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27 September 2021



ACCA is a highly regarded accounting qualification in hundreds of countries. An ACCA qualified individual has been recognized as a Chartered Accountant and can easily obtain jobs in a variety of positions such as Auditor, Financial Manager, Accountant, Layer, and many others. Because of the importance of accountants and the high demand for jobs, ACCA has expanded its qualifications to over 180 countries.

In 180 countries, there are currently over 200,000 ACCA members and approximately 500,000 ACCA students. Because of ACCA's reputation, the certification is in high demand