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Are you planning to assess your English skills conveniently in 2024? Are you searching for alternatives to IELTS or TOEFL? Look no further. You have the best option - the Duolingo English Test (DET).


The Duolingo Exam is the most popular choice for many students who want to prove their proficiency in English. Due to its quick result declaration process, the Duolingo Exam is the most popular test among all international students. Moreover, it is accepted by more than 5000 universities in over 200+ countries. Therefore, for candidates planning to assess their English skills conveniently in 2024 and don’t want to appear in the IELTS or TOEFL Exam, the Duolingo English Test is the perfect one for them.


In this blog, we have provided you with complete information on the Duolingo test, its pattern, syllabus, result, test score, etc. We will also share tips to improve your Duolingo English Test Score. So, let’s read the blog and know the details.


What is Duolingo Exam?

Duolingo English Test or DET is a well-known standardised English language test conducted by Duolingo every year. It is a popular language-learning platform that candidates use to improve their English or show their English proficiency in universities abroad or visa applications. Moreover, it is accepted by more than 4000 universities as proof of language proficiency.


Duolingo English Test 2024: Exam Dates, Fees, Registration, Syllabus, Results & more


The Duolingo Exam is continuously gaining popularity among international students as an alternative test to TOEFL and IELTS. Due to its affordability, flexibility, and accessibility, 10 lakh+ students appear in this exam worldwide every year.


The exam tests the proficiency in the English language in reading, writing, listening, and speaking. These skills are all aspects that show command of the English language. Candidates who score well in DET can study or work in English-speaking countries.


Duolingo English Test 2024: Eligibility

The admission requirements for the Duolingo English Test (DET) 2024 are aimed at inclusivity, allowing many people to authenticate their English proficiency conveniently. Unlike other English proficiency tests, which are quite strict, the DET opens the door to those needing more flexibility.


An Open Door for All English Language Learners

The DET is designed for anyone who wishes to demonstrate their proficiency in English, either for academic purposes, professional growth, or personal evaluation. It involves students applying for colleges and universities, job seekers who need their CVs uplifted, and professionals requiring certification for career progress. There is no criterion based on the educational background; hence, the DET can be a viable alternative for many people.


Technical Requirements

  • A Reliable Computer: The test should be on a laptop or desktop. These devices, which include tablets and smartphones, are not supported.

  • A Functional Webcam and Microphone: These things are integral for the proctored setting and the speaking parts of the test.

  • A Stable Internet Connection: The connection has to be consistent for the exam to be completed without interruptions.

  • Supported Browser: The DET recommends using the latest Chrome and Opera browser versions for test-running purposes.


Technical qualifications are given considerable importance and are part of the selection process. Therefore, the online nature of the test requires some degree of the candidate's technical preparedness.


Age Considerations

Whereas there is no upper age limit for taking the DET, those candidates under the age of 18 should secure the permission of their parents or guardians. This consent is the fundamental requirement for those under 13 in the registering process in line with international digital consent laws. This, in turn, enables the teaching of DET to younger learners so long as they have the needed support and permission from the concerned adults.


Preparing the Environment

  • A Quiet, Well-Lit Room: To eliminate distractions and accomplish a smooth testing process.

  • Compliance with Test Environment Rules: No other is allowed to be present in the room, and candidates are not permitted to exit the camera’s field of vision during the test.


Special Accommodations

Duolingo is working towards making the DET approachable to all student populations, including those with disabilities. Candidates who may require special accommodations are invited to reach out to Duolingo to discuss their specific needs. It aims to ensure a fair playing ground for every student, including those with physical and learning disabilities.


In general, the Duolingo English Test 2024 requirements are stipulated so that inclusivity and accessibility come first. Understanding the technical, legal, and environmental requirements is crucial for taking the Duolingo English Test (DET). Additionally, being aware of how to request special accommodations, if needed, ensures that you can confidently approach the DET, regardless of your background.


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Duolingo English Test 2024: Duration

The DET is praised for its efficiency, with the whole test being completed in as little as 60 minutes. This duration covers a 5-minute set-up process, 45 minutes of adaptive test questions and a 10-minute combined video interview and writing sample. The short nature of the test saves the takers from the fatigue that comes with longer exams, making it a more convenient option for them.


Duolingo English Test 2024: Exam Dates

The most outstanding trait of the DET is its accessibility. Unlike conventional tests with designated dates, the DET can be done any time during the year, providing unmatched flexibility. Hence, test-takers can take the exam at any time of the day that is convenient for them to meet the application deadlines of their selected institutions.


