursue a short-term educational program, you will be asked to apply for a Canadian visa, SX-1. The SX1 visa allows you to participate in a diverse educational experience in Canada.


Read this blog to learn more about the SX1 Visa, the eligibility requirements, and the application process. Let’s get started! 


Understanding the SX1 Visa Canada

SX1 Visa stands for Start-up Visa, introduced by the Canadian government in 2013 in order to attract the most progressive business people from around the world. This visa is like a special guest pass for Canada.


SX-1 allows you to visit and study in Canada for a short time, just up to six months. You can use this visa if you want to do a short study program in Canada. However, knowing that the visa is only valid for six months of education and does not contain a work permit is vital.


Application Requirements for the Short-Term Student SX-1 Visa

Now that you have learnt about the SX1 Visa, understanding who can apply for this visa is of utmost importance. Specific qualifying criteria need to be met for an SX1 visa regarding short-term educational programs. So, let us start exploring specific criteria one by one:


Getting Accepted by a Canadian Educational Institution

Before applying for a short-term Canadian student visa, they must approve your admission to an educational institution for a particular short course along with an offer letter. The government of Canada will authorise your application against the academic criteria of the institution and program you applied to.


Proof of Financial Support

You must show proof of financial support to pay for your educational expenses, living costs, and transportation expenses during your stay in Canada. Bank records, scholarships, sponsorship letters, or money confirmation from a reliable source can be used to prove this.


Health and Medical Insurance Requirements

You need to show that you have health and medical insurance while you are in Canada to ensure that your healthcare needs are fulfilled while studying in Canada.


Strong Ties to Your Own Country

You might find it weird, but you are also required to declare your most substantial ties with your home country, which will prove that you are sure to return home after finishing your studies.


Links such as family ties, friends, properties, or other responsibilities reflect your authentic connection to your country.


Meeting Canadian Immigration Rules

All Canadian immigration criteria must be met, including maintaining legal status while studying in Canada. Such standards also include following the rules and restrictions of the Short-Term Student SX1 Visa, such as the term of stay and any employment restrictions.


Meeting Health and Character Requirements

You must fulfil proper health conditions specified by the Canadian government, which entails your medical checkup, further confirming your good health.


Besides the health requirements, police clearance certificates or comparable documentation for verifying your clean character and lack of criminal background are also essential.


Benefits of the SX1 Visa for Students

Now that you are aware of your eligibility for SX1 Visa, knowing why you are required to apply for this kind of visa is also crucial. You will find several benefits for international students opting for short-term study in Canada.


Quality Education Access

With the SX1 visa, you can study in short-term programs and access world-class education and splendid academic resources in Canadian universities.


Cultural Exposure

Studying in Canada exposes you to a diverse and global society.


Improved Career Prospects

By studying in Canada, you can acquire valuable skills, access internships and cooperative programs, and expand your professional network, enhancing your job prospects.


High Quality of Life

You can enjoy a safe and welcoming environment, excellent healthcare services, social security, and a wide range of recreational and cultural activities to enrich your Canadian experience.  


Step-by-Step Process for Applying for SX1 Visa Canada

Now that you have decided to apply for SX1 Visa Canada, you need to learn more about how to apply correctly. The SX1 visa application for Canada involves several critical steps that you must meticulously navigate to ensure a successful result. 


  • Obtain an Acceptance Letter: You must secure an official acceptance letter from a certified Canadian educational institution offering your desired short-term program. This letter is a vital prerequisite for your SX1 visa application.


  • Gather Necessary Documents: You must collect essential documents, including a valid passport, proof of acceptance, financial records, health insurance proof, police clearance certificate, and passport-sized photographs.


  • Complete Application Forms: You must then fill out and sign application forms available on the Immigration, Refugees, and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) website.


  • Pay Application Fee: You will be then asked to submit your application fee online or through specified payment methods provided by IRCC.


  • Submit the Application: You can send your application digitally via the IRCC website or designated application channels.


  • Wait for Processing: You need to patiently wait for your SX1 visa application's approval, with processing times varying.


  • Confirm Biometrics Test: Depending on your nationality, you may need to provide biometric information at a Visa Application Centre (VAC) or a designated location.


  • Wait for Approval and Passport Return: Once your application is processed, you will receive a SX1 visa decision, and if approved, your passport with the attached visa.



Q. Can I obtain a work permit after my SX-1 Visa in Canada?

A. No, you cannot work in Canada with the SX1 visa. To work in Canada, you must first obtain a work permit.


Q. What are the benefits of the SX-1 Visa in Canada?

A. The SX1 Visa is a visitor visa that also grants you the ability to complete a short-term educational program within six months of arriving in Canada.


Q. How will I know if my Visa Application is approved?

A. The consular officer will notify you whether your visa application was approved or denied following your immigrant visa interview.


Q. Why does Canada reject SX1 visa applications?

A. SX1 Visa applications may be declined if they lack proper and accurate supporting documents or if you do not present sufficient financial resources to support your stay in Canada. Further, refusals can also occur if you fail to meet international security standards, which may include having a criminal record.



To sum up, the SX1 Visa Canada opens the door to an enriching educational adventure over there. You now know that meeting eligibility criteria, a meticulous application process, and seizing opportunities launch a transformative journey of personal growth, academic excellence, and cultural immersion.


We hope the blog illuminated crucial information about SX1 Visa Canada. If you want proper guidance and more detailed information, contact our expert counsellors at any Meridean Overseas Education Consultants (MOEC) branch.


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