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Nearly 40% of Indian international students are studying in Canada right now. When it comes to overseas education, Canada is the first choice of Indian students. Indians wish to study in Canada because of its hospitable culture and outstanding education standards.

Canada is a vast country and has the best universities spread across the country. Students can find almost every type of course in Canadian universities, and that too at affordable prices. The cost of studying in Canada is extremely reasonable compared to other countries like the UK, USA, or Europe.

Not only in education, but Canada has the highest ranking for quality of life. International students get the desired exposure and get to study in top institutes of the world. Another benefit of studying in Canada is it hosts international students from different corners of the world. This helps students in personal development.

Why Study in Canada?

It is impossible to incorporate all the reasons for studying in Canada. The impeccable education system and high standard of living make Canadian education irresistible to international students. Here are some reasons why you should study in Canada:

  1. Leading Institutes: Canadian Universities host many international students every year. Every second aspiring international student wants to study in Canada because of its leading institutes. These institutes have great world rankings and the best faculties from all over the  .

  2. Hospitable Culture: Canada is one of those study destinations where international students can feel safe. International students in Canada are given the respect and value they deserve and a great chance to express themselves. There are rare cases of discrimination based on race, caste, or religion in Canada. The culture of Canada is diverse and welcoming. These things make it one of the safest countries to live in.

  3. Government Norms: Currently, Canada is looking for young people to study and live there. The country needs skilled individuals, and Canada's government made it very easy for international students to live and study there. Post-study work visa grants and job opportunities are significantly increasing nowadays in Canada.

Benefits of Studying in Canada

In the previous section, you got clear why you should study in Canada. Here you'll get clear on what you'll get once you enrol in Canadian universities. There is so much to explore and learn once you get to Canada. From people to universities, Canada is exceptional in every way. Here are some benefits of studying in Canada:

  1. Quality Education: Numerous universities worldwide offers similar courses. But, what makes Canadian Universities different are research-oriented courses and diverse co-curricular activities. These activities, in turn, help students' personal development. Canadian universities offer quality education at affordable prices. The education system is set in a way that trains students for real-world experiences. This is possible because of the great tie-ups that the universities of Canada have. Various Canadian Universities have tie-ups with renowned firms of the world. That helps students work with them while studying and gives great placement opportunities. Apart from these things, Canadian universities regularly hold various seminars by alums. This helps students learn from the experiences of the best people who have been there.

  2. Affordable Education and Lifestyle: Canada offers quality education but not at a heavy price. One can get to live and study in Canada at a very pocket-friendly price. Education fees differ from the university the student chooses. Various top universities are situated in regional areas of Canada. Studying in regional areas of Canada can help students save a lot of money on education and daily expenses. Compared to all other western countries, life in Canada is quite affordable. Canada is less expensive than USA and UK. International students can work part-time in Canada and easily bear the needed expenses. Accommodation for international students is easily affordable in Canada. Students can choose to stay in the hostel of the university or can rent a place. Both are affordable in Canada.

  3. Job Opportunities: Every student that aspires to study abroad also aspires to work there afterwards. Canadian Universities provide a great chance to work with their renowned firms after completion of education. The country has a lot of job opportunities for skilled individuals. The amount international students spend on their education can be easily drawn by working in Canada for a year or two. This is possible because of high-paying jobs in Canada after graduation. A Post-Graduate Work Permit (PGWP) allows international students to stay and work in Canada for up to three years. In these years, if the students get job security, they can easily get Permanent Residency in Canada.

  4. Internationally Recognized Degree: Universities in Canada offer various Bachelor's and Master's courses. One can choose to study in Canada and then work anywhere in the world they want. This is because degrees affiliated with the Universities of Canada are recognised worldwide. Students are competent enough to work in big-scale firms in any country once they graduate from Canada. The degrees from Canada Universities are no less than those from the UK or USA. Employers around the world give preference to graduates of Canadian universities or colleges.

  5. Thriving Student Community: Studying abroad is a waste one does not interact with diverse people. Every university in Canada has a student community that helps in students' overall development. Learning with other great minds can help you see education and life differently. Additionally, Canada also offers experiential learning to its student community. Students get to interact aside from classrooms.

One can get these major benefits once enrolled in a Canadian university. You can avail these benefits with the help of experienced Canadian education counsellors. Call us at 1800-1230-00011 or mail us at to make an application immediately.

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