DET 2024 Registration Process

The registration process for the Duolingo English Test is simple. Candidates applying for the DET must go to the Duolingo website. Below is the step-by-step procedure to apply online for the Duolingo English Test.


Step 1 - Create an Online Duolingo Account

  • Visit the official Duolingo English Test website and create an account by providing the required information, such as your name, email address, and password. However, if you have already registered, then you don’t need to register again; just log in.


Step 2 – Purchase a Test

  • Once you log in, click on the “Buy Now” button on the section about purchasing a test. 


Step 3 – Enter the required Details

  • Check your mail ID and select the country and state. Your email ID should match your registered mail ID. So, make sure use the correct mail ID during registration. 


Step 4 - Duolingo Exam Fees

  • Now, fill in the payment details to pay the Duolingo Exam Fees using a valid credit or debit card and click the buy now link.


After buying the test, candidates can appear on the test at any time in the next 21 days. To appear on the test, follow the below steps – 


Step 5 - Download the Duolingo App

  • Download the Duolingo English Test app onto your computer or mobile device. Ensure that your device meets the technical requirements for taking the test.


Step 6 – Complete Test Setup

  • Follow the on-screen instructions to set up your testing environment. This may include verifying your identity, testing your microphone and webcam, and ensuring a quiet and well-lit space for the exam.


Step 7 - Take the Duolingo Test

  • Log in to your Duolingo English Test account on the scheduled test day and begin the exam at the designated time. The test consists of various sections, including reading, writing, listening, and speaking, and typically takes about an hour to complete.


Step 8 - Receive Duolingo English Test Scores

  • After completing the test, receive your results within 48 hours. Your scores will be available on your Duolingo English Test account, and you can also request to send them directly to institutions or organisations of your choice.


Documents Required for Duolingo English Test


There are various documents required to buy or appear in the Duolingo Exam. You can check the list of those documents below.


To Register or Buy the Test - 

  • A valid passport, driver’s license, or any government ID.

  • Credit or Debit Card to Pay the Duolingo Exam Fees. 

  • Valid Mail ID


To Take the Test - 

  • A quiet, well-lit room.

  • 60 minutes of free time.

  • A reliable internet connection.

  • A computer.

  • Windows or macOS.

  • A front-facing camera.

  • A microphone and speakers.


Duolingo English Test 2024: Fees


To buy or purchase the test, candidates have to pay a certain amount called Duolingo Exam Fees. The fees may vary depending on your country. In India, the exam fee to take the 1 test is INR 4890. Check the Duolingo Exam Fees from the table below.

Duolingo Exam Fees


Fees (INR)

Fees ($)

1 Test fee



To get Results Fast



Total fees for 1 test + Faster Result



2 Test fee



To get Results Fast



Total fees for 2 tests + Faster Result



Why choose the Duolingo English Test?


Embracing the Duolingo English Test (DET) for English proficiency certification has a lot of benefits, particularly for students and professionals in an increasingly dynamic global arena.

  • Convenience: The DET can be taken from the comfort of your home since only access to a computer with an internet connection, a webcam, and a microphone is required. It removes the necessity of visiting a test centre, reducing the time and resources consumed.

  • Flexibility: Unlike the fixed schedules of traditional tests, the DET allows you to choose the test date and time, ultimately offering an unmatched level of convenience that meets your busy lifestyle.

  • Quick Results: Test results are usually ready in 48 hours, so you can meet the application deadlines or quickly check your language abilities.

  • Affordability: Unlike many traditional English proficiency tests, the DET is priced much lower but only comprises the quality.

  • Innovative Test Design: The DET applies an adaptive test format that adjusts question difficulty based on your answers, giving you a personalised assessment experience that truly reflects your competence.

  • Universally Accepted: An increasing number of institutions globally recognise DET for admission purposes, allowing students to travel internationally with such certification.

  • Comprehensive Evaluation: The test evaluates a broad range of language aspects such as reading, writing, speaking, and listening that present a comprehensive picture of your English level.

  • No Test Centers: Through this test, the anxiety and logistics problems related to traditional exams are averted.

  • Environmentally Friendly: The online nature of the DET reduces the carbon footprint generated due to travel to test centres as well as the need for paper-based testing materials.


Duolingo English Test Attempts


The Duolingo English Test (DET) allows candidates unlimited attempts, giving an edge to those seeking to augment their English proficiency scores. A 10-day forced break between each attempt ensures test-takers have adequate time to think over their performance, study selectively, and make noticeable progress. Adopting such a strategy requires strategic planning of test dates in consideration of applications’ deadlines. This, in turn, enables candidates to display their best performance and increase their chances of doing better.


Taking advantage of DET's flexible retake policy requires the commencement of preparation with realistic expectations.


