Study in Australia with support from the Inclusive Melbourne Strategy towards Empowerment of Students

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Every year Melbourne attracts 100,000 international students from 120+ countries, which makes it the most sought-after destination for education. But there’s more to this than meets the eye beneath the success of Melbourne’s global repute. And that is, its belief that empowering individuals is crucial, leading to formulation of the Inclusive Melbourne Strategy. As the city council firmly believes, productivity is not all about academic potential but also about integrating individuals from different walks of life into the web of a secure and nurturing environment. Consequently, studying in Melbourne is about having the freedom to be yourself, a place where uniqueness is regarded as your greatest asset, and you can express yourself unapologetically.

What is Inclusive Melbourne Strategy(2022- 32)

Melbourne is an ancient aboriginal homeland to thousands of native residents. However, the city is also the home to many overseas residents, many of whom had come as a student and then were absorbed by the community there. They are all bound together by the unity in diversity which forms the heart of the city’s vibrant ambience. Hence, to carry forward this inclusive force, formulation of the Inclusive Melbourne strategy was done wherein an environment of collective prosperity and a resilient city was envisioned. 


Study in Australia with support from the Inclusive Melbourne Strategy towards Empowerment of Students


Furthermore, meaningful plans were chalked out after rigorous surveys and feedback from all sectors and communities. The strategy is modelled along the lines of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Thus, the strategy gives individuals endless possibilities to discover and express themselves in a safe setting.

Vision of Inclusive Melbourne Strategy

The Strategy carries the vision of resetting the trajectory of Melbourne with emphasis on three key areas:



The cost of living in Australia can be on the higher side, specifically in Melbourne, which is considered one of the most expensive cities. To regulate that, the policy aims to provide affordable housing facilities and redefine economic development strategies to create an environment of equity and a better quality of life.



Creating a framework for easy access to resources while catering to the needs of diverse communities is the prime-most priority of the plan. Additionally, different places, programs, and services are designed to be welcoming, affordable, and accessible to the masses. Also, facilities and infrastructure is developed to create easy accessibility for the masses. For instance, resources are designed to accommodate specially-abled individuals.



The key focus of inclusiveness is to create an environment of equity and safety regardless of culture, age, gender, sexuality, religion, or ability. This includes LGBTIQ+ communities, aboriginal communities, people with socioeconomic disadvantages, people with disabilities, women, refugees, international students, and other disadvantaged communities. 

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Goals of Inclusive Melbourne Strategy

The strategy entails goals that propel the city towards economic growth, sustainable development, and access to equal opportunities so that people can thrive collectively and progress toward their well-being. Here is a list of some of the strategy's primary objectives:


  • Alleviate Poverty

  • Promote Good health and well-being

  • Eradication of  Hunger

  • Quality education

  • Advocate Gender Equality

  • Decent work and economic growth

  • Reduced Inequalities

  • Responsible consumption and Production

  • Installation of peace, justice, and strong institutions.

How the Inclusive Melbourne Strategy will aid scholars

Your Voice Matters

The policy promotes an environment of individualistic perspectives as people come from different arenas of life with diverse experiences and unique insights. As a result, students get various job opportunities in Australia to bring a plethora of innovative ideas to the table. Furthermore, they are encouraged to participate in decision-making and be forthcoming to speak their mind out aloud.


Unity in Diversity

Universities in Melbourne, Australia, promote a multicultural environment where scholars from diverse backgrounds come together and bond in the fabric of belongingness. Additionally, innovators, students, entrepreneurs, and professionals from different backgrounds are invited to share their ideas leading to community participation and the incorporation of global perspectives.


Diverse Workforce

The city actively promotes its workforce and creates supportive networks for aspiring candidates. Moreover, the policy focuses on harnessing the experience of a mature workforce with a diverse age profile. Additionally, initiatives to reform work policies and the inclusion of safe working spaces for women are also taken. Thus, a safe and engaging environment creates adequate job opportunities in Melbourne.


Breaking Barriers

The policy focuses on breaking barriers from all perspectives, from motivating individuals to break through chains of societal labels to adopting a co-design approach in various events and community-led activities. Moreover, the educational framework is equipped with digital literacy services, which will help reduce the digital divide and promote a modern learning environment.


Student Support

The strategy focuses on promoting physical and mental well-being as the key to productivity. To implement it, universities in Melbourne provide ample recreation facilities and mental health resources, ensuring that scholars are heard, and their needs are addressed. Therefore, holistic wellness is initiated with a strong support system.


Entrepreneurship  Assistance

Young bright minds are always full of innovative ideas and ambition. The strategy recognises this and provides support to budding entrepreneurs from all arenas. Thereby, students get all the guidance from alumni support and financial assistance to platforms for that first jumpstart in their life.


To sum up, Melbourne is home to many international students, and half of the city’s residents were born overseas. Hence, students play a major role in implementing the idea of a secure, safe, and resilient city. On the other hand, the inclusive Melbourne Strategy supports scholars to advance and be the facilitators of positive change. Thus, study in Australia is like a win-win situation where balance is struck between your inner and outer worlds.


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