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Updated On 20 October 2022


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Are you also planning to study in UK. The UK is the top second choice for students to study abroad after the USA. Thousands of students immigrate to the country to study abroad at the top universities in UK. The top universities in UK offer a variety of programmes to international students. But there are some common do's and don'ts to keep in mind before going to study abroad. Let's take a look at them.

Do's for International Students

Get Registered for GP and NI

Getting registered for a GP and NINO (National Insurance number) is a must for a comfortable period of study in UK. These are free to attain while you are Staying in the UK as a Student. Enrolling with a General Practitioner (GP) is a simple and speedy process.

Enrolling in a General Practitioner (GP) programme is essential if you need to consult a specialist for your illness. Your doctor's records contain details about your medications, allergies, immunisations, past conditions, test results, summaries of hospitalisations, appointment letters, and referral letters.

A National Insurance (NI) number signifies employment in the UK under the law. To ensure your taxes and National Insurance contributions are tracked against you, you need a National Insurance number. It consists of a mix of letters and numbers. This will make your abroad study tenure manageable.

Get a Bank Account

Open at least one account. Your ability to handle money daily depends on your bank account. It is advisable to open two bank accounts because various banks provide services, such as credit cards and overdrafts, to meet your demands better. Additionally, you can exchange one of your bank accounts and later receive cash bonuses by transferring to a different bank.

Find a Part-Time Job

It is crucial to find a part-time job to manage daily expenses on your own. There are many versatile ways to earn money in your leisure time. You will benefit from part-time employment in both the financial and professional senses. Various part-time jobs will help you enhance your language abilities, cultural understanding, and employability. Part-time work is a significant component of learning. Many students who study in UK pay off their daily expenses just by doing part-time. It gives you exposure to the corporate world. You'll also notice your social skills improving after working part-time jobs.

Plan Funding and Look for Scholarships

Going to study in UK is expensive. To manage the funds, it is always best to plan the funding and look for the scholarships provided by your institute or some external source. The funding available depends on where you are moving to study in UK.

You will need to provide evidence that you can cover the study cost and your living expenses while applying for the visa.

Funding your abroad study plans will help lessen the burden on your parents. It will help you become financially independent too.

Research Courses to Study in UK

International students have access to a wide variety of high-quality courses at top universities in UK. Make course selections based on your academic and professional objectives. Additionally, see if you meet the prerequisites and eligibility requirements for the course you want to take. You can choose your course of study with the help of numerous variables, including research facilities, potential work possibilities, and top universities in UK.

Study abroad consultants can help you select the university best suited for you. These study abroad consultants are experts on the topic and will be able to solve your queries much better.

Don'ts for International Students

Don't Overwork Yourself

While doing part-time jobs is a good thing with many positives, overworking your body is not healthy or advisable. Don't work more than the hours you're permitted to, as it can cause a breach of visa rules. This might cause you problems and get you deported from the country. You can work full-time during the vacation after getting a letter from your institution.

Don't Quit your Studies Midway

The international environment might get overwhelming, but don't quit your studies for this reason. Think of the long-term plan, and never forget your original goal or motive. Leaving midway will not provide you with a degree. When changing courses or switching institutions, it's better to contact study abroad consultants.

Don't Travel Internationally During Term-Time

Attending regular classes is a visa requirement to complete a full-time course. Even at the time of no classes, you're supposed to study. If you travel internationally, your entry might get denied on your way back home.

Don't Take Expensive Accommodation

Don't opt for pricey accommodation during your study abroad period. Accommodation consists of your living cost abroad, so try to find cheaper options like paying guests or dorm rooms or going for student residence at the university. This will help you cut down your expenses while studying at the top universities in Uk.

Don't Expect the Same Comfort as that of your Home

The top universities in UK have all the necessary means to enjoy your stay there. However, there's no other comfort like that of home. Your experiences might be different from what you are used to. It might sometimes feel like you are missing the comfort of your home. But don't get scared or start panicking. Adjust yourself according to your surroundings and make the most of it. Make new friends, meet local people, go sightseeing, whatever makes you feel at home. Once you get comfortable with this bustling life, the UK will start feeling like home.

If you also have such abroad study plans, you may contact our expert counsellors at any branch of Meridean Overseas Education Consultancy (MOEC). Our expert counsellors will provide you with all the guidance and support you need to study in the country of your choice. For more information or any queries, you can mail us at or call us at our toll-free no. 1800-1230-00011.

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