Candidates are advised to take the provided feedback after each attempt to concentrate their activities efficiently. Further, setting aside funds for retakes and using authorised practice materials can add to the process of getting a higher score.


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Duolingo English Test 2024 Structure

Duolingo English Test adopts an adaptive structure that adjusts its level of difficulty according to the test taker's answers. The Duolingo English Test pattern is mainly divided into 2 sections: Adaptive test and video interview. Adaptive test includes the listening, speaking, reading, and writing parts in a mixture that lasts for nearly up to one hour. This design ensures that, as you progress and improve, the questions get harder, providing an accurate measure of your English language proficiency. Knowing that the test is adaptive is important because it determines how you use your time and energy between sections.




Adaptive Test

A combination of listening, speaking, reading, and writing tasks that adjust in difficulty based on performance.

45 minutes

Video Interview & Writing Sample

Test-takers respond to open-ended questions in spoken and written form.

10 minutes

However, prior to the beginning of the test, students are given 5 minutes as an introduction, also known as a quick setup, during which they become familiar with the rules and key requirements of the test. 


Adaptive Test - Graded Portion: This section contains speaking, writing, listening, and reading assignments for the adaptive test. 


Reading Section

  • It evaluates candidates' ability to comprehend written English passages.

  • It includes multiple-choice questions, drag-and-drop tasks, and sentence arrangement exercises.


Writing Section

  • Candidates are required to demonstrate their writing skills through tasks. 

  • The questions in this section are related to composing essays, summarising passages, and responding to prompts.


Listening Section

  • It assesses candidates' listening comprehension skills through audio-based tasks.

  • It includes multiple-choice questions, sentence completion, and matching exercises.


Speaking Section

  • The speaking section evaluates candidates' spoken English proficiency through recorded responses to prompts.

  • Candidates may be required to describe images, answer questions, and engage in conversation simulations.


Video Interview - Ungraded Portion: This component contains both a written sample and a video interview.  


Duolingo English Test 2024: Syllabus

The Duolingo English Test evaluates candidates' proficiency in English across four key language skills in adaptive tests: reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Below is the complete syllabus of the Duolingo Exam.


Adaptive Test Syllabus


Reading Section

  • Comprehension of written passages

  • Understanding of vocabulary in context

  • Identification of main ideas and supporting details

  • Inference and interpretation of textual information


Writing Section

  • Composition of essays on given topics

  • Summarisation of written passages

  • Response to prompts by providing written explanations or opinions

  • Application of grammatical structures and vocabulary in written expression


Listening Section

  • Comprehension of spoken English passages and dialogues

  • Identification of main ideas, details, and specific information

  • Understanding of vocabulary and expressions in spoken context

  • Note-taking and summarisation of spoken information


Speaking Section

  • Oral response to prompts on various topics

  • Description and narration of images, graphs, or charts

  • Answering questions based on personal experiences or hypothetical situations

  • Engaging in conversation simulations with virtual interlocutors


Video Interview and Writing Test Syllabus


The Video Interview and Writing Test section of the Duolingo English Test is an essential component that assesses candidates' speaking and writing abilities. This section has a duration of 10 minutes and is divided into two parts - the Video Interview and the Writing Test.

  • Video Interview - The examiner presents candidates with two themes during the video interview. They must choose one theme and speak about it for three to four minutes. This segment evaluates candidates' speaking proficiency, coherence, and ability to articulate ideas effectively in English. Candidates must demonstrate their ability to express opinions, provide explanations, and converse on the chosen theme within the allocated time.

  • Writing Test - In the Writing Test part, candidates are presented with two subjects and must choose one to write about for three to five minutes. This segment evaluates candidates' writing skills, including grammar, vocabulary, coherence, and organisation. Candidates must effectively convey their thoughts, ideas, and arguments in written form while adhering to the given time limit.


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Duolingo English Test 2024: Booking the Test

Filling in the Duolingo English Test is a convenient online procedure. Go ahead and register and prepare for the tests. Choose your date and time from the available slots. The system allows for flexible booking; however, booking early can help secure your desired slot. Therefore, you can solve any technical problems or reschedule at the Duolingo website, which will help you concentrate on your preparation and performance.


Duolingo English Test 2024: Test Validity


The validity of Duolingo English Test scores for the 2024 cycle will last for two years. The length of time is in line with other major English proficiency tests, with enough time for the test to be used by schools and universities. Candidates should consider their test-taking schedules by considering the validity period, as this is needed for their application processes to ensure their scores are still applicable to their needs.


