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Speaking is an art that demands exact attention and goes beyond simply showcasing one's extensive vocabulary. The cue card section of the IELTS speaking test allows you to showcase your language proficiency and deeply express yourself.


This blog aims to help readers understand the intricacies involved in responding to the popular IELTS speaking cue card question, "Describe a new store/shop that has recently opened in your town/city." This subject highlights the value of individual opinions and thoughts, allowing test-takers to showcase their language skills.


Describe a new store/shop that has recently opened in your town/city cue card - sample answer 1


We keep on seeing various shops near our area on a daily basis. But there is one particular store which has recently opened, and I would like to discuss about it.


Describe a new store/shop that has recently opened in your town/city


Where is it?

Recently, a store called "The Shoppers Centre" opened near my residence in Banglore, India. This store sells spices, food items, fruits and vegetables, cosmetics, perfumes, grocery ingredients, and toiletries. It is a small-scale version of a superstore. I visit the store every time I need to buy the necessities since it is quite close to my flat.


What is sold there?

The store offers a variety of goods and products. Nearly all of the merchandise is branded under well-known local names. However, some are also imported. The store sells perfumes, cosmetics, toiletries, bathing accessories, baby products, makeup accessories, food items, fruits, vegetables, and more. All of its products are offered at competitive prices, and if there is a problem, it promptly replaces the defective item with a brand-new one.


Who goes there?

I frequently go there and will continue shopping there only. Since it takes a few minutes to get there from my place, I can shop from there conveniently. Various people in our society also go to that place very frequently. Although it opened recently, it has an excellent footfall due to its competitive pricing and high-quality diverse goods.



Overall, I enjoy their selection of products, costs, and level of customer support. There are no additional fees, and the price is also fair.

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Describe a new store/shop that has recently opened in your town/city cue card - sample answer 2


Due to the growing popularity of small retailers, a large number of retail establishments in my town have closed in recent years. However, some retailers have also seen a sharp increase in sales. I want to talk about one such store that opened recently and became very successful today. It is A-one Bakers, a chain of bakeries. 


Where is it?

A-one Bakers is well situated close to my area. It is hardly 1.5 Km from my house. The store is located near the main market. 


What is sold there?

A-one Bakers offers a wide selection of baked goods to suit a range of preferences and tastes. In addition to the usual sweets like toffees and cakes, they serve Tiramisu, cheesecake, brownies, doughnuts, jars and pastries. At this store, I have personally enjoyed sampling various unusual baked delights of various nations or cuisines. A-one Bakers sells imported foods like chocolates, sauces, and drinks in addition to baked goods.

Their wide bread selection includes various options like brown, whole wheat, and garlic bread. The recent addition of freshly brewed coffee to the store's menu has helped to increase its footfall.


Who goes there?

Since it is a premium bakery item store, many people who are interested in baking at home visit it. The shop is renowned for carrying unique products not found anywhere else in the city. 



Overall, this bakery is heaven for lovers of bakery products. 

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Question: What is the difference between small and big stores?

Answer: In my opinion, we do not find our favourite clothing in as many varieties or colours in tiny shops. However, compared to the clothing found in small shops, large retailers offer a greater selection of colours and superior quality but at a higher cost.


Question: What kinds of shops are popular in your city?

Answer: My city has several well-liked store types. Supermarkets, convenience stores, clothing stores, and beauty parlours are all prevalent. Cafes and restaurants with distinctive themes or décor have also grown in popularity in recent years. In addition, there are many e-commerce sites and online stores that serve a range of requirements and interests.


Question: How can store layout and design improve customer shopping experience?

Answer: A store's layout and design greatly influence a better shopping experience. Clear signs and navigational aids should make client orientation simple. Well-organized product displays must also facilitate browsing and comparison. Thirdly, aisle widths and checkout counter placement should be sufficient to handle foot traffic efficiently. In addition, rest facilities or comfortable seating should be provided for weary patrons. Lastly, pleasing lighting, colours, and music should create a welcoming atmosphere.


Question: How does price and quality affect consumer behaviour?

Answer: The two most important variables influencing consumer behaviour are price and quality. Consumers typically look for the highest calibre goods at the most reasonable costs. People frequently have to choose between price and quality, weighing their priorities according to their tastes, financial budget, and the product's perceived value.


Question: Do you like window shopping? Why/ Why not?

Answer: Despite my infatuation with shopping, I have to admit that I am not a huge fan of window shopping. Window shopping won't help; it will simply make my financial situation worse. It's true that admiring exquisite clothes and designer purses is pleasing to the eyes, but the temptation is too great for anyone to resist. You wind up drowning in debt because your tiny budget is overshadowed by your desire to become a trendy lady. I prefer to stay home rather than window shop because I know how I would react to anything attractive.


Question: Do you think people spend too much time or money on shopping? Why?/Why not?

Answer: I don't know because various people spend varying amounts of time shopping. Nevertheless, given the development of the Internet and online purchasing, that sum may be substantially lower than it was in the past. In addition, schedules are becoming more constrained, and individuals appear to be busier with things other than shopping, which is far more important. Consequently, buying is not a person's top goal or anything more than a required action to move on with their lives.


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Don't rush to respond to the IELTS Speaking test cue card, "Describe a new store/shop that has recently opened in your town/city cue," as it requires some analytical thought. Take a few minutes to be ready before responding to the questions. 


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