How to Get Job in USA for Indians in 2024: Easy Job Search Hurdles!

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The United States has long been a land of opportunity, attracting people from across the globe to work in various MNCs. Countless Indians look forward to working in the USA as the country promises immense professional growth and a better lifestyle. If you are also one of those who is looking to get a job in USA, then some questions must keep popping into your mind -


How to get job in USA in 2024? What hurdles must you overcome to make your American dream a reality?


In this regard, this comprehensive guide will help you navigate the details of the job search process, application process, highest-paying jobs, part-time work, requirements, qualifications, and US work visas for Indians by answering the questions mentioned above.


How to Get Job in USA for Indian?

Securing a job in USA for Indians involves a series of essential steps, which are -


How to Get Job in USA for Indians in 2024: Easy Job Search Hurdles!


  • Define Your Goals- Identify your goals and what you wish to achieve by working in the USA. This clarity will guide your job search.

  • Prepare a Strong Resume- Your resume is your first impression of potential employers. Tailor it to the American job market, highlighting your skills, experience, and achievements.

  • Online Job Portals- Explore job opportunities using popular job search platforms like LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor, and Monster.

  • Network Actively- Build your professional network by connecting with industry peers, attending conferences, and joining online forums related to your field.

  • Research Companies- Research prospective employers, their work culture, and job openings. Customise your applications to fit each company's values.


How to Find a Work in USA?

The fundamental goal of your work abroad plan is to acquire the necessary qualifications. Finding a career that matches your qualifications and meets your objectives is essential. Several strategies can help you find and secure an excellent job in USA. In this context, some of the aids are listed below.


Recruiting Agencies

Finding a job can be exhausting, but you can use online job portals to find a good one. Various websites can help you connect with potential employers and allow you to set filters and determine based on your preferences.


Some of these renowned websites are:

Job Platform

Focus Area


Aggregates job postings from various sources


Connects professionals and allows them to search for jobs and network


Provides job listings, company reviews, and salary information


Offers a wide range of job listings and resources


Allows users to search for jobs, upload resumes, and receive job alerts


Aggregates job postings from various websites


Specialises in technology and engineering job listings


Official job portal for the U.S. federal government


Focuses on nonprofit and social impact job opportunities


Aggregates job listings from numerous sources

Some websites specialised in various career sectors are listed below.

Job Sector


Hospitality Jobs, Hospitality Online, LinkUp

Sales Job,, Sales Gravy

Tech Job

Dice, Stack Overflow, GitHub

Design Job

Behance, Dribble, Carbonmade, Coroflot

Official Websites

If you plan to apply to a specific company, you can easily do so through its official website. Most companies post their job calls on their official websites. Moreover, it helps you apply through a reliable source, increasing your chances of getting an interview.



Newspapers are one of the easiest ways to get a job in the USA. You can find almost every company’s job posting in the newspaper, and the information is easily accessible and accurate.



Networking is a crucial step when looking for work in the USA. Maintaining a professional network can help you obtain regular and up-to-date information about job openings. You can rely on your friends, relatives, or colleagues to inform you of any job openings. Thus, focus on maintaining a robust and reliable network to receive up-to-date information.


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How to Get a Job in USA for Indians: Best Job Recruiting Agencies

Job recruiting agencies are the medium between a candidate and the hiring company. These agencies are helpful for candidates looking for a job in USA for Indians. If you are planning to use a job recruitment agency, there are some things to remember. 

  • First, it’s crucial to research and choose a reliable agency that specialises in your industry or field of interest. It ensures the agency has the necessary connections and expertise to find suitable job prospects for you.

  • Once you have decided on the agency, provide them with correct and updated information about your strengths, qualifications, and job preferences. This will allow them to match your job preferences with specific knowledge.


Various respected job recruiting organisations in the USA assist those looking for jobs in India. The table below lists several well-known agencies in the USA that serve Indian job seekers.

Agency Name



Insight Global

Technology, Engineering, Healthcare

Randstad USA

Engineering, IT, Healthcare


Engineering, Skilled Trades, Finance

Kelly Services

Administrative, Engineering, Finance

Robert Half

Finance, Technology, Legal

Adecco USA

Finance, Engineering, IT


Skilled Trades, Manufacturing, IT


Technology, Finance, Healthcare

ProLink Staffing

IT, Engineering, Healthcare+

Hays US

Finance, IT, Engineering

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How to Apply for a Job in USA from India?

