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Canada has become the most popular and recommended educational destination for international students. According to the QS Best Student Cities 2022, it is ranked 9th on the list.

In addition to offering high-quality educational facilities for students from all over the world, the country offers a safe study environment for international students. The country also offers an abundance of job and business opportunities.

Every year several individuals want to get a student visa and wish to study in Canada. It is a country that helps students accelerate their learning curve. Their universities rank at high positions on the world’s leading universities list. It is home to several cities that offer good career prospects, a multicultural environment and a remarkable quality of life.

According to numerous global ranking partners, Montreal, Toronto, and Ottawa are some of the best cities to study in Canada. These cities have well-known universities in which international students can apply.

In this article, we are providing complete information on best cities to study in Canada for Indian students. Check the details below.


Best Cities to study in Canada


Let us take a look at some of the best cities to study in Canada.


1. Study in Montreal Canada: QS World Ranking – 4


Top colleges with a stellar international reputation may be found all throughout the world, including Montreal. More than 3 lakh students from all over the world come to Montreal each year to receive a top-notch education. For various reasons, Montreal is regarded as the finest city for all international students.

The city has several career options, which are also very safe. Students can easily locate a part-time job in Montreal. It is the finest city for Indian students to study because of its low cost of living, excellent transportation system, and many other benefits.


Fee - Montreal is the cheapest & best city to study in Canada for foreign students. A three-course meal will likely cost about CAD 60. However, transportation will cost about CAD 85, and accommodation will cost between CAD 709 and CAD 1,050. The cost of living is reasonable, and foreign students can work part-time jobs to help pay their bills.


Universities - Montreal has McGill University, which is positioned 24th universally out of 100 famous colleges. The popular Universities in Montreal are mentioned below:

  • Universite de Montreal

  • McGill University

  • HEC Montreal

  • Concordia University

  • Saint Laurent Cegep

  • Polytechnique Montreal


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2. Study in Vancouver Canada: QS World Ranking – 18


Vancouver is counted as one of the best cities in Canada to study. It is positioned 18th by QS Best Student Cities 2022. It is famous for its choice of excellence for understudies. The city houses great tech associations like Amazon, Microsoft, and Google, which offer a variety of chances to all graduates.

Students from around the world attend school in Vancouver, a diverse city. The bulk of ethnic groups represented among those who come here to study are students from Europe, China, Britain, Ireland, and Scotland. It offers easy and safe transportation.      


Fee: The average annual tuition fee for an international student is CAD 15,735


Universities - Popular Universities in Vancouver are:

  • Simon Fraser University

  • University of Canada west

  • Vancouver Island University

  • University of British Columbia


3. Study in Toronto Canada: QS World Ranking-13


A wide variety of renowned universities are located in Toronto, which is a highly regarded location for students. It is the best city in Canada to study & work. It is the location of the highly regarded University of Toronto, which attracts students from around the world.

According to QS Best Student Cities 2022, Toronto is ranked 13th. The following elements make the city ideal for Indian immigrants to dwell in this country.


Fee - The average international fee at the top universities is CAD 3,384,00. The city has been featured in 2nd rank as the most desirable city. Work opportunities are abundant and open to students and graduates. The city ranks joint 22nd worldwide for the employer activity indicator. The average monthly cost of living in Canada can be around CAD 3200.


Universities - Popular Universities to study in Toronto Canada are as follows -

  • The University of Toronto

  • York University

  • Ryerson University

  • The University of Waterloo

  • OCAD University,

  • Trent University


4. Study in Ottawa Canada: QS World Ranking-46


One of Canada's top places to study in Ottawa, which caters to students. The city is listed by QS Best Student Cities 2022 at 46 places. International students are drawn to the city by its diversified and vibrant culture as well as its great work prospects. Additionally, the top two universities in Ottawa are among the top 650 worldwide, attracting many international students to study.

Here are some reasons why Ottawa is the best city for study in Canada:

  • It is featured in the top 50 for the student view indicator. This score indicates the city’s vibrant student life, friendliness, and diversity.

  • Home to a slew of high-tech companies, healthcare.

  • The cultural diversity of the city makes it a cosmopolitan centre.

  • Students could visit world heritage sites and explore historical and cultural spots, including the Museum of History and Centre Block.


Fee - A student will require around CAD 1185 for monthly living expenses, while monthly rent expenditure would be CAD 1625.


Universities - Popular Universities in Ottawa are -

  • The University of Ottawa

  • Carleton University

  • Ottawa University

  • Saint Paul University

  • Dominican University


5. Study in Quebec Canada: QS World Ranking – 88


Quebec is a beautiful and noteworthy capital city of the Quebec region, which is likewise the best territory for students to study in Canada. It is one of the top 50 cities for undergrad blending in the QS best student study Urban communities 2022 due to its harm-free environment.

The city likewise houses one of North America's most established instructive organisations for ladies - the Ursuline Religious Circle of Quebec City. The essential language in Quebec is French. It is principal to assess the best spot to concentrate on in Canada.

Here are some more reasons why Quebec offers students an amazing experience:

  • A gamut of transport options is available.

  • The Desirability rank of the university is 62nd, and it is ranked 55 in terms of affordability.

  • The university is featured at the 115th student view rank         


Fee -

  • The apartment rent for 1 bedroom is CAD 525-700

  • The average international fee of the ranked institute is CAD 1,44,130

  • The employer activity rank of the city is 93

  • The average tuition fee is CAD 10,000 – CAD 40,000


Universities - Popular Universities in Quebec are:

  • McGill University

  • University of Montreal

  • Laval University

  • Concordia University

  • The University of Quebec in Montreal – UQAM

  • University of Sherbrooke


Canada has a highly dynamic and robust job market. Job opportunities are high in Canada, and the unemployment rate is very low. In February 2022, the unemployment rate was a dip by 5.5%. Some of the best-reputed global conglomerates and multinationals hire from Canadian universities regularly.

However, out of all the cities, Ontario is the best for work post-study. The unemployment rate is the lowest here, with a huge scope for high-paying jobs.


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