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Speaking is an art that needs proper attention and requires more than just a rich vocabulary. The cue card component of the IELTS speaking test allows you to demonstrate your language proficiency and express yourself in great depth. Don't be concerned if the prospect of speaking for two minutes straight makes you nervous!


This blog is dedicated to breaking down the complexity of responding to a typical IELTS speaking cue card topic: "Describe an Activity that you do after School/Work." This topic highlights the value of personal views and perspectives, allowing test-takers to display their linguistic ability.


Describe an Activity that you do after School/Work - Sample Answer 1

After a long and exhausting day at school, I always look forward to doing something which relaxes my mind and body. Relaxing activities not only help us to refresh our minds but also allow us to gain energy to start working again.


What it is?

Here I would like to talk about something I do after a long and exhausting day at school, which is going for an evening walk. The truth is that I spend around 6 to 8 hours at school and then tuition classes, which makes me feel quite drained physically and mentally. Therefore, it becomes essential to rejuvenate myself in the evening.


When and Where do you do it?

I go to the colony park with my grandmother or sometimes alone. It is a small yet beautiful area with lush green grass, a jogging track, stunning flowers and plants, and rides for children. We generally prefer going there in the evening, around 6:00 or 6:30 pm. We witnessed little kids riding and hooting delightfully in the park, which rejuvenated my mind. After taking a walk for 30 mins to 45 mins, we prefer sitting and meditating for 15 to 20 mins or doing grass yoga. As meditation and yoga is really important to release our stress and calm down our minds. It is also good for our physical workout.


And how you feel about it?

For me, an evening walk is a much-needed therapy after a long, tiring day. My grandmother and I use this time to share thoughts and create a strong bond. Also, we share problems with each other, which makes us feel less stressed. She always gives me the best life advice, and I try to motivate her to do something creative every day, which will help her utilise her free time and eliminate boredom from her life. This one hour at the park revitalises me, and it's what I look forward to doing on a daily basis for my mental peace.

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Describe an Activity that you do after School/Work - Sample Answer 2

In today's world, our days are filled with stress and pressure that consume our energy in different ways. We live like robots, following a certain set of routines. As a result, it is important to engage in leisure activities that relieve our daily worries.


What it is?

After work, I frequently play baseball. Baseball is my favourite sport since it requires many techniques and obstacles, and I love challenging games. It also works out the body and promotes team spirit, which is important for personal growth.


When and Where you do it?

Around 6:00 p.m., I go to the basecourt with my friends and begin playing the game. We wrap up around 7:30 p.m. Despite the fact that we face some challenges, we come home happy and content after playing our favourite game, baseball.


Who you do it with?

As I have already mentioned, that I generally play with my friends. And it’s always amazing to play with and spend time with them. Playing with them lifts my mood immediately.


And how you feel about it?

When I'm playing baseball, I'm completely immersed in the game. This complete commitment to baseball makes me very excited. In addition, the team spirit offers me a sense of community. It allows me to overcome my laziness and do something productive. Also, it alleviates the loneliness that plagued me before taking up baseball.

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Describe an Activity that you do after School/Work - Sample Answer 3

Thank you for bringing up such an amazing topic. I've always been a fitness enthusiast and am keen to live a healthy lifestyle. As a result, after a hard day at college, I like to indulge in physical activities. Going to the Zumba classes is one such thing that I do on a regular basis after my classes.


What it is?

I usually go to Zumba classes after completing my college lectures. This is something that I would consider to be a part of my everyday routine. Going to the Zumba classes entails performing a variety of activities in order to maintain my physical health and overall well-being.


When and Where you do it?

I normally go for Zumba at 5 p.m. My Zumba classes are in the same building as my university campus, so it is really convenient for me.


Who you do it with?

I normally go to the Zumba all alone since it allows me to focus totally on my workout regime without distractions. However, at Zumba, I occasionally meet my gym friends, who encourage me to challenge my limitations and attain my fitness goals.


And how you feel about it?

