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Pursuing higher education in Germany is a dream for many aspiring scholars worldwide. One must navigate the intricate application process to turn this dream into reality. One of the most important documents required in this process is the Letter of Recommendation (LOR) for Germany.


The LOR is your advocate, your voice when you are not in the room, and it is the testimony of your academic prowess, your character, and potential as a student. A well-crafted LOR can make a huge difference between acceptance and rejection, making it an indispensable asset in your pursuit of higher education in Germany. Therefore, in this blog, we will cover the key elements and tips for writing a compelling LOR for Germany universities.


Why Do German Universities Require LOR?

Before diving into the writing process and guidelines, it's essential to understand why do we require letter of recommendation for Germany universities. Typically, LORs serve three main purposes:

  1. Assessing Academic Aptitude: Admissions committees want to evaluate your academic capabilities and potential to succeed in their programs.

  2. Evaluating Character and Personality: LORs also provide information about your character, work ethic, and suitability for the academic environment.

  3. Confirming Research Interests: If you're applying for research-based programs, LORs may emphasise your research skills and interests. 


How to Write LOR for German Universities?

There is no particular format for writing a Letter of recommendation for German universities. Every LOR is customised according to the university and program you are applying to. However, in general, a good LOR format for germany includes the following details:

  • Introduction: Begin with a brief introduction of the recommender and their qualifications.

  • Relationship: Describe how the recommender knows you and for how long.

  • Academic Abilities: Discuss your academic performance, highlighting achievements and any challenges you've overcome.

  • Personal Qualities: Describe your character, work ethic, and any personal qualities that make you a suitable candidate.

  • Examples: Include specific examples that demonstrate your strengths and potential.

  • Conclusion: Summarise your qualifications and reiterate your suitability for the program.


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Things You Can Include While Writing LOR

Here are some pointers which you can consider while writing students’ LOR for German universities.

  • How did the students conduct themselves while studying?

  • How did the student contribute to the learning environment or teamwork?

  • What was the student's response to failures and criticism?

  • Did the student challenge himself or herself, and if so, how and under what conditions?

  • What unique contribution did the student make?

  • What did they think about the particular subject?

  • How creative was the student both in class and on assignments?

  • How did the student consider combining various concepts?

  • How has the student developed over time and improved?

  • How did the student's enthusiasm for particular topics or hobbies come across?

  • If an accomplishment was made, how did it occur, and how has it changed education?


Important Things to Remember While Writing LOR for German Universities

Here are some important points which you must keep in mind while writing LOR for universities in germany

  • Remember that each university in Germany has its own specific requirements or instructions for LOR. So, make sure to read the instructions of the university carefully to which you are applying before preparing a LOR. 

  • It is quite crucial to maintain originality in LOR for Germany universities. Hence, avoid copying LOR as it may lead to rejection of your application. 

  • The LOR should be submitted on the organisation's official letterhead for the admissions committee to give it more weight. 

  • Make sure that your LOR is concise, to the point and carry a formal tone.  

Sample LOR From an Academic Institution

It is my pleasure to write this letter of recommendation for [Name of a Student] for admission [Name of the university in which you are applying] to the [name of course for which student is applying] program.


[Name of a student] was a student of [ name of the course which he has completed in that particular institute] programme for the batch [joining year - year of passing out]. He/she has successfully completed his programme and passed it with [grade scored]. He has demonstrated good learning abilities in most of the subjects.


In terms of academic performance, he was an excellent student in the class. Apart from this, [name of a student] was a very active participant in all class discussions and activities. He always contributed insightfully and took the discussion to another level. Regarding interpersonal skills, he was also very supportive and inclusive of others and always listened thoughtfully to his peers' contributions.


While he was quite modest about his career goals, but is very committed to lifelong learning. He was academically bright and disciplined in completing the assignment given. Further, his learning approach is good, and he was an interactive student of the batch. Also, [name of a student] is creative with an inclination towards social work, which was demonstrated by him during his participation in the National Service Scheme (NSS).




(Professor’s Name)




(University Name)


Sample LOR From Company

Dear Admissions Committee,


I am writing to strongly recommend [Name of a student], who has been an employee in our company for the past two years. I have had the pleasure of working closely with [student’s name] on several projects, and I can confidently attest to his exceptional skills in the field of [mention the subject-related field].


[studnet’s name] has demonstrated remarkable perseverance in his work, often taking on challenging tasks and seeing them through to completion. He has an unyielding work ethic and consistently exceeds expectations. He is always willing to put in the extra time and effort to ensure that projects are completed on time and to the highest possible standard.


One of [student’s name] greatest strengths is his structural designing skills. He has a deep understanding of [mention the field] and has an innate ability to apply this knowledge to real-world situations. He has designed complex structures for our company with great precision and accuracy, ensuring that all safety and regulatory requirements are met.


[student’s name] has exceptional attention to detail and is able to identify and address even the smallest of issues. He has an unwavering commitment to quality and takes great pride in his work. He is meticulous in his approach and is always looking for ways to improve and optimise his designs.


One of the most impressive aspects of [student’s name] work is his ability to provide simple solutions to complex problems. He has a keen analytical mind and is able to break down complex issues into manageable components. He is adept at finding simple and effective solutions addressing the core issues.


In light of these qualities, I strongly recommend [student’s name] for admission to your Master's program in [mention the field for which student is applying]. I am confident that he will excel in your program and make valuable contributions to your community of scholars. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.






Name of a recommender


His designation in the company


Name of a Company



Q: How many LORs do we require for undergraduate programs in Germany?

A: Generally, for undergraduate courses, international students require 2 LORs (letters of recommendation) from their previous academic institute.


Q: How many LORs do we require for postgraduate programs in Germany?

A: Generally, for postgraduate courses, international students require 2-3 LORs (letters of recommendation), depending on their program. In the case of 3 LORs, they have submit one from their previous work organisations and the other 2 from their previous academic institute.


Q: How many words should be there in a LOR?

A: Depending on the particular demands of the institution or programme, the length of a Letter of Recommendation (LOR) can change. Although there isn't a set word count, keeping the LOR between 200 and 400 words in length is typically advised to keep it focused and brief.



In summary, careful selection of recommenders, clear communication, and customisation of each LOR as per your university and program are essential steps in this process. Remember, the goal of the LOR is to present a compelling case for your admission, showcasing your academic abilities and personal qualities that align with the program's requirements. With careful planning and attention to detail, you can create LORs that stand out to admissions committees and increase your prospects of studying in Germany.


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