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The Graduate Record Examination, famous as the GRE test, is a standardised admission test that enables candidates to secure admission to renowned universities. You need to pay the GRE fees in India, INR 22,500 for the general test and INR 14,500 for the subject test. It is a part of the registration process.


In this regard, the blog discusses the complete details of the GRE fees in India and other expenses related to the GRE, including rescheduling and cancellation.


GRE Exam Fee in India 2024

Students should know that the GRE application prices, GRE form fees, and GRE General Test fees are all for the GRE exam in India. The GRE cost in India is INR ₹22,550. The GRE subject fee in Indian rupees is 14,500.


GRE Exam Fees in India: Registration, Cancellation, Rescheduling Fees

GRE Exam

GRE Exam Fee in INR

GRE General Test

INR 22,550

GRE Subject Test

INR 14,500

GRE Home Test Fee

The ETS launched the GRE home test, which allows students to appear for the exam from the comfort of their homes. GRE aspirants need to pay the GRE home test fee of INR 22,500. It is equivalent to the GRE exam price at a test centre. ETS has absorbed additional expenditures to make the GRE test more affordable.


GRE Fees in India for Additional Services

In addition to the GRE registration fee, you may be charged for any additional services you choose, such as an additional score report fee, a rescheduling fee, and so on.


Here is an outline of all the costs of applying for the GRE test. Students should utilise the current currency rate to calculate the GRE exam fee in Indian rupees.


Fees in INR

GRE standard test administration fee

22,500 INR

GRE subject test

14,500 INR

Rescheduling GRE test

5,000 INR

Changing your test centre

5,000 INR

Changing your subject test

5,000 INR

Additional score reports

2,900 INR

Score review

5,900 INR

Score reinstatement fee

5,000 INR

Returned Payment

2,900 INR

Worldwide GRE Exam Fee 2024

The GRE exam is acceptable in almost every country, but to appear for the exam, you need to register beforehand. To register, you must pay the GRE fees in India and other parts of the world. However, the fee structure is different in every country, which is as follows:


GRE Exam Fee

GRE Fees in INR 2024

GRE General Test in India

INR 22,550

INR 22,550

GRE Subject Test in India

INR 14,500

INR 14,500

GRE Exam Fee China


INR 19,267.88

GRE Fee - worldwide 


INR 18,326.56

GRE Reschedule Fee/ GRE Cancellation Fee

GRE Reschedule Fee: Students who wish to reschedule their GRE General test registrations must do so four days before the test date. Otherwise, the GRE Fees in India will be forfeited. To reschedule their GRE test, candidates must pay an INR 5,000 charge. Aside from that, if a student wishes to change a subject in the GRE Subject Test, they must pay an INR 5,000 cost.


GRE Cancellation Fee: Students who want to cancel their GRE general test can withdraw the registration seven days before the test date. Students should be aware that there are no cash refunds; the refund will be in US dollars and paid back to the original credit/debit card or bank account used to make the purchase.


How to Pay the GRE Registration Fee in India?

ETS lets you pay the GRE fees in India in different ways. Also, the general payment mode depends on whether you choose a computer-delivered or a paper-based test.


The mode of payment is as follows:

  • Paypal

  • Money Order/ Voucher/ Certified Check

  • Credit or Debit Card (Visa, American Express, MasterCard, Diners Club International, Rupay, UnionPay)

  • E-Check Service (US bank accounts only)


GRE Score Reporting Fee

GRE fees in India include the student's scores being forwarded to four different universities. Candidates who want to send their GRE scores to more than the four pre-designated universities can pay an additional GRE score-sending fee. The GRE score reporting fee for each recipient is $27.00. The GRE score submission fee in Indian rupees is roughly INR 2242.29 (US $ 1 = INR83.05).

GRE Service


GRE Fee in Indian Rupees

View Scores Online



Print Official Examinee Score Report Online



GRE Diagnostic Service (GRE General Test only)



Additional Score Reports (ASR) – per recipient


INR 2242.29

Score Review for Analytical Writing Measure


INR 4982.86

Score Reinstatement Fee


INR 4,152.38


The blog comprises all the pivotal information relating to the GRE exam fee in India. The GRE exam fee in India is INR 22,550 for general tests and INR 14,500 for subject tests. Similarly, the GRE fee in China is $231.30 or INR 19,267.88 and $220 in other parts of the world. You have to pay the GRE fees for registration before the deadline. Also, ETS has different fees for additional GRE services.


We hope the above information can be helpful while registering for the GRE exam. Moreover, students who wish to study abroad may contact our expert counsellors at Meridean Overseas Education Consultants (MOEC). You can also take free online counselling through our website.  Our expert counsellors will provide you with the best support and guidance you need for admission and visa. For more information or any queries, contact or 1800-1230-00011. 



1 How much do GRE fees cost in India?

Answer: The GRE exam fees in India include registration, cancellation, and rescheduling. The GRE Exam Fee is INR 14,500 for the GRE Subject Test and INR 22,500 for the General Test. Candidates seeking to register for the GRE General or Subject Test must pay the GRE fee as part of the registration process.


2 What is considered a good GRE score?

Answer: There are no good or bad scores. Your selected university's admission criteria would include a set GRE score, which you must meet or exceed to be considered for admission. Higher GRE scores will qualify you for financial aid, provided the university offers any.


3 What is the cancellation fee for the GRE?

Answer: Students who cannot present for the GRE test due to unforeseen circumstances and wish to cancel must do so at least four days before the test date. Only the candidates can claim a refund of half of the GRE exam price. Furthermore, there are no monetary returns available. The reimbursement will be in US dollars and credited to the original credit card/debit card or registered bank account.


4 Can I take the GRE for free?

Answer: ETS offers the GRE Fee Reduction Program, which reduces the test fee. Individuals who require financial assistance, are unemployed, and receive unemployment benefits are eligible for the GRE Fee Reduction Program.

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