Follow the below steps to complete the application process for a job in USA-

  • Online Application- Apply for jobs through company websites or portals, submitting your resume and a tailored cover letter.

  • Screening- If your application passes the preliminary screening, you will be selected for the phone or video interview.

  • In-Person Interviews- Now, you should attend in-person interviews or other rounds.

  • Offer and Negotiation- After a successful interview or clearing all the rounds, you will receive a job offer. Negotiate your salary, benefits, and other terms.

  • US Work Visa for Indians- Once you accept the offer, you must start obtaining a visa to work legally in the USA.


Work in USA: Educational Qualifications

The USA is well-known for its high-quality education, so the first requirement is proper educational qualifications. Hence, if you seek a specialised career, such as a physician, architect, engineer, or teacher, you must have adequate knowledge about your field of work. Although a bachelor's degree is sufficient, obtaining a master's degree in your profession will increase your chances of landing a decent job.


If you don't have an undergraduate degree, you can still qualify for various positions based on your work experience. If you are a novice looking to work in the United States, a high school diploma will make you eligible for jobs at the GS-2 level.


With a degree from a reputable university and some professional experience, you will have an easier time finding better jobs.


The basic eligibility criteria to work in USA are as follows:

  • A bachelor's degree from a renowned university in India or Abroad.

  • Relevant work experience.

  • English Language proficiency: both written and spoken English.

  • Personal and professional references.


US Work Visa for Indian: Eligibility Requirements

After you've met your educational criteria, you'll need to complete the visa procedures. The essential documents required for a work visa application to get a job in USA are:

  • You will need a sponsor if you apply for a work visa to work in the USA.

  • If you apply through an immigration agency, you must have the company's paperwork.

  • When applying for an H-1B visa, which is a non-immigrant visa, transcripts and applicable degree certificates are required.


  •  scorecard to demonstrate English competence.

  • A job letter from a US corporation.

  • You can apply once you've identified suitable career opportunities in the USA. 


The next step is to modify your CV to reflect the skills and abilities required for the position. Also, note that the work culture of the USA is open, with proper communication and direct feedback.


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Popular Jobs in USA for Indians

The majority of high-paying jobs in USA demand advanced educational qualifications and extensive experience. The most prevalent jobs in the USA are in the service industry. These job profiles are attractive due to their extensive opportunities to grow and advance one’s career growth. These require less advanced labour abilities, making them easy to obtain.


Some of the most popular jobs in USA and the average annual salaries are listed below.

Job Position

Average Annual Salary in INR

Sales Representative 


Office Clerks




General managers


Fast-food workers


Registered nurses


Freight and stock movers




Customer service representatives




General Surgeons








Sales Managers


Chief Executive Officer


Petroleum Engineers


Computer and Information Systems Managers


Aerospace and Defense




Investment Banker


Part Time Jobs in America for Indians

According to the US Department of Labour, the federal minimum wage for covered, non-exempt employees is $7.25 per hour. Let's look at the best-paying part-time employment for overseas students in the US.


US Part Time Jobs: On Campus

The following table lists some of the most popular on-campus jobs in USA, along with their respective details:

On-Campus Job Positions

Average Salary Per Hour (USD)

Job Description

Teaching Assistant


Supervise classroom activities, assist students with studies, leading classes and marking students’ work

Book Store Assistant


Assist customers, providing required merchandise, keeping account of sales, returns, cash accuracy

Library Assistant


Taking care of books, keeping notes of check-in and check-out, assisting librarians and training volunteers

Research and Study Assistant


Working on research projects, maintaining laboratory equipment, assisting professors and scientists

Department Assistant


Assisting professors in departmental work, supporting administrative and secretarial job

Sales Assistant


Selling clothing, groceries and merchandise in stores related to the university

Tutor or Peer Mentor


Teaching and assisting fellow students or juniors with course content and assignments

Campus Ambassador


Promoting the university in front of prospective students, showing them the benefits, sharing interesting facts and providing guided campus tours

Food Runner or Catering Assistant


Delivering ordered food from the kitchen to the customer’s table



Preparing and serving beverages at the cafes or restaurants on campus



Office and administration support, communicating via phone or email

US Part Time Jobs: On Campus

Students are likely to locate a suitable off-campus job near the university campus. The following table summarises some of the most popular off-campus part-time job in USA:

Off-Campus Job Positions

Average Salary Per Hour (USD)

Job Description

Office Administration


Preparing and keeping account of office documents, communicating with customers, scheduling and coordinating meeting

Call Center Representative


They handle customer inquiries and concerns via phone or email and provide solutions.