Duolingo Exam Result 2024

After taking the Duolingo English Test (DET), you'll receive your results in just 48 hours. It means you will know how you performed on the test. 

To see your Duolingo English Test Scores, log in to the official Duolingo website and check the DET score report section. This report tells you how well you did overall and in each part of the test, like reading and speaking. The DET Result includes your details. Moreover, the exam calculates your score using different things you did in the test. So you can quickly see how you did and figure out what to do next.


Duolingo English Test Scores

The Duolingo English Test has a score range of 10 to 160, with 5-point increments. The results of the Duolingo English Test have a unique URL. Your test score evaluates you: 

  • Literacy - The ability to read and write. 

  • Comprehension - Your ability to read and listen. 

  • Conversation - Speaking and listening abilities throughout a conversation. 

  • Production - The way you write and communicate.


How to Send Your DET Score?

Follow the steps below to send your Duolingo English Test (DET) score to institutions or organisations.

  • Step 1 - Visit the Duolingo English Test website and log in to your account using your credentials.

  • Step 2 - Once logged in, navigate to the section where you can view your test results or score report.

  • Step 3 - Look for an option or button labelled "Send Scores" or something similar. Click on it to proceed with sending your scores.

  • Step 4 - You will be prompted to enter the details of the institution or organisation where you want to send your scores. This typically includes the recipient's name, email address, and any other required information.

  • Step 5 - Review the recipient information to ensure accuracy. If there are any fees associated with sending your scores, you may need to make a payment at this stage.

  • Step 6 - Once you've verified the recipient information and made any necessary payments, submit your request to send your scores.

  • Step 7 - After submitting your request, you should receive a confirmation email or notification indicating that your scores have been sent to the specified recipient.


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Duolingo English Test: Tips for Sending Scores

  • Timing: Keep the dates of deadlines of your preferred institutions in mind and forward your scores well beforehand.

  • Record Keeping: Create a record of where and when you've sent your scores to have your reference and in case of follow-ups.

  • Institution Requirements: Verify their English proficiency scores based on every institution's requirements. Some may have special requests like deadlines or need the scores to be sent from Duolingo.


With this process, you will be able to handle your Duolingo English Test score submissions to many institutions effectively, thus easing your application procedure. Recall that the quick step in the transfer of scores is one factor that makes the DET quite handy for meeting the English proficiency requirements of universities and organisations worldwide.


Duolingo English Test: Preparation Tips

Getting a good score on the Duolingo English Test (DET) demands well-thought-out preparatory measures and proper cognisance of the test format. 

  • Understand the Test Format: Become accustomed to the framework of the DET, including the kinds of questions and the adaptive nature of the exam. Having a clear idea of what to expect is a reliable ally in the battle against test-day anxiety.

  • Use Official Practice Tests: Duolingo provides its visitors with free practice tests on its website. Do these tests to get an idea about the questions and practice for the timed situation.

  • Strengthen Core Language Skills: Regularly take part in activities that boost your reading, writing, listening and speaking abilities. Read a lot, write essays or diary entries, listen to English radio or news, and speak English with native speakers or other people taking part in the language exchange.

  • Focus on Vocabulary and Grammar: Improve your vocabulary by reading and listening to English in different contexts; learn and use the grammar rules to make your sentences more complex and cohesive.

  • Practice Typing: Typing is also required in the test, so improving your typing speed and accuracy can help you do it more efficiently, mainly while writing essays.

  • Develop Listening Skills: To enhance your ability to understand English as spoken by many accents and in different settings, listen to English of various accents and in different settings. This is the way to prepare you for different accents in the Listening section.

  • Improve Pronunciation and Fluency: Practice speaking English frequently to enhance fluency and pronunciation. Use language learning apps with built-in speech recognition features to evaluate pronunciation.

  • Learn Test-taking Strategies: Devise approaches for various types of questions; for instance, develop a note-taking style for the listening tasks or outline before writing essays. This will assist you with planning your time properly during the test.

  • Prepare Your Test Environment: Secure a quiet and comfortable location in advance to take the test with a good internet connection and all the technical requirements fulfilled. Do technical preparations before the test day so no problems arise at the last minute.

  • Stay Relaxed and Confident: Enter the test room confidently because practice and familiarity with the test format are the best ways to reduce stress. Think of each try as a learning chance, and don't forget that you can retake the test.


By implementing these recommendations, you can raise your English proficiency level and have a higher chance of success on the Duolingo English Test. Preparation is the key; therefore, start earlier and apply these strategies to plan your study effectively.


