9 Cheapest Canadian Universities for Bachelor's Programs 2023

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Undoubtedly, Canada is one of the most affordable study-abroad destinations for international students. Canadian universities’/colleges' quality of education exceeds the money spent on it. It is home to some of the best research-intensive universities in the world. The universities offer a wide range of course options to support the dream career of students. Moreover, as an international student, you'll get an opportunity to experience Canada's multicultural environment, with a high standard of living. Apart from this, scholarships in Canada are also one of the major things that reduce tuition fee and attracts many international students to study in Canada. In this blog, let's explore the most affordable Canadian universities for international students in 2023.


Cape Breton University


Cape Breton is a public university based in Sydney, Nova Scotia. It was established in 1951. The university focuses on pushing the boundaries of innovation and thought to create a global academic experience and build a sustainable future for our island. Also, it is surrounded by the natural landscape, vibrant culture, and welcoming communities and is home to nearly 5,500 students from more than 55 countries worldwide, promoting cultural diversity. The university is divided into five schools: the school of art and business, the school of nursing, the school of business, the school of education and health, and the school of science and technology. The fee structure for international students in the university range from 18,916 CAD to 19,579 CAD per year.


Mount Allison University


Mount Allison University is located in Sackville, New Brunswick, and was founded in 1839. It is one of the top universities in Canada, recognised for its undergraduate programs. The university offers 6 liberal art and science-related undergraduate degrees. Students have the option to choose majors and minors from the University's 50+ programs. Minor can be chosen from any field of study, even outside the chosen degree. This allows you the flexibility to combine your interests and meet your unique career goals. Moreover, the university's student-to-faculty ratio is 16:1, which allows the mentors to pay proper attention to students. Also, while studying at the university, students will be mentored, taught, challenged, and encouraged by accomplished leaders in their field. The tuition fee for international students is around 19,620 CAD per year.


University of Prince Edward Island


The University of Prince Edward Island is a public university founded in 1855. The university is proud of its long academic excellence and research innovation history. The university offers a wide range of programs to undergraduate students. It has a beautiful and huge campus consisting of administrative, academic, residential, and athletics buildings and facilities. Moreover, an active student union, scholarships, and outstanding student-faculty interaction at the university offer its students an educational experience that helps them reach their potential as future leaders.


University of Manitoba


The University of Manitoba is a research-intensive public university founded in 1877. It is one of the best university in Canada. The university attracts students from different parts of the world and shares its ideal and vision for positive change. It also believes in embracing challenges and taking action. Moreover, the university has two campuses - Fort Garry and Bannatyne. It has a mission to create, preserve, communicate and apply knowledge, contributing to the cultural, social and economic well-being of the people of Manitoba, Canada and the world. The tuition fee for undergraduate international students is about 18,700 CAD per year.


University of New Brunswick


The University of New Brunswick is a public university founded in 1785. It has two campuses in Fredericton and Saint John. The university aims to offer world-class programs with a small-university experience. It has the best student-to-faculty ratio of 15:1. The university is committed to offering a supportive and welcoming environment for all its student. The university aspires to influence the world through its excellence and innovation in research and teaching to bring positive social change. The fees for international students for undergraduate courses vary from 18,000 CAD to 23,000 CAD per year.


University of Winnipeg


The University of Winnipeg is a research-based university in Manitoba, Canada. It was established in 1967. It has a dynamic campus and a downtown hub that connects people from different walks of life. The university offers high-quality undergraduate programs, including several that are unique in Western Canada. Moreover, it also offers a wide range of career services like career advising and job research support. The tuition fee at the undergraduate level for international students varies from 15,810 CAD to 19,020 CAD per year.


Acadia University


Acadia University is a public university established in 1838 in Nova Scotia. It is one of the oldest and most respected liberal arts universities in Canada. The university features world-class academic, administrative, recreational, and housing facilities. This university is divided into four faculties: the Faculty of Theology, the Faculty of Pure and Applied Science, the Faculty of Arts, and the Faculty of Professional Studies. The university focuses on research-oriented studies and encourages student and faculty researchers to work closely to answer important questions. It offers various undergraduate programs in business, education, music, engineering, applied sciences, history, theology, gender studies, theatre, and economics. The tuition fee for international undergraduate students is around 19,544 CAD per year.


Thompson Rivers University


Thompson Rivers University is a research-intensive university founded in 1970. Its main campus is in Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada. The student's success is the priority of the university. It aims to empower its students to reach their goals with flexible learning options, individualised student services, hands-on learning opportunities, and a diverse, inclusive environment. The university's mission is to become a comprehensive, learner-centred, sustainable university that serves the world through its high-quality and flexible education, training, research and scholarship.


University of Regina


The University of Regina is a public university based in Saskatchewan, Canada. It was founded in 1911. It is known for its excellent academic, mental, and physical wellness support systems. The university also offers work placement opportunities for its students' benefit. Moreover, it is committed to reconciliation by incorporating indigenous knowledge into its research and teaching. The tuition fee for undergraduate international students ranges from 723 CAD to 802 CAD per credit.


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