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British Council Scholarships for Women

Are you a woman who is looking for financial aid for her upcoming master's in STEM in the UK?

This scholarship is started with a proposal to increase awareness about STEM study among women students. This reward program will empower female students who have an idea and devotion to spread alertness in their community of the home country. It is expected from a student to have a strong framework of thoughts that how can this higher study wisdom in the UK, help her to bring change when she will go back to her country. Our advice to students is that a student should aim at what betterment she can bring to the financial condition of the home country 

STEM courses in the UK

We are here to let you know about a new bursary that is available exclusively for Women who aspire to study post-graduation in STEM courses in the UK. If you are a mother who will travel with children, you will get special assistance as well. 

Stem Opt Application Timeline

A number of Fellowships will be awarded to students. The maximum count of students who get benefitted is a hundred. Further, if we talk about the timeline of application, it will commence from February 14, 2022, and will last till April 10, 2022. 

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Women in Stem Scholarships 2022

The exact amount of scholarship will be elaborated after admission acknowledgment from the university. All of the candidate’s expenditures which fall under the following categories fees charged by education institutions, monetary allowance, transport expenses, visa, and immigration health surcharge will be included in the bursary. Women with dependent children will get extra monetary aid.

You will happy to know about there is a special relaxation regarding age. Women from all age groups can apply for this scholarship.

This must excite female applicants who left the study long ago now want to start again. You can even apply for this with having more than 10 years of study gap. For this, you need to show that your field of work or your academic ability is related to STEM. 

Applicants Who Want To Study in the UK

IELTS always remains the major concern of applicants who want to study in the UK. For this reward program, you are not obliged to appear for IELTS as far as you have satisfied the university with the alternate options. In case you appeared for the IELTS as per your course demand. You will get a refund for the IELTS fee after you succeed to achieve fellowship. IELTS fee refund will be included in your fellowship. 

Usual Process of UKVI for Study in UK

A Female applicant can bring her husband and her children as dependent to the UK. For this will have to go through the usual process of UKVI. You will get relieved to know that your right to part-time work hours and PSW will remain as usual if you get rewarded with this bursary. To apply for this fellowship, very first you should start the admission process at universities that are listed under this program.

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Things you must know before you go for this: - 

1. You can apply for this even you have done your under-graduation and post-graduation degree from non-stem courses but you succeed to get admission in STEM courses now. 

2. You will be eligible to apply for this reward program if you hail from the country below-mentioned.


Master’s Scholarships

Early Academic Fellowships



Sri Lanka












3. You need not worry even you are applying for your second master's. You are qualified to apply for this scholarship. The same will be applicable in case you opt Early Academic Fellowship after your doctorate.

4. You will not be eligible for this assistance program if you have already studied your undergraduate course in the UK 

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