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Italy boasts an unparalleled and exceptional education across diverse fields of study. Many international students like you must have dreamt about embarking on an extraordinary academic odyssey. Yet, studying in Italy can be an incredibly costly endeavour which you can cover with hundreds of scholarships available over there.


No Worries! You will be thrilled to know a plethora of scholarships unlocks a world of financial relief, drastically slashing the costs of your educational journey. There are distinct forms of scholarships available.


From the number of awards to the type of expenses they bear for international students, these scholarships still vary from each other. The blog below will tell you about the significance and types of Italy Scholarships for International Students. Let’s get started!


Why Should You Apply For Scholarships?

Firstly, Scholarships in Italy play a pertinent role in helping all kinds of students afford education and pursue their academic dreams. Now, let us explore the reasons behind the role and importance of scholarships for studying in Italy for students from other countries:


Financial Assistance

The most vital ingredient of Scholarships in Italy is financial help when you have trouble paying for university in a foreign country. They can pay for things like classes, where you live, and other stuff you need for studying in Italy.


Fair Chance

The next most important ingredient of Scholarships in Italy is ensuring that students from different backgrounds have the same chances to go to world-class universities. They're given to students who do well in their higher secondary education or have little finances.


Encouragement to Do Well

Another beneficial ingredient of Scholarships in Italy is saying, "Good job!" to students doing great in their higher studies. When you know you can get scholarships, you tend to work hard and do even better in your higher education.


Meeting New People

The next reason behind applying for the best scholarships in Italy is that it helps you meet other professionals, make new friends and expand your social network. Such networks can also help you get jobs or do research work, making you more likely to find good jobs when you finish studying in Italy.


Learning About Different Cultures

Lastly, getting a scholarship to study in another country helps you learn about how people live differently around the world. So, getting Scholarships in Italy is indirectly helpful in understanding more about different cultures and ways of life.


As a whole, Scholarships in Italy are like special gifts that aid you with finances, fairness, doing well in university, making friends, and learning about an unexplored land.


What Are The Types of Scholarships?

Heading on to our next topic! There are different types of scholarships in Italy for international students. These Italy Scholarships for International Students can support your educational expenses. Let's catch a quick glimpse at them:


  • Government Scholarships: These are scholarships given by the Italian government, and you can apply for this scholarship if you have secured good grades and need financial help. These scholarships can cover your monthly tuition fees and other monthly financial assistance, like living expenditures. Also, you will get health and medical insurance too. Two prominent government scholarships available to international students in Italy are:

    • Italian Government Scholarship for Foreign Students

    • ENI Scholarship


  • University Scholarships: Several Universities in Italy also offer scholarships. These are for students who do really well in their higher studies. These scholarships can help with tuition fees and living costs. So, the below list includes some of the Italy scholarships for international students are:

    • Bocconi Merit and International Awards

    • University of Bologna Study Grants

    • Padua International Excellence Scholarship Program

    • Scuola Normale Superiore University

    • Bocconi University

    • University of Torino

    • University of Cattolica


  • Private Scholarships: Such scholarships are given by private organisations or people. They can be based on good grades, financial needs, or personal achievements. Some private scholarships available for you are:

    • Intesa Sanpaolo Scholarship

    • Edison Scholarship

    • Enel Scholarship


  • Region-based Scholarships: These scholarships are for students from specific places. Regional governments, universities, or private groups support them, and some of these scholarships are:

    • Calabria Region Scholarship

    • Campania Scholarship

    • Lombardy Region Scholarship


  • Field-based Scholarships: These scholarships are for those who want to study in a specific field. They can be for bachelor's, master's, or PhD programs. Various universities or groups can give these scholarships. Below are some of its instances:

    • Leonardo da Vinci Scholarship for Art and Design

    • Galileo Galilei Scholarship for Science and Technology

    • Marconi Scholarship for Communication and Journalism

    • Italian Association of Chemical Engineering (AIDIC) Scholarships


So, there are numerous Italy scholarships for international students to aid in pursuing their higher education and making their dreams come true!  


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What are Some of the Italy Scholarships for International Students?

Now that you know the scholarship types let us dig into some Italy scholarships for international students.


