Chevening Scholarships - Latest Deadlines, Application Process & Eligibility

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Are you planning on studying in the UK, but finances are an issue? Then this blog is for you; it covers the essential information you need to get the required scholarships and fulfil your dream of studying in the United Kingdom.


Amongst all the other scholarships available for international students, this blog is about the Chevening Scholarship, the Chevening scholarship requirements, the Chevening scholarship deadline, the Chevening scholarship eligibility and how to apply for the Chevening scholarship. This blog covers all the relevant information regarding the Chevening scholarship along with the latest deadlines, application process, and other relevant information.


Without any further delay, let’s begin with the blog!


What is the Chevening Scholarship

Chevening Scholarship, which is supported by the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office and affiliated organisations, are given to candidates with outstanding academic credentials and a track record of leadership potential. The scholarship provides complete financial assistance for the pursuit of any master's degree at any university in the UK that qualifies, together with access to a variety of unique intellectual, professional, and cultural opportunities.


Chevening Scholarships - Latest Deadlines, Application Process & Eligibility


Since the program's inception in 1983, more than 50,000 exceptional professionals have benefited from Chevening's opportunity to grow in the UK. For the 2023–24 academic year, almost 1,500 scholarships are available worldwide, illustrating the UK’s continued commitment to producing tomorrow’s leaders.


Benefits of the scholarship

Scholarships from Chevening offer complete financial support to those with outstanding academic credentials and leadership potential. The Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Office and its affiliated institutions provide funding for the 2024–25 Chevening Scholarship. The organisation works with academic institutions, governmental bodies, and commercial businesses worldwide to support Chevening scholars. Chevening Fellowships and Scholarships are the two categories of Chevening honours.


The recipients of both awards are chosen by British embassies and high commissions worldwide. In addition to paying tuition and travel fees, the Chevening Scholarship India offers an arrival allowance, a monthly stipend, a travel grant to enable recipients to attend Chevening activities in the UK, and one visa application fee reimbursement.


Eligibility for Chevening Scholarship

These are the prerequisites for the Chevening Scholarship UK, along with the Chevening Scholarship requirements-

  • Candidates must hold an undergraduate degree in order to be eligible to apply for a scholarship to pursue a postgraduate degree in the UK.

  • A minimum of two years of work experience is required for applicants to be eligible for a Chevening scholarship.

  • Those chosen for the UK Chevening scholarship must be prepared to return home for at least two years after the scholarship ends.

  • The candidate must have an acceptance offer from one of the three master's programs they apply to. The program may be offered by the same university or three other UK universities qualified for the Chevening scholarship program.

  • In order to be eligible for this scholarship, the student must have received an unconditional admissions offer from a UK university.


Eligibility for Indian Students

These are the Chevening Scholarship eligibility for the Indian students- 

  • Indian students must be citizens of a nation that qualifies for Chevening, one of which includes India.

  • In order to apply for a post-graduate degree, students must have completed an undergraduate degree linked to the program.

  • Indian students must have worked for a minimum of two years to be eligible for the Chevening scholarship.

  • After finishing the program, Indian students must return to India for at least two years. 

  • Indian students must obtain an acceptance letter from at least one university to be eligible for a Chevening scholarship.


English Language Requirement

Certain parameters need to be fulfilled to attain the scholarships within English proficiency; those are-



PTE Academic


C1 (Advanced)





















Overall Score





Applicability for the Chevening Scholarship

Chevening Scholars possess the desire, the capacity for leadership, a solid academic foundation, and a stellar track record of ascending to high positions in various professions within their home countries.


Chevening Scholarships are intended to assist Britain's public diplomacy abroad by giving recipients the knowledge and experience needed to succeed at the top levels and foster enduring ties with the UK.


A Chevening Scholarship is ideal for you if you're a driven future leader seeking a postgraduate program that will provide you with the finest possible foundation for success.


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How to apply for the Chevening Scholarship

You can apply for a Chevening Scholarship by selecting your country from the dropdown list at After this, the process includes-

  • Submit an application to one of three master's programs offered by Chevening partner universities that are covered by the scholarship courses.

  • Use the OAS or the online application system to apply for the Chevening scholarship in the United Kingdom.

  • Respond to the questions in between 100 and 500 words.

  • Send in the necessary paperwork in the format specified.

  • Apps for the Chevening Scholar 2024–2025 should be saved.


Latest deadline for Chevening Scholarship

The important dates to be considered while applying for the Chevening Scholarship UK are-



Chevening scholarship application start date

August 2, 2024

Last date to apply for Chevening Award scholarship

November 1, 2024

Applications evaluated against eligibility criteria

Mid-November to December 2024

Applications shortlisted for interviews

Early to mid-February, 2025

Last date to submit references and educational documents

February 20, 2025

Interview round for Chevening award

February to April, 2025

Chevening Scholarship 2024 result announcement

June 2025

Last date to accept the Chevening 2024 Scholarship offer

July 2025

Course in the UK begins from

September and October 2025

These are the Chevening Scholarship deadline, which you must remember when applying for this scholarship.


Selection Criteria for Chevening Scholarship

The Chevening Awards Scholarship selection process considers the English language proficiency exam results, references, and interviews. The necessary scores for the English language test have previously been covered. Let's examine the remaining requirements:



  • Candidates for the UK Chevening Awards Scholarship are required to include the names of two referees. Prior to the deadline, applicants must upload both reference letters to the OAS after their application has advanced to the next round. Chevening won't contact your references, and they won't be asked to upload the letters. You will be in charge of locating and uploading the letters.

  • Candidates must consider the program's standards when selecting a reference since the referee must be qualified to evaluate and comment on the applicant's eligibility for the scholarship.

  • Chevening could get in touch with your references later on for confirmation.


Scholarship Interview

The students who are shortlisted for the Chevening scholars must be interviewed at the British High Commission or embassy in their nation of origin. They will need to reserve their interview times in advance, and after they receive a confirmation email, they won't be able to modify it. Due to the first-come, first-served nature of the slots, reserving the time slot as soon as possible is crucial.


Documents to upload prior to the Chevening scholar interview

  • Applicants must upload copies of their education certificates and transcripts in their original language.

  • Two reference letters.

  • A short biography.


Documents to carry for the interview

  • Passport or national ID.

  • Additional documents are required for some countries and territories, which the applicant will be informed of before the interview.


Universities Partners to the Scholarship

In the table below, some of the top partner universities in the Chevening Scholarship 2024 are enlisted. Some of the Chevening partner universities are:



In the blog, we have tried addressing most of your queries, such as how to get a scholarship, what the Chevening scholarship is, how to apply for It, and its latest deadlines. One of the best ways to deal with your financial difficulties when studying overseas is through scholarships, fellowships, and other forms of financial aid. The goal of the Chevening scholarship program is to allow international students to pursue higher education in the United Kingdom.


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1. What is the selection ratio for the Chevening Scholarship?

On average, only 2 to 3 per cent of applications are selected out of the whole lot. This showcases that the selection process is quite difficult to clear.


2. Are all the costs covered under the Chevening Scholarship?

Yes, all the costs are covered apart from the accommodation costs.


3. What happens to the applicants after the scholarship ends?

After the scholarship ends, the applicant must return to their homeland for a minimum of 2 years.


4. Chevening Scholarship is available for which courses?

The scholarship is mainly available for MSc Finance, MBA, MSc Management, MA programs and many more.


5. Which countries is the Chevening Scholarship applicable to?

The scholarship is mainly available to Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Mexico, Nepal, Pakistan, South Korea, and Thailand.

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