Going for a Zumba after a long day at college allows me to clear my thoughts and release all of the worry and anxiety that has built up during the day. It helps me feel energised, revived, and ready to face the rest of the day's problems. Furthermore, experiencing the benefits of my hard work at Zumba, such as increased strength, stamina, and overall health, is a huge motivator for me. As a result, I look forward to going to the gym after university, and it has become an important part of my daily routine.


IELTS Speaking Part 3 - Describe an Activity that you do after School/Work Follow-up Questions

Question: What is the Most Popular Outdoor Game in Your Country?

Answer: some of India's most popular outdoor games include Kho-Kho, Kabaddi, and others. But, out of all of them, I believe cricket is the most well-known and popular, despite our national sport being hockey. Cricket is watched by everyone, from children to the elderly, and there is no one gender who enjoys it more than the other. When the test series began, everyone in our area sat down and watched the game. 


Question: Why do some people enjoy extreme sports?

Answer: People are drawn to extreme sports for the thrill and excitement they provide. People appreciate such games since there is a dangerous aspect involved. It provides us with a distinct kind of feeling that we don't ordinarily get in our regular lives. 


Question: Do You Think People Prefer Movies Over Books? Why?

Answer: Yes, just 20% of people read novels and 80% watch films. That's unfortunate because books have no chance when it comes to movies vs books. Everyone has their own point of view and preference, and I believe that a huge proportion of the population enjoys viewing films, so it is their choice. 


Question: What do young people do in groups?

Answer: Young people do a lot of things in groups, starting with going to shopping malls and movie theatres. In addition, many young people enjoy outdoor activities and sports like cricket and hockey. Apart from this, going out and partying in clubs is another new trend in big cities. 


Activities You Can Talk About to Answer These Types of Questions

  • playing a game

  • taking part in a team sport

  • hitting the gym

  • reading a book/newspaper/magazine

  • listening to music

  • hanging out with friends

  • cycling

  • watching TV

  • art and crafting

  • Fishing

  • cooking

  • playing a musical instrument

  • hanging out with friends

  • visiting a cafe

  • yoga

  • gardening

  • hiking


Using our sample responses, you may simply grasp how to answer "Describe an Activity that you do after School/Work" type cue card questions in the IELTS speaking test. We are sure that you will undoubtedly succeed in this area with practice and a sound approach. 

We hope you now have an idea of how to answer the “Describe an Activity that You Do After School/Work” type of cue card questions in your IELTS speaking test. But, still, if you want further details or would like to prepare for IELTS, you can contact our expert counsellors at Meridean Overseas Education Consultants (MOEC). You can also take free online counselling through our website. Our expert counsellors will provide you with the best support and guidance you need for admission and visa. In addition, they will help you shortlist the universities according to your profile. For more information or any queries, contact or 1800-1230-00011.



Q: Can I describe more than one activity?

A: No, you should focus on describing a single activity that you regularly do after school or work. It's important to provide a detailed description of that particular activity.


Q: Should I choose a specific activity, or can it be something general?

A: It's better to choose a specific activity rather than something general. The examiner wants to see your ability to provide specific details and examples.


Q: Can I choose an activity that I don't do regularly?

A: It's recommended that you choose an activity that you do regularly, as it allows you to provide more detailed information. However, if you can provide sufficient information about an occasional activity, you can choose that as well.


Q: How much time should I spend describing the activity?

A: You should aim to spend about 2 minutes describing the activity. It's important to provide enough details but also keep track of the time to ensure you cover all the necessary points.


Q: Can I talk about both the positive and negative aspects of the activity?

A: Yes, you can discuss both the positive and negative aspects of the activity. This demonstrates your ability to present a balanced view and express your opinions effectively.


Q: How should I conclude my description?

A: You should conclude your description by summarising the main points and expressing your overall opinion or feelings about the activity. You can also mention any future plans or changes related to the activity.


Q: Is there a specific format or structure I should follow?

A: There is no strict format or structure, but it's recommended to begin with an introduction, provide a detailed description, discuss the positive and negative aspects, and conclude with a summary and personal opinion. However, ensure that your description flows naturally and is easy to follow.


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