Duolingo Accepted Countries

More than 200+ countries accept the Duolingo English Test. Some of the top countries are as follows –


Duolingo Accepting Universities in the USA


The Duolingo English Test is acknowledged by a variety of US colleges covering different academic and professional study areas. These institutions appreciate the DET for its accessibility, efficiency, and all-inclusive measurement of the level of proficiency in English as a language.

  • Highly Selective Universities: Renowned universities like Harvard University, Yale University, Stanford University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and Columbia University understood the value of DET and offered admissions into their competitive programs​!​.

  • Broad Range of Accepting Institutions: From large public universities such as Arizona State University and the University of California, Berkeley, to colleges and specialised institutions, DET welcomes students on a variety of levels. In addition, other elite institutions like Johns Hopkins University, Northwestern University, and the University of Chicago are also on the same list, showing the wide acceptance of the test.

  • Diverse Academic Fields: The universities that accept DET are varied to cover almost all educational interests, from engineering to business, arts as well as sciences. For example, institutions like NYU Stern School of Business and the University of Pennsylvania are known for their business programs. At the same time, Universities like Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) are renowned for engineering and technology.

  • Geographic Diversity: Students considering studying in different locations around the United States, from the East Coast to the West Coast and in between, will find universities that will accept the earned transfer credit. It includes the universities in Florida, Texas, and Washington, ensuring that the students can choose a location that best suits their style and preferences.


There are 5000+ universities worldwide that accept the DET Score. Below, you can check the top 10 universities accepting Duolingo English Test scores. However, it is recommended that you check the minimum requirement of Duolingo at your desired university before applying, as the minimum requirement may vary for each university. 

  1. Harvard University, USA

  2. Stanford University, USA

  3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA

  4. University of Cambridge, UK

  5. Oxford University, UK

  6. University of Toronto, Canada

  7. McGill University, Canada

  8. University of Melbourne, Australia

  9. University of Sydney, Australia

  10. University of Auckland, New Zealand


Highest fluency batch score in the Duolingo exam


Your English fluency score indicates how proficient you are in the language. According to the Duolingo assessment, you can get 50–60% fluency in the language you are learning. However, you may improve your fluency by becoming more knowledgeable about the target language.


The Duolingo English test (DET) vs.IELTS

A comparison between the Duolingo English Test and IELTS walks you through the test format, cost, preparation time, and acceptance. Duolingo English Test has greater flexibility and convenience, with a shorter preparation period and faster testing results. However, IELTS has more experience and a wider acceptance in some sectors. You should pick the one in line with your specific needs, goals, and the demands of the universities you're applying to.



In summary, Duolingo’s English Test provides a convenient, modern and fast solution for proving English skills in 2024. Its accessibility, low cost and fast results make it a popular alternative for some voters. These strategies, if followed, will allow you to perform best on the IELTS and create chances for you to pursue international education and secure professional opportunities. Embrace this chance to showcase your English language proficiency with aplomb and elegance.


Moreover, students who wish to study abroad may contact our expert counsellors at any branch of Meridean Overseas Education Consultants (MOEC). You can also take free online counselling through our website. Our counsellors will provide you with the best support for the application, English proficiency exam, and SOP to take admission to abroad universities and for a visa. For more information or any queries, you can mail us at application02@meridean.org or call us at our toll-free no. 1800-1230-00011.



Q1: How long do the scores in the Duolingo English Test last?

Ans: The validity period for scores of the Duolingo English Test is two years from the date the test was taken. Make sure to have your application process coordinated and your scores current at the time of your application to a university or job.


Q2: How many times can I take the Duolingo English Test in a year?

Ans: You can take the Duolingo English Test as many times as you want, yet following each try, you must complete a required 10-day cooldown period before you can attempt the exam again. This guarantees you enough time to boost your capabilities after each attempt.


Q3: Can I retake the Duolingo English Test if my scores are not good?

Ans: Yes, you can retake the Duolingo English Test to have a chance to increase your scores. There is no restriction on the number of times you can take the exam, and you can aim for a higher score by repeating the test with a 10-day waiting period between every two attempts.


Q4: When and through what medium will I be able to access my Duolingo English scores?

Ans: The results of the test are usually made within two days of taking the test. Upon completing the test, you will receive an email notification informing you that your scores have been made available, and from that point on, you can view and share them directly from your Duolingo English Test account dashboard.


Q5: Are the results of a Duolingo English test accepted by universities and educational institutions worldwide?

Ans: Yes, scores on the Duolingo English Test are accepted as proof of English proficiency for admissions by 3000+ universities and institutions worldwide. The list of accepted universities involves universities in the USA, Canada, the United Kingdom, and other countries. However, it is necessary to ensure the institution would accept Duolingo scores for the program you are applying to, as requirements often differ.

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