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Do you also aspire to start your study abroad journey and take your education to the next level? One of the top study-abroad destinations for international students is the United States. The country has constantly marked its place by offering excellent quality education that today’s generation needs for a successful future. In this blog, let’s explore some of the reasons for internationals to pursue higher education in US.

5 Benefits of Studying in US for International Students

Outstanding Education System


Undoubtedly, the US is home to some of the best educational institutes like Stanford University, Harvard University, University of California, and Columbia University, which are among the top universities in the world. There is a unique higher education system in US universities, which involves the blending of theoretical aspects with practical knowledge in order to equip students with the necessary skills required to work in today’s world. Apart from this, a degree obtained from a US university is highly recognised. Therefore, international students pursuing higher education in US will have an advantage when applying for a job.


Cultural Exposure


Every year lakhs of international students move to pursue higher education in USA. It is home to people from different backgrounds, allowing you to get exposure to many new cultures. You will be able to understand each other's perspectives which will further allow you to see things from a global point of view, putting you one step ahead of other people. Apart from this, one of the biggest advantages of studying with people from different parts of the world is that you’ll be able to make lifelong connections with them.


Amazing Career Opportunity


One of the greatest advantages of pursuing higher education in USA is that after completing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths) courses from a US university, you will be eligible for a 3-year post-study work permit. The US is a hub for various top companies which are eager to hire freshers. Therefore, as an international student, you have an amazing opportunity to get a job in some of the best companies in the world and gain valuable work experience. Moreover, studying in the US and working at top MNCs will add more appeal to your CV. Additionally, as a STEM student, you have a huge opportunity to conduct advanced research work.


Opportunity to Make the Most Out of Your Student Life


The universities in US offer a vibrant campus life, something more than just classroom education by encouraging you to participate in various activities and events. Apart from this, if we talk about student life outside the university campus, then you have plenty of aesthetic places, restaurants, cafes and amusement parks to explore and enjoy your boring weekends. Moreover, the US is a safe and welcoming country for international students and you won’t have much difficulty in adjusting to the environment over there.


Part-Time Work Opportunity


The greatest advantage of pursuing higher education in the US is that a US student visa allows international students to work part-time for up to 20 hours per week on Campus. It is a great opportunity for you to earn and bear the cost of studying in the US while gaining work experience. Apart from this, since the US is an English-speaking country, you won’t face any language barrier and can find a job easily. You can easily earn $15 to $22 USD per hour.


Q: What is the average cost of higher education in US?

A: The cost of higher education in the US depends upon the university and course you choose. However, the average cost of a bachelor’s course is between 10,000 USD to 80,000 USD per year and for a master’s, it is somewhere between 10,000 USD to 60,000 USD per year. If we talk about the average cost of living in the US for international students, then it is around 8,000 USD to 16,000 USD.


Q: Why study in the US?

A: There are several reasons to study in US for international students:

  • Excellent education system

  • Cultural diversity

  • Career opportunity

  • Part-time job opportunity

  • Student-friendly environment

  • Wide range of courses

  • World-recognised degrees


Q: What are the top universities to study in the US for international students?

A: The US is home to numerous prestigious universities that offer excellent educational opportunities for international students. Here are some of the top universities in the US that are highly regarded for their academic programs and research:

  • Stanford University

  • Harvard University

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology

  • Columbia University

  • California Institute of Technology

  • Princeton University


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