How to Change University after Booking US Student Visa Appointment?


27 September 2022



The United States is indeed a great place to pursue higher education. Every year, plenty of students from India fly to study in USA. The reason is majority of top universities in the world are in USA. The country has outstanding education standards and aims to empower students through research-centric institutions.

Every international student requires a student visa to study in USA. Student visa in USA is divided into 3 core categories; F-1, J1, and M1. Sometimes students file a visa application after getting into the University of USA. But, after filing the visa application, if one changes their mind about switching the university or gets an offer letter from a better university, they need to modify their Visa application.

After getting into the university, the student receives an I-20 form from the designated school officer (DSO). This form contains information about the type of visa students should apply for. This form is generated by Student and Exchange Visitor Information System (SEVIS) generates this form.

USA Visa Application Process

A USA visa is not granted easily; one needs to make an application with the right documents. Here is the step-by-step process for USA visa application:

  1. Get an offer letter from SEVIS certified US University or college.
  2. After one gets accepted into the university, they need to pay the SEVIS fee
  3. Get I-2- from the DSO
  4. Apply for a USA student visa with information on the I-20 form
  5. Pay student visa fee
  6. Schedule OFC (Offsite Facilitation Center) and visa interview appointment
  7. Attend OFC Appointment
  8. Give the visa interview.

Changing University after Visa Appointment

There are several reasons why students decide to change their university after applying for the visa. Sometimes the student applies to more than one university and then applies for a student visa once they confirmation from one university. But, when the student also gets an offer letter from a better University after making the application, they need to change the university in the visa application.

Sometimes students get an offer letter from a different US university that is ready to grant them a scholarship. As cost of studying in USA is huge, in this scenario, a student chooses the university with a scholarship, as it is more affordable. Then also, students seek to change their university after booking a visa slot.

How to Change University after Booking a Visa Slot

No matter the reason, the student must change their university name in the US embassy student visa appointment. There are 3 types of processes that one can follow depending upon their reasons for the change of university. There are:

Scenario 1: The SEVIS fees is paid, and DS-160 is submitted, but visa payment is not made.

In this scenario, the student is at the benefit as they have not paid any visa fees. The student just needs to transfer the SEVIS fee from university A to university B. This change has to be done by visiting the official website of the Department of Homeland Security. If the student has a valid fee payment record for the I-901, they can see the transfer button in the form and easily transfer their university name.

The website redirects the student to another page where the new University's SEVIS ID and school code are required by clicking on the transfer button. Students must fill in the correct details and initiate the transfer request.

Following this procedure, one will receive the confirmation email for the transfer request. After this, the second email will be for the transfer request status. It either gets accepted or rejected. If the request for university change is denied, the email has the explanation.

Scenario 2: DS-160 is submitted, visa payment is done, and an interview slot has been booked.

In this scenario, the initial procedure for university change will be the same. Students need to fill up a new DS-160 form with details of the changed university. Some extra steps that need to be taken are:

  • Log into CGI federal account from its official website and update the information. One needs to change the DS-160 number confirmation number and SEVIS ID.
  • No additional visa fee must be paid if one hasn't appeared for the interview.
  • Sometimes, the student is unable to update the new DS-160 confirmation number and SEVIS ID on the CGI account; in this case, they should take new credentials to the visa interview. The visa interviewee manually updates the information before the commencement of the interview.

Scenario 3: The student has given the visa interview

This is the trickiest situation that a student can end into. If the student is being granted the F-1 student visa and then decides to change university, then these steps have to be followed:

  • Request I-20 form from new university
  • Get a new DS-160 form and transfer SEVIS fees as explained earlier
  • Pay visa fee again
  • Schedule the second interview and appear for a visa interview once again

Various students go through these problems after they receive the offer letter from a top university. If the student has not appeared for the visa interview, the process of changing university is not tough. But, if the student has been given the visa interview, there are very rare chances that the university change request will get approved.

To avoid these kinds of situations, students should always wait before scheduling their visa interview. International students always apply to various universities; it is never advisable to rush to schedule a visa interview after getting an offer letter from one university.

If you feel that you might get into a better university, it is always better to wait for a visa interview. After receiving answers from all the universities you've applied to, only visa interviews should be booked.

Studying overseas is great as long as the procedure seems smooth and easy. Taking help from experienced education counsellors is the only way to make it easy and smooth. Counsellors can make applications to the right universities and guide you through booking visa interviews at the right time. Call us at 1800-1230-00011(toll-free) to get into US Universities without any trouble. You can also mail us at  .

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