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Updated On 15 February 2023


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A lot of us are inclined toward social work and wish to make it our profession. Whether you wish to serve animals, humans, or the environment, getting a formal education will give wings to the cause you feel very passionately for. Lately, Canada has seen a growth in the number of applications for a Master of Social Work. That’s right, you heard us, we recommend you get the training for your passion in Canada. 


The courses for the Masters in Social Work are created primarily to instruct students in the nuanced facets of this profession. The specific abilities that students acquire and develop will help them think more clearly, make better decisions, manage tasks, and much more. Depending on your chosen university, a Master of Social Work programme in Canada implies that you will be dedicating anywhere from 10 to 24 months to earn the degree or certificate. The course curriculum often includes instruction for field placements, research, supervision, and a comprehension of the theoretical frameworks and practical ideas pertinent to social work.  


In this blog, we’ve done some sound research for you, so enjoy your coffee as you give it a read. 


Why Study Master of Social Work in Canada? 

Social Work degrees teach students how to improve the well-being and life quality of vulnerable groups like children, youths, homeless people, animals and minorities. Social Work studies employ theories from Sociology, Education, and Psychology, as well as knowledge of public laws. 


Social workers work in different sectors of society, including welfare groups, hospitals, school districts, the commercial sector, penal institutions, social assistance agencies, etc. The occupation is in high demand due to Canada's scarcity of social workers. Cities of Alberta, Manitoba, Ontario, Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia, British Columbia, etc., need social workers. If PR is on your mind and you have a natural love for serving society, then look no further than the Master of Social Work in Canada.

Admission Requirements

It is important to fulfil the admission requirements and the eligibility criteria to study in Canada. The exact requirements vary from one program and institution to another. The basic admission requirements for universities in Canada are given below.

  • Statement of Purpose

  • Letters of Recommendation 

  • Resume

  • Previous education Transcripts

  • Degree and any other additional certificates

  • IELTS or any other English language proficiency scores


Apart from this, the eligibility criteria differ for different universities. For admission to the Master of Social Work, you must have an undergraduate degree in social work. The minimum percentage requirement by most universities is 65%or above. Apart from this, some universities also look for paid work experience in the field.


Let’s look at the basic IELTS requirement of the top universities in Canada.

Master of Social Work in Canada Eligibility Criteria

University Name


Western University


University of British Columbia


University of Calgary


McGill University


University of Waterloo


University of Toronto 


Top Universities

Canada is globally accredited for its quality education. There are both public and private universities to study in Canada. These institutes for higher education are known for their top-notch academic curriculum. Some of the best universities in Canada for social work are named below.

  • The University of Waterloo

  • The University of Toronto

  • McGill University 

  • York University

  • The University of Manitoba

  • The University of Calgary 

  • The University of Western Ontario

  • Ryerson University 

  • The University of British Columbia 

  • McMaster University 

  • Western University 

  • Wilfrid Laurier University 

  • The University of Windsor 

  • Dalhousie University 

  • The University of Montreal

Top Courses

While most universities offer Master of Social work courses in Canada with a single specialisation, some offer additional specialisations too. You can choose the social work masters programs in Canada that most fit your needs. Some courses are also offered with a thesis, project or as joint degree programs. Some of the top Master of Social Work courses in Canada for international students are listed here.

Top Master of Social Work Courses in Canada

Course Name


Master of Social Work - Leadership in the Human Services 

University of Calgary 

Master of Social Work - International and Community Development 

University of Calgary 

Master of Social Work in Indigenous Trauma and Resiliency

University of Toronto 

Ontario College Diploma in Social Service (Fast track)

St Lawrence College 

Master of Social Work - Clinical Social Work Practice

University of Calgary 

Master of Social Work - Critical Leadership in Social Services and Communities 

McMaster University 

Master of Social Work Indigenous Specialization

University of Victoria 

Ontario College Graduate Certificate in Management in Community Services

Conestoga College 

Master of Social Work and Juris Doctor (Advanced Standing)

University of Windsor 

Graduate Diploma in Critical Leadership in Social Services and Communities 

McMaster University 

Ontario College Diploma in Social Service Worker (Accelerated)

Seneca College 


The exact fees of the Master of Social Work might vary from one university to another. The below table lists the average annual fees of some top institutions in Canada. 

Fees for Master of Social Work Courses in Canada

University Name 

Average Tuition Fees 

University of Waterloo

CAD 25,000

McGill University 

CAD 16,781

University of British Columbia 

CAD 28,125

University of Toronto

CAD 41,010

Western University

CAD 23,982

University of Calgary

CAD 16,485

Dalhousie University



Various bursaries and scholarships are offered to social work students in Canada. These awards are mostly offered annually. Let us look at some such social work scholarships Canada.


1. Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships: The scholarship offers highly educated students from all across the country and overseas financial aid. Three primary factors, academic excellence, research potential, and leadership, are used to assess prospective students. The programme grants 50,000 CAD over three years as a scholarship.


2. Joan Cummings Memorial Award: Dalhousie University offers this scholarship. The scholarship is particularly offered to students with disabilities, and the amount varies.


3. Lawrence T. Hancock Scholarship: This scholarship is awarded by Dalhousie University. It is offered to students enrolled in the Master of Social Work courses in Canada. The candidates awarded the scholarship must have excellent academic standing, leadership and service qualities.

Jobs and Salaries

Due to the increasing growth in the social work sector in Canada, there is a huge demand for skilled labour in the country. From 2016-2026, the global social work jobs in Canada will increase by 15%, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics. The increased demand for healthcare and social workers drives employment growth in the sector. Some of the highest-paying job roles in Canada are public policy social workers, social science researchers and licensed clinical social workers. 

Jobs and Average Salaries of Master of Social Work 


Average Salary 

Public Policy Social Worker 

CAD 72,186

Social Science Researcher 

CAD 35,520

Addiction Counselor

CAD 46,097

Geriatric social worker

CAD 47,500

Community organiser

CAD 45,495 

Child, family, and school social worker

CAD 54,859

Social worker 

CAD 63,417

Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW)

CAD 70,000 

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