Study in Europe with Low CGPA - How to Apply to Universities?


05 November 2022



If you want to study abroad, but your CGPA is low, don't worry. Opportunities may be limited for those with a low-grade point average, but studying abroad through excellent programs is possible. Many European universities will accept you as their future cohort if you meet other entry requirements without a high CGPA score.

CGPA can be a disadvantage when applying to international schools, but there are still many chances for you to get the degree of your choice. In this blog, let us discuss how to study in Europe with a low CGPA.

What is CGPA?

The full form of CGPA is Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA). Educational institutes use this grading system to measure the overall academic performance during the entire course tenure. CGPA score is the average scored by the student at the end of the program. The CGPA shown on your transcript will allow you to secure admission to high-ranking institutes. Many colleges and universities teaching core academic subjects and courses heavily emphasise your CGPA, so it is wise to aim high and dedicate all your efforts to achieving that goal. The main difference between CGPA and GPA is that, while both assess performance overall, GPA also measures performance inside a single semester or unit, whereas CGPA measures performance across the whole course (covering all semesters and units). Also, if needed, you can easily convert CGPA to percentage and assess your performance.

Universities That Accept Low CGPA in Europe

The following is the list of universities that accept low CGPA for undergraduate and postgraduate courses in Europe, along with the countries they are located in.

Universities That Accept Low CGPA in Europe

University Name

Country Located

Polytechnic University of Milan


Trinity College Dublin


University of Paris


University of Sevilla


University College Dublin


St. Petersburg State University


University of Limerick


University of Basel


University College Cork


École normale supérieure


University of Malaga


University of Southern Denmark


University of Antwerp


University of Ljubljana


The University of Jyväskylä


Erasmus University Rotterdam


University of Navarra


University of Tartu


Masaryk University

Czech Republic

Stockholm University


University of Geneva


Top 5 Universities Accepting Low CGPA for Masters

Many universities provide admissions in master’s programmes to students with low CGPAs. Here are the top 5 universities that accept low CGPA for masters.

  1. Perdue Global University: After the university acquired Kaplan University and changed its name to Purdue University Global, the institution founded Purdue University Global in 2017. The college focuses on master's degrees offered online and online adult education. The college provides master's degrees in various subject areas, including psychology, criminal justice, and nursing. A 2.5 GPA is required for admission. A conditional acceptance policy may be in place for students with a GPA of 2.5. Other criteria for admission include transcripts and English proficiency. The student should prepare for an interview at every stage of the procedure to see if they qualify for admission.

  2. Strayer University: The university has provided high-quality education to its students for over 125 years. One of the main advantages of attending this university is the Strayer Graduation Fund which has helped many international students to save up to 25%.

  3. Colorado Technical University: The Colorado Technical University has Aurora and Colorado Springs campuses, and post-graduate students can enrol in online courses. The Higher Learning Commission has granted this institution accreditation. Students can get degrees in various fields like business, nursing, finance, computer science, etc.

  4. Southern New Hampshire University: The university is a well-known prestigious institute founded in 1932. Over 3,000 campus students and 80,000 online students study at the university in different fields. The institute offers a variety of learning options in various fields like finance, humanities, information technology and education. The courses are offered through different learning modes, including hybrid, on-campus and online.

  5. Full Sail University: The prominent master's programmes provided by Full Sail University are in arts, media, technology and entertainment, among others. The institute offers production studios and laboratories to create fascinating content. Journalism, game creation, film production and other tasks are well handled in these production studios.

How to Apply to Universities?

If you wish to study in Europe with a low CGPA, it is essential to choose the universities to apply to carefully. It is also imperitive that you understand the other requirements for admission to the selected university to make a successful application. It is advised to read the eligibility criteria and the documents required before preparing the application. 

Requirements to Study in Europe with Low CGPA

A low CGPA can be a significant factor in not getting admission. Although many universities offer admissions even with low CGPA in Europe, there are still requirements that, if you meet them, can be beneficial to you. Those requirements are listed below.

  • Work experience

  • Statement of Purpose

  • Letters of Recommendation

  • Co-curricular

  • High scores in core modules and subjects

  • High standardised test scores (GMAT/GRE/SAT/ACT)

Documents Required to Study in Europe

  • Previous academic years’ mark sheets

  • A valid passport

  • Resume

  • Statement of purpose

  • 2-3 letters of recommendation

  • Portfolio (depends on the type of program)

  • Work experience letter in case of masters


  • Experience letters

  • Passport-size photographs

  • Financial documents

  • Application fee receipt

  • Cover letter 


Q: Do European universities accept low CGPA for masters programmes too?
A: Yes, many universities accept low CGPAs in Europe.

Q: How can I strengthen my application if I have a low CGPA?
A: You can strengthen your application by showcasing work experience, recommendation letters, co-curricular and high scores in IELTS, GRE, etc.

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