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Italy has set some excellent standards in undergraduate education. Italy has some great courses for students who wish to extend their knowledge in commerce after the 12th. Italy is a top choice for business and management enthusiasts. It has a variety of courses and gives a work allowance. Encourages students to study in Italy.

It's thrilling and cheap to study abroad in Italy. One has the opportunity to attend prestigious universities with a long history. Education in Italy is cheaper than in most countries. Students also have several financial aid options.

Commerce students have a lot to explore in Italy. The reason is that Italy has the 7th highest GDP and the 17th highest human development index. The country is home to prestigious firms like Fiat, Italacementi, Ferrari, Lamborghini and Barilla SpA. This expands the scope for commerce students. While studying in Italy, students can experience real-time work experience by working in firms like these.

Scope of Commerce in Italy

Commerce students rule worldwide. No organisation can operate without auditing and management. Commerce students can handle company accounts, manage their work and provide proper guidance to the company. There are numerous degrees for commerce enthusiasts in Italy. The country offers multiple bachelor's degrees in different specialisations like:

  • Management
  • Economics
  • International Business
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Finance
  • Leadership
  • Business psychology

The scope of commerce in Italy is tremendous and remarkable. Italy is 3rd largest economy in Europe. The country has various firms where students can practice and internships while studying. After 12th, commerce courses in Italy provide two types of internships; curriculum and non-curriculum. Curriculum internships are done during the time of the course.

Students who do this internship get an experience letter and six credits. This helps a student in amplifying their profile. Further, if a student wishes to do a non-curriculum internship, they must do it after completing their course. In the non-curriculum internship, one gets €500 per month and an experience letter. Degrees affiliated with universities in Italy are accepted worldwide. One can get well-paying jobs in well-known firms after completing their course in commerce.

After 12th Commerce Courses List in Italy

Italy has a history of producing bet scientists and researchers. This justifies how exceptional Italy's education system is. For commerce students, various courses are offered by some best universities in Italy. Apart from the course, these universities also offer great job opportunities to international students.

The curriculum of undergraduate courses of commerce in Italy is updated regularly. This helps students acquire the best possible education and work in any corner of the world. Some best courses after 12th commerce in Italy are:


Bachelors in Business Economics: Financial and Business Management:

This course's curriculum will help students excel in business-related scientific and technical skills. The course covers various aspects of business, like law, business administration, business management, and finance. The course also includes knowledge of scientific business methods like mathematics, statistics, and macro and microeconomics. After acquiring this degree, one can get a high-salary package in private and public firms.

Best university: University of Bologna

Duration: 3 Years

Language: English


Bachelor in Management and Economics:

Pursuing this course after 12 will prepare the student in the economic and managerial field at once. The course curriculum is set according to the international perspective. One can understand the management of business worldwide by opting for this course. The course provides detailed knowledge of statistical-mathematical tools, legal aspects of businesses worldwide, economics, and different managerial bases. The degree is accepted worldwide by professional companies in the global market.

Best University: University of Bologna

Duration: 3 Years

Language: English


Bachelor in Informatics and Management of Digital Business:

This trilingual course can make you a qualified individual in digital business. The course combines an interdisciplinary business management curriculum with knowledge of computer sciences. Different faculties teach the course; faculty of computer sciences, faculty of economics, and faculty of management. Digital business is a field that has tremendous scope nowadays. One can gain detailed knowledge about promoting and running their business on the best digital channels.

Best University: University of Bozen-Bolzano

Duration: 3 Years

Language: English, German and Italian#


Bachelor in Business Administration:

This course will help students gain theoretical and applied business knowledge. Theories of business proposed by renowned personalities are taught in this course. The course also enriches students in the business's economics, quantitative, IT and legal aspects. A student completing this course is prepared to manage the business operations of various corporations worldwide. Additionally, it will open doors to pursue different fields.

Best University: Luis Guido Carli

Duration: 3 Years

Language: English


Bachelor in International Economics and Financial Markets:

Choosing this course will help you develop skills to evaluate the business financially. Students learn to assess and design business products for national and financial markets. Pursuing this course will help you become a financial strategist for big firms.

Best University: University of Trieste

Duration: 3 Years

Language: English


BA in Business Administration:

If you want to learn about a dynamic business environment with an international aspect, this is the course for you. The course will enable students to communicate professionally, conduct presentations and handle business projects. The course is best for you if you're from a non-mathematical background.

Best University: John Cabot University

Duration: 4 Years

Language: English


Bachelor in Business Administration and Management:

This course will help students learn about business-related economic trades. The course will provide specific knowledge of how to conduct business activities in favour of society. Legal systems of various countries are explained, including the background of communities in which business is practised.

Best University: University of Trieste

Duration: 3 Years Language: English

These are some of the top professional courses after 12th commerce in Italy. One characteristic of Italian colleges that offer business degrees is that they regularly change their curriculum. Not every course has to be available to students every year. Research is required to inform students about these courses, or they can consult knowledgeable counsellors.

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