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Updated On 04 November 2021


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German Permanent Residence Permit is also known as Settlement Permit. If you’re working or studying in Germany, then you may also be of the mindset to obtain a permanent residence permit in Germany. In order to get a German Permanent Residence Permit or Settlement Permit, you just need to fulfill a set of requirements.

Settlement Permit will be issued to you if you have stayed or worked in Germany for a particular duration of time. This duration of time is mostly four years. Additionally, there are certain types of visas that can help you in obtaining permanent residence even quicker!

After How Long Can an International Student Apply for PR in Germany?

For how much time you need to stay in Germany in order to get your Settlement permit depends on your present residential status. 

You can hold a German Permanent Residence Permit, in case- 

  • After a duration of 4 years, if you are a skilled worker or a researcher.

  • After the period of 3 years, provided you’re self-employed or a family member whose nationality is German.

  • After the gap of 33 months, if you already have a BlueCard of EU. In case, you have an excellent command of the German Language, you can easily gain the PR after 21 months of your stay in Germany!

  • After 2 years, in the situation, if you’re working while holding a German University Degree or done with Vocational training.

  • After the time duration of 5 years, if you left your home country or are a freelancer by profession. This period can less be decreased by two years if you have a firm grip on the German language and are stable enough to earn your own living.

Requirements to Obtain a German Permanent Residence

When it comes to the point that what are the necessary requirements along with the time of residency, the below-mentioned requirements can clear this doubt:

  • You should be financially sound enough for the survival of your and your family without any sort of public funds.

  • You should have an adequate living space that is sufficient enough for you and your family.

  • You need to pay contributions to the statutory pension insurance fund during the time of your stay or working period in Germany.

  • During your stay in Germany, you should have worked in a position that is equivalent to your academics.

  • You should have a good command of the German language for your day-to-day life.

  • You need to clear a test known as “Life in Germany” in order to prove that you have a sound knowledge about the well about of Germany and its culture.

Advantages of Settlement Permit

Once you hold a permanent residence permit in Germany, there are many such beneficiaries that you weren’t aware of as a temporary residence. Some of them are as under- 

  1. You don’t need to apply for the renewal of the residence permit once it’s about to expire.

  2. You can easily change jobs which are providing more hikes and good job opportunities for your profile enhancement, also you can have your own start-up!

  3. You can also grab the German social security benefits.

  4. You can also apply for a scholarship or financial aid if you have the plan to do your further studies too.

  5. You will also be accessible for getting a bank loan if you wish to buy real estate.

  6. Also, you can apply for German Citizenship after the time duration of eight years after gaining permanent residence in Germany.

Process of Applying for Settlement Permit in Germany

After knowing about the requirement and benefits of gaining a permanent residence in Germany, the next question arises of how to apply for it in order to obtain the settlement permit. The process of the same is mentioned below- 

  • Visit the Immigration office to make an appointment and this should be the same place where you initially got the residence permit.

  • Fill up the application form which will be provided to you by the concerned person.

  • Collect the required documents.

  • After filling the form and collecting your documents, now move to the Immigration Officer with your application form and documents. At the time of appointment, you need to face an interview. In case you’re applying as the spouse for the German National, your spouse also should be there with you at the time of the interview.

  • At last, you need to pay the application fee.

After the submission of your documents and application form, it will take around 3 to 4 weeks for the Immigration Officer to come to the final decision.

Required Documents

  1. Passport

  2. Application form is completed and duly signed by the applicant.

  3. Current passport size photograph.

  4. German health insurance.

  5. Evidence of social security contributions.

  6. Financial statements.

  7. Recognized certificate as evidence of knowledge about the German Language.

  8. In case you’re employed, you also need to carry the Contract of Employment with salary slips, certificate of employment

  9. If you are self-employed, bring your complete audit report and the latest tax assessment.

  10. A lease from your landlord or a certificate of registration of address as proof of your main residence in Germany.

  11. Germany University Degree or Vocational Certificate

  12. If married to a German citizen carry your marriage certificate as well.


The cost of your German Permanent Residence permit depends on the kind of permit you hold.

When it comes to the point of working in the EU with the Settlement Permit, it’s a NO. You can’t work in other European countries if you hold a Permanent Residence Permit of Germany.

If you have a German study visa, you cannot apply for a Permanent Residence permit as the residency time of your duration of stay will not be counted.

After obtaining a Settlement Permit of Germany, if you leave the country for more than a period of 6 months, you may lose the permit. You can avail of German Citizenship after 8 years of your stay.

If you provide false information, get a long-term residence in another EU country, provide a threat to public security, then in those circumstances, your Settlement Permit will be revoked.

You can travel to all the countries, even the non- European countries, once you possess a Settlement Permit.


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