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Every year 384,000+ international students from across the globe come to Australia for their higher education, making it the most sought-after study destination today. Study in Australia is all about experiential learning combined with a modern learning environment. Australian universities are all melting pots with a nurturing environment, a plethora of courses and a community of pioneering professionals. Therefore, with its world-class universities, rich cultural heritage and cutting-edge technology, Australia is a truly unforgettable study location where academic brilliance and personal development go hand in hand.

What is Australian Qualification Framework

AQF is a national policy that was established in 1995 to set the standards for all qualifications in Australia, from certificates to doctorates. It combines the credentials from every area of education and training—including higher education, vocational training, and schools—into a single, all-encompassing national qualifications framework. The policy also regulates the quality of education and training in Australia and monitors the system on a regular basis. As a result of the AQF, the Australian education system gained more credibility at a national level. Furthermore, scholars profit tremendously under this strategy as they gain improved mobility and more possibilities, equipping them with the tools to make better and more educated career decisions.

Unique Features of the Australian Education System

Diversity in Classrooms


"Every person you meet has a lesson to teach, a story to tell, and a dream to share"- Robin.S Sharma.   strive to live by this message and instil a multicultural atmosphere for scholars coming from different walks of life. Furthermore, students from distinct backgrounds are enrolled in classrooms to maintain the beauty of unity in diversity. Consequently, students get exposure to a plethora of perspectives which helps them to grow holistically.


Student Centric


Education is not merely about memorising information; it is a pathway towards reforming and re-building your perspectives to become a better version of yourself. Study in Australia strongly emphasises constructive feedback, openness to adaptability in teaching methodology, and a skill-based grading system. Therefore, students have an environment conducive to learning and evolving every day.


Active Learning


Courses in Australia are designed to inculcate an approach of problem-based learning aided by practical case studies to give practical understanding to students. Moreover, professors chalk out classroom plans to integrate the participation of scholars. Interestingly, assignments are graded based on individualistic expressions where students are motivated to present their opinion and defend and refute it. Hence, a nurturing relationship between professors and scholars is established, facilitating experiential learning.


Advanced resources


Australia’s education has significantly advanced with the digitalisation of its educational framework. From efficient learning management systems and interactive online textbooks to dashboards for assignment submission and grade tracking, learning is increasingly condensed and easy to access. Moreover, students get timely feedback, helpful demonstrations, and doubt-clearing sessions. Thus, your laptop becomes your education buddy and learning literally happens with a single click.


Individualistic grooming


Education is not about cramming facts; instead, it's a platform to streamline your skillset and groom them further. Universities in Australia place a strong emphasis on critical thinking, and they urge their students to take the initiative and develop their leadership skills. Additionally,  students are given guidance to enhance their communication skills, improve their resumes, and be industry-ready. Therefore, you're shaped into a strong individual ready to be the captain of your own life.


Find your calling


Student life is all about experimenting, rediscovering oneself, and finding your passion. The education system in Australia reinforces these key values and promotes a multidisciplinary curriculum where students can explore their interests and experience various subjects. Therefore, universities in Australia give students customizable study options to navigate their area of interest and understand their calling.

How is the Australian education system better than other countries

Best universities in Australia are known for their top-notch education, practical curriculum, and student-centric teaching methodology. Let's have a look at some pointers which makes Australia one of the most distinguished study destination:


Scholarships in Australia


Australia provides generous scholarships, grants and bursaries, which the Australian Government, educational institutions and various private and public organizations mostly sponsor. The scholarships majorly entail educational subsidies, living allowances, and health cover to complete tuition fee waive off. Moreover, the country also provides endeavour Scholarships and Fellowships with a prime emphasis on research and professional growth. Below mentioned are some of the most sought-after government scholarships in Australia:

  • The Australia Awards       

  • The Destination Australia program

  • Australian Government Research Training Program


Diverse study pathways


Australian universities offer a variety of courses to study, wherein a student can customise their desired courses and tailor them to their needs. Moreover, education pathways like VET( Vocational Education Training) are available, which helps them gain hands-on industrial skills and provides a smooth gateway into the global job market. Flexible learning options are also available in some universities, such as distance-led online learning, where students can study at their own pace.


Job opportunities in Australia


Universities in Australia allow students to work from the commencement of the course, giving them ample time to gain industrial exposure. While enrolled in classes, students are allowed to work up to 48 hours per fortnight and are given an unlimited amount of hours during breaks. Moreover, Australia's flourishing economy, handsome salaries, and dynamic work policies provide innumerable employment prospects to aspirants. Australia also offer commendable post study work rights for international students to get full time job experience in multicultural society.


Research opportunities


Australia has always been at the forefront of groundbreaking research, contributing to the discovery of WiFi and major developments in studying penicillin and IVF. The country offers innumerable research opportunities to students. Some of the top courses in Australia are offered in the research domain, which world-class pioneering professors take. Therefore, Australia provides the perfect work ground for research to scholars.

To sum up, Australia is an ideal study destination for students seeking a dynamic study environment with a flexible educational framework. The country has everything from individualistic growth and academic excellence to diverse employment prospects.


Q: Is obtaining an Australian student visa easy?

A: Compared to other countries, obtaining a student visa in Australia is quite simplified and streamlined. Moreover, the entire process is digitalised, which is a hassle-free experience for students. Generally, it takes up to two to three months for a visa to process. Even though the process is smooth, students should be alert and updated regarding visa requirements to avoid errors.


Q: How is Australia's educational system?

A: The education framework in Australia is centred on a practical teaching methodology coupled with active classroom learning. Moreover, students have access to resources to assist them, along with proper assistance from professors. Hence, a scholar grows holistically and becomes industry-ready.


Q: What is the band requirement for Australia?

A: Standardised examinations like the IELTS (minimum score of 6.5), TOEFL (minimum score of 79), or PTE (minimum score of 58) are typically used to demonstrate English competence.


Q: What is the cost of living in Australia?

A: Numerous factors, including lifestyle, housing preference, location, etc., impact the cost of living in Australia. Students should budget as per DHA 21041 AUD per year for any location in Australia. Student can manage their living between 18,000 and 20,000 AUD annually for living expenditures, including other overhead charges.


We hope this blog covered all the key aspects of the Australian education system and nudged you to plan your academic journey in kangaroo-land. If you plan to study in Australia, look no further than  Meridian Overseas Education Consultants (MOEC) for quality guidance. Our team of knowledgeable counsellors is always ready to help you select the appropriate program through the application process and help you secure a spot at one of Australia's top universities. Moreover, you can avail our free online counselling service through our website. Our dedicated counsellors will ensure you have a hassle-free experience with the best guidance and support. Contact us at application02@meridean.org or call us at 1800-1230-00011. 

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