Italian Government Scholarship for Foreign Students

It’s a special program for students from other countries, given by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation. The goal is to encourage students from around the world to learn and share knowledge from the Italian education system. Through this scholarship, the government wants to promote Italy's language, culture and also work together on science and technology with talents from across the globe.

Important Dates: You must apply for the Italian Government Scholarship in June every year.

Who Can Apply: If you want to do a Master's or a PhD in Italy, you can apply for this scholarship. It's for students from other countries or Italians living outside Italy.

What You Get: If you are an international student applying for this scholarship, the scholarship will cover your total tuition fees, health insurance, and a 900 EUR monthly stipend every quarter.

Age Limits: If you want to do a Master's, you shouldn't be older than 28. For PhD programs, you should be 30 or younger than 30 at the time of applying. However, if you want to research with a teacher's help, you should be below 40.

Language Skills: You must comprehend distinct levels of Italian and English, depending on the course you want to take. If you want to study Italian courses, you should be good at the B2 level of CEFR in Italian. Yet, if your course is in English, you should be good till the B2 level in English. Aside from this, if you are taking courses about the Italian language and culture, you must acquire the A2 level in Italian (CEFR).

Overall, this scholarship will help you study in Italy by means of financial support and assistance on other levels.


Bocconi Merit and International Awards

The Bocconi Merit and International Awards is an exceptional opportunity for those who want to study at Bocconi University. This scholarship will help you in case you are wondering about applying for Bachelor's or Master's degree at this university.

Important Dates: You have until April or May to apply to at Bocconi Merit and International Awards.

Who Can Apply: If you're just initiating your first year at the university, you can apply for this scholarship.

What You Get: This scholarship can significantly help you with your educational expenses. You could get a discount of 50% on your tuition fees, or it might cover your entire tuition fee. This is worth around 12,000 EUR to 14,000 EUR annually.

Hence, if you're pursuing a degree at Bocconi University and are in your first year of a Bachelor's or Master's program, this scholarship can help you with your educational fees. It's a great way to make studying in Italy journey more affordable!


Padua International Excellence Scholarship Program

The Padua International Excellence Scholarship Program is a unique opportunity for students. So, if you want to go for a Bachelor's or a Master's degree, you can apply for this scholarship at this university. But you must be quick because the deadline is February or March.

Who Can Apply: If you're not from Italy and finished high school in another country or already have a degree from a university outside of Italy, you can apply. Also, you should be able to understand and use English.

What You Get: You will not have to bear the course fees if selected. Plus, they will give you some extra money, around 8000 EUR, to help you while you study.

However, Padua International Excellence Scholarship Program enables you to afford your education and gives you monetary help to live comfortably while you study in Italy. Just remember to apply before the deadline passes!


The University of Bologna Study Grants

The University of Bologna gives out grants to students who want to study in Italy. These grants help with the cost of education. Here's what you need to know:

Important Dates: You can apply until the middle of July for this scholarship program.

Who Can Apply: If you want a Bachelor's or a Master's degree at the University of Bologna, you can apply for the scholarship.

What You Get: If you're going for your first degree, they offer three grants, each around 11,059 EUR. This money helps cover your tuition fees, like the cost of attending classes. The total value of this grant is about 20,000 EUR.

For Master's degree programs, they have 15 grants, and each is also around 11,059 EUR. On top of that, if you're doing a second-level Master's, they might even pay your whole tuition, which can be up to 80,000 EUR.

Who Can Get It: You can apply if you finish high school or university in another country. Also, you should be younger than 30 years old.

So, The University of Bologna Study Grants help with finances for continuing your studies over here, and they are for people who did well in school and want to continue learning.


Politecnico di Milano Merit-Based Scholarships

If you're thinking about studying in Italy at Politecnico di Milano, you will be delighted to hear about this scholarship. They offer special scholarships for students who want to do a Master's degree over here. Let us break it down for you in simple words:

What's the Deal: Politecnico di Milano has scholarships to help you with your education fees. These scholarships are for students who want to do a Master's program, which is like a more advanced study level after your Bachelor's degree.

When to Apply: You need to apply by either May or July. So, mark those months on your calendar!

