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Updated On 14 October 2022


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Scholarships are one of the major factors that attract international students to study in the USA. It is a tremendous advantage for academically talented students wishing to study in top-ranked universities with lower tuition fees. Winning a scholarship allows international students to select the university and programme according to their interests without worrying about the budget and tuition fees. It also reduces the risk of dropping out.

Tips to get Scholarships in the US

The US is the dream study-abroad destination for international students. Some students can achieve this dream quickly, while some may find it difficult due to financial strain. Most students apply for scholarships and try to achieve them. Here are some tips to follow before applying for a scholarship.

  • The students who wish to apply for the scholarship should check the university's official website. The students must ensure that the scholarship shown on the university's website is available for their course and intake. Don’t forget to read about the scholarships in detail.

  • It is imperative to prepare well in advance for the scholarships. Ensure that all your documents required are ready to apply for the scholarship.

  • Some of the scholarships include an interview of an applicant. Some basic answers that the students have to give at the time of interviews are their goals and motivations and how the scholarship fits in with that university and course.

  • If the student appears for an interview, they must present themselves formally. Make sure that you have to dress appropriately and prepare yourself to give the best answers to all the possible questions.

  • The students applying for merit-based scholarships must work hard to get good grades.

  • Some of the scholarships also take extracurricular activities and various other talents of the student into consideration. To achieve those scholarships, the students have to stand out from the other applicants by demonstrating their abilities and various skills. The students must collect certificates and awards as much as possible to increase their chances of getting scholarships. 

  • One of the most essential skills that students should work on to get a scholarship are leadership skills and teamwork. Various scholarships hugely value leadership skills and teamwork. To demonstrate this skill, the students can volunteer for multiple events or lead projects in their schools or colleges.

  • One of the significant factors on which the scholarships depends is your LOR (Letter of Recommendation). Before applying for a scholarship, the students must get 2 LOR prepared from their mentors. The LOR reflects your overall personality and thus plays a critical role in achieving the scholarship.

  • The students must ensure they prepare the best cover letter for the scholarships. The cover letter should be formatted correctly, clearly, and concisely. Focus on your primary skills and include all the necessary information in the cover letter.

  • Keep the application deadline in your mind and apply timely according to it.

Top Scholarships to Study in USA for International Students

International students have access to a wide range of scholarships in the USA at undergraduate, postgraduate, and PhD levels. There are different types of scholarships; some are based on financial needs, while others look for academic excellence. At the same time, some will take both into account or only be awarded to exceptional students. Some of the Fare mentioned below:


Government Funded Scholarships

Foreign Fulbright Student Program

It is a government-funded scholarship for international students from 150 countries seeking a degree at a US educational institution. The scholarship aims to help talented and skilled students at all academic levels. It is administered by the international Fulbright Commissions/ Foundations or US embassies. The scholarship covers almost all expenses, including tuition, living, and travel expenses. The eligibility and process to apply for this scholarship vary from country to country.


Humphrey Fellowship Program

It is another government-funded scholarship for international students enrolling in non-degree programmes in the US. It is provided to young students and mid-career professionals. This scholarship aims to offer to students who lack language skills but are excellent in their field. This scholarship covers tuition fees, living expenses, and travel expenses. It also covers professional expenses like field visits and projects, etc. 


University-based Scholarships

Presidential Merit Scholarship at Texas Tech University

Texas Tech University provides this scholarship for international students applying for undergraduate programmes. In this scholarship, the students get at least $1,000 per academic year, and also they get to pay tuition at the resident rate.


Distinguished Scholar Awards

The University of New Heaven offers this award for international students applying for full-time undergraduate programmes at the university. The students having excellent academic grades in high school are awarded. The amount in this scholarship ranges from $15,000 - $20,000. It is renewable for up to ten semesters and applied only to the tuition fee.


Laurette Kirstein Scholarship

The scholarship is available for international students applying for undergraduate, graduate, or professional programs of any discipline at the University of Illinois Chicago. The scholarship covers the tuition fee, book expenses, and living expenses.


AnBryce Scholarships

New York University provides this scholarship for international students applying for JD at the University. This scholarship is awarded to academically talented students who demonstrate financial need and are the first generation in their families to attend college. The scholarship covers the tuition fee and is renewable over four years of undergraduate study at NYU.


Dean's Scholarships

This scholarship is available for all international students applying for a full-time Masters' degree programme at the University of Southern California (Viterbi School of Engineering on the USC campus). The amount awarded in this scholarship is between $5000 to $20,000.


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