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11 September 2021



These are the documents required for Italy Student / Long term Study Visa

  • Covering Letter

  • Visa application form (Consulate Wise i.e. Delhi/ Mumbai/ Kolkata)

  • Offer letter / Acceptance Letter provided by the university.

  • Two colour photographs (3.3 cm Height and 3.5 cm Width) of the applicant with white background (80% face visibility).

  • Highest Degree or Diploma duly signed and stamped by the institution and certified by the Indian Ministry of External Affairs (Apostils certificate).

  • Declaration of the Value form of the applicant if required by the university in Italy

  • Passport Original + 2 Photostat

  • Documents declaring/indicating that students possess sufficient means of subsistence (funds) like 12 Lakhs for those who are going for masters and 16 -18 Lakhs for those who are going for Bachelors.

  • Sponsor’s Certificate (An affidavit of Sponsor’s Letter on 100rs Stamp paper and duly notarized it.)

  • 6 months old Bank account statement with 3 assessment year ITR of the applicant’s sponsor duly signed and stamped by an authorized person of the bank. 

  • Funds should be minimum of 1 month old.

  • Prearranged accommodation for 1 Month. Proof of accommodation has to be presented even if it is arranged by the institution.

  • Confirmed Airplane ticket booking.

  • Travel Medical Insurance of minimum 30,000 Euros at least for one month.

Visa Procedure

The student needs to book an appointment in the consulate to come under to his/her residence. Students need to visit the VFS centre on the booking date and time to submit the Visa file. The student must carry all documents as mentioned above in the predefined sequence. The student will have to undergo a brief and quick security check before a token is issued by the centre. For submission of student Visa, application Student will be called at the submission counters according to their token number. Staff will ask for the documents and check the completeness of the application and also capture the applicant’s information in the system.

Funds to the tune of 5700 – 6000 Euro per academic year will need to be shown in the bank account of the sponsor or Candidate (Preferable). Students need to pay at VFS is around rs 10000 including the Visa fees. 

An acknowledgement receipt will be provided to the candidate for submission of the VISA application and payment of Visa fees.
Students are being called to the Embassy (Or can be in Online mode) for an interview after which the Visa will be granted within 20 to 25 days.

Declaration Of Value

The Declaration of Value (Dichiarazione di Valore in Italian) is an official document that outlines a specific academic accreditation that has been issued to a certain person by an educational institution in their own country. The DOV usually includes the information given below: 

  • Legal status and nature of the awarding institution; 

  • Requirements needed for admission to the programme ending in the qualification concerned; length of the programme and/or workload in hours/credits; the validity of the qualification in the awarding country to academic ends. 

It is stamped and signed by Italian authorities in the home country or region where the student got their degree.

Students must submit the application form together with the following documents to obtain a DOV from the Embassy of Italy in Various Consulates:

  1. Authenticated (HRD) and Apostilled highest degree - in original

  2. Italian translation of the Apostilled highest degree.

  3. Photocopy of the originals (highest degree/mark sheet - both front and back) 

  4. Offer / Acceptance letter provided from the University.

  5. Passport Photocopy (first and last page)

The State Regional Authentication Centre (Department of Education, HRD) of the State where the degree was earned must authenticate the highest degree certificate. Following HRD, the Apostille should be sought from India's Ministry of External Affairs.

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