Who Can Apply: It's open for students from other countries, too, not just Italians. You are eligible to study in Italy from a different country.

What You Get: If you're good at your studies, you can get a scholarship covering your tuition fees. There are different levels of scholarships called "Gold" and "Platinum." Gold gives you some extra money every year, about €5,000. Platinum is even better, giving you €10,000 yearly to help with your expenses.

Who They're Looking For: They want students who have done well in their previous studies. So, if you have good grades and scores, that's a plus. Also, they want you to write a letter explaining why you like this scholarship and a letter from someone who can recommend you.

Thus, if you're planning to do a Master's degree at Politecnico di Milano and you're a top-notch student, these scholarships could be a perfect match for you. Don't miss the deadlines, and make sure your application shines with your achievements and passion for studying in Italy!


Italian Cultures Institutes Scholarship

You can apply for these special scholarships if you plan to study at Italian Cultural Institutes. They're like presents that help people who want to learn about the Italian language and culture or study at different levels like Bachelor's, Master's, or PhD programs.

When to Apply: The deadline to apply for this scholarship changes every time, so you must be aware of the dates and keep checking for the same.

Who Can Apply: If you want to study Italian language and culture or do a Bachelor's, Master's, or PhD in Italy, you can apply over here.

What You Get: These scholarships can help pay for your university degrees, housing expenses, and funds for your daily life.

Who Can Get Them: The rules to get these scholarships change because there are many of them. It depends on which particular scholarship you're interested in.

Therefore, these scholarships from the Italian Cultural Institute help you learn about Italy's language and culture and support you with finances for studying and living there. However, just remember to check the dates and the rules for each scholarship you're interested in!



Q. Does Italy give full scholarships to international students?

A. Yes, Italy offers full scholarships to international students. Many universities, organisations, and the Italian government provide scholarships that cover tuition fees, living expenses, and even additional stipends to support students' education in Italy.


Q. Can I get a 100% scholarship in Italy?

A. Yes, some Italy Scholarships for International Students in Italy can cover 100% of your tuition fees and living expenses. These scholarships are typically competitive and are awarded based on academic excellence, financial need, and specific scholarship criteria.


Q. Is it easy to get scholarships in Italy?

A. The ease of obtaining Italy Scholarships for International Students varies depending on factors like the type of scholarship, the institution, and the competition. While numerous scholarships are available, securing them might require meeting specific criteria and demonstrating your suitability for the scholarship.


Q. Is IELTS required for Italy?

A. In many cases, IELTS (International English Language Testing System) is accepted as proof of English language proficiency for university admissions in Italy. However, different universities and programs might have their own language requirements, so you must check with the specific institution you're applying to.


Q. How much bank balance is required for an Italy student visa?

A. To meet the financial requirements for an Italy student visa, you must show approximately 448,07 EUR per month for the academic year, which is around 5824,91 EUR for the whole year. Additionally, you should maintain a minimum balance of 3,000 EUR for at least six months. This financial proof ensures you have the necessary funds to cover your expenses while studying in Italy. Always keep in mind that these amounts might change, so it's wise to verify the most recent requirements with the Italian consulate or embassy.


Q. How to apply for Italian scholarships?

A. To apply for Italy Scholarships for International Students, follow these general steps:

  • Research and identify scholarships that match your eligibility and field of study.

  • Gather required documents such as transcripts, letters of recommendation, and specific application forms.

  • Prepare a compelling scholarship application highlighting your achievements, goals, and why you deserve the scholarship.

  • Submit your application by the specified deadline.

  • Keep track of communication from the scholarship provider and follow any additional instructions or interviews.






In conclusion, Italy offers a treasure trove of scholarships for international students, turning the dream of studying in this remarkable country into a tangible reality. These scholarships, from government-funded to university-based options, offer financial support, fair opportunities, encouragement, and cross-cultural experiences to international students.


By embracing these opportunities, you can embark on a transformative educational journey in the beautiful landscapes of Italy. If you would like to get a deeper insight into Italy Scholarships for International Students, we encourage you to speak with our expert counsellors at Meridean Overseas Education Consultants (MOEC). Our counsellors will provide you with guidance throughout your study in Italy journey.


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