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Australia is emerging as the most sought-after education destination in recent times, thanks to its modern learning approaches, a plethora of study programs, and unparalleled employment prospects. But a major part of studying abroad in Australia is searching for a proper student accommodation which tops our to-plan list. While there are several options for student accommodation in the country, in this blog - we will explore various aspects of living on campus in Australia.


Benefits of Living on-campus in Australia

Now, before stepping into the campus facilities Australian universities provide, let’s see what the perks of living on campus in Australia are:-


Easy Access to Resources-  University accommodation often provides smooth reachability to various facilities such as libraries, independent study spaces, auxiliary services, etc. This close access to resources makes your student life in Australia quite convenient and comfortable, saving a lot of time.


Safe and  Nurturing  Environment-  Living on campus gives you an extra sense of security and comfort. Campuses are equipped with all amenities, from healthcare services, mental health departments, modern security measures, and recreational facilities to support services.  Hence, you get everything in one place in a secure and nourishing setting.


Time and cost-efficiency- You can save time and money by accessing various resources and facilities. A variety of expenses, such as commuting costs, gets negligible. Moreover, with the presence of facilities in close proximity, you can save a lot of time and invest it in things of priority.


Close Integration in Campus Life- Living on campus in Australia will allow you to integrate with university life closely. It fosters a sense of community and increases opportunities for cultural immersion, and creates space to participate extensively in clubs, campus societies and extra-curricular activities. Hence, your campus life in Australia enhances drastically.


Integral Components of Living on Campus in Australia

Universities in Australia will provide a wide range of campus facilities, equipping you with all the necessary resources and amenities to have a smooth and nurturing experience while living on campus in Australia. Let’s look at some of the major facilities provided by Australian Universities:-


Hi-tech security system


Peace and order on campus ensure a secure and positive study environment; most universities in Australia have a well-planned security system that includes security personnel, CCTV Surveillance, access control systems, safety escorts and much more. In addition to that, there are carefully drafted campus safety policies along with regular campus patrolling. Hence you’ll always be in safe hands.


Health Amenities


Universities in Australia provide various healthcare services, including general medical care clinics, pharmacy services, mental health support departments, emergency services and much more. Institutions also regularly organise workshops and seminars to spread awareness and educate on various health topics. Hence, a key component of having a vibrant student life in Australia is maintaining proper health, so don’t forget to keep a check on yourself, as a healthy mind resides in a healthy body!


Auxiliary Services


Living on campus in Australia is like having a mini-hi-tech town around you, with all the possible facilities. Most universities provide a variety of auxiliary services. Have a look at some of the services mentioned below:

  • Student Support Services

  • Library and Research Support

  • IT and Computing Services

  • Food and Dining Facilities

  • Career Development Services

  • Transportation Services

  • Laundry Services


Student Accommodation on Campus  in Australia


Universities in Australia provide different types of accommodation to scholars. These accommodations include living areas, kitchens, washrooms, dining spaces, common halls, etc. Hence you’ll have a comfortable stay over here. Mentioned below are the different types of student accommodation in Australia:

  • Halls of Residence( dormitories)

  • Apartment Style-Living

  • Studio Apartments

  • Family Accommodation

  • Gender-Specific or LGBT+ Inclusive Accommodation


Sports and Recreational Facilities


Universities in Australia strongly emphasise striking a balance between physical fitness and academics. To help students pursue that, they provide excellent infrastructure and spaces such as gymnasiums, sports complexes, dance spaces etc. Moreover, they provide expert coaching, training sessions and encourage scholars to participate in sports competitions based on their interests. Hence, you’ll have a life pumped with sports adrenaline. 



In conclusion, Living on campus as an  International Student in Australia has several benefits. It facilitates community building and cultural immersion, enables simple access to support services, and offers easy access to academic facilities. Living on campus guarantees security and safety, grants access to amenities, and fosters absorption into university life. It provides an all-encompassing and enriching experience that enables students to concentrate on their studies and make enduring friendships and lifelong memories.



Q. How can I submit an application for on-campus housing in Australia as an international student?

A. Generally, to apply for on-campus housing in Australia as an international student, you must go through the university’s housing website, where you will get all the details, deadlines and requirements. However, the procedure can differ from university to university. Hence you need to check the website of your selected university thoroughly.


Q. Are there guidelines for living on-campus in Australia as an international student?

A. Australian Universities generally have well placed-rules and regulations to maintain discipline and a harmonious environment. These guidelines generally encompass checking noise levels, smoking restrictions, and rules for common areas. Therefore, before settling in with your campus accommodation, acquaint yourself with the guidelines provided by the university.


Q. What should I bring if I'm an overseas student living on campus in Australia?

A. When you plan to live on campus in Australia, there are certain essentials you can consider taking with you, such as toiletries, personal items, and suitable clothes, keeping in mind the weather conditions. Also, to avoid any discomfort and hassle at the last moment, you can check a suggested packaging list which is sometimes offered on the university’s website, and if not, then simply surf the internet.

We hope we have provided sufficient information about Living on campus as an  International Student in Australia. If you are still unsure or would like to get deeper insight, we encourage you to have a word with our team of expert counsellors at Meridean Overseas Education Consultants (MOEC). If you cannot travel to our offices, we offer online counselling services via our website. Our dedicated counsellors will provide the best guidance regarding your application to study in Australia. Don’t hesitate to contact us at or call us at 1800-1230-00011.

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