Driving and taking care of private and rental cars



Taking care of children in the absence of their parents or guardians.



Offering specialised services to clients on a project-by-project basis.



Translating written or spoken content from one language to another.

Store Associate


Assisted customers with their purchases, restocked shelves, and handled transactions.

Tips on Crafting an Effective Resume and Cover Letter

Here are some tips for drafting a perfect resume and an interesting cover letter. Also, before you submit your application, have all the required documents ready. 

  • Keep it Short and Well-Structured- Your cover letter and CV should be straightforward and easily read. Use distinct headers and subheadings to organise your information. Avoid lengthy paragraphs and unneeded material.

  • Tailor Your Cover Letter and CV- For each job application based on the position's particular needs. Emphasise the most relevant talents and experiences for the position.

  • Set a Professional Tone- Avoid using slang or informal language in your cover letter and resume to convey professionalism. Maintain a pleasant and professional demeanour throughout.

  • Highlight your Accomplishments- Instead of just stating your work tasks, emphasise particular projects you've done and the positive outcomes or results you've achieved.

  • Include Keywords- Include important keywords from the job description in your cover letter and CV to boost your chances of being discovered. This is critical because many firms use applicant tracking systems (ATS) to screen applications for certain keywords. 



To work in USA, you must conduct a thorough study and examine your skill set to uncover potential prospects. Keep up to speed on job openings and ensure you meet all the requirements, such as educational qualifications and training, before beginning your work voyage to the USA. Also, note that part-time jobs are available in the USA, and students can opt for on-campus and off-campus employment.


We hope you got some insights into how to get job in USA for Indians. Still, if you want a more profound understanding or have questions, we encourage you to speak with our expert counsellors at Meridean Overseas Education Consultants (MOEC). Visit our website for free online counselling, or contact us at or 1800-1230-00011 for personalised support.


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1. What is the best way for an Indian to find job openings in the USA?

The best way to find job openings is by using popular job search websites like LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor, and Monster. These platforms have extensive listings across various industries and provide tools for job seekers to apply and connect with potential employers.


2. Are there specific job search websites for specialised fields in the USA?

Yes, there are specialised job search websites for different fields. For example, Dice is great for IT and tech-related jobs, while BioSpace focuses on life sciences and healthcare positions. Research and identify job portals that cater to your specific industry.


3. What are the most common work visas for Indians working in the USA?

The most common work visas for Indians in the USA include the H-1B visa for specialised workers, the L-1 visa for intracompany transfers, OPT (Optional Practical Training) for F-1 visa holders, and EAD (Employment Authorization Document) for certain visa holders. The choice of visa depends on your qualifications and employment situation.


4. Can Indian freshers find job opportunities in the USA?

FFreshuates from India can find job opportunities in the USA, particularly in information technology, healthcare, business, and education. Many universities and colleges in the USA offer optional practical training (OPT) programs that allow international students to gain work experience related to their field of study.


5. How can I prepare for in-person interviews with US employers?

To prepare for in-person interviews, research the company thoroughly, practice answering common interview questions, and be ready to discuss your skills, experiences, and achievements. Additionally, dress professionally and be punctual for the interview.


6. How can international students find part-time jobs in the USA?

International students can get part-time job opportunities in the USA through many avenues, including:

  • Career services in their institution or college

  • Options include online job portals like LinkedIn and Glassdoor, networking events and job fairs.

  • Referrals by instructors or classmates


7. How many hours may international students work part-time in the United States?

International students may work up to 20 hours per week during the academic year and full-time during vacations such as summer or winter vacation.


8. What are the perks of working in the United States?

People frequently seek jobs in USA to improve their lives through benefits and possibilities. Some reasons to work in USA include a multicultural atmosphere, numerous chances, the opportunity for high pay, additional healthcare benefits, and better living conditions.


9. Which jobs are well-paid in the United States?

The United States has a high average salary. A full-time employee in the United States earns $59,428 (about ₹49,14,547). Anesthesiologists (~₹2,80,84,897), General Surgeons (~₹2,16,09,187), Obstetricians/Gynecologists (~₹2,23,36,760), and Psychiatrists (~₹2,38,24,488) are among the most well-paid vocations in the USA.


10. Can Indians work in the United States?

Yes, Indian citizens can work in the United States. As a foreign national, you must first meet the visa requirements. This includes accepting a job offer and subsequently applying for a work permit. You can apply for the visa based on the nature and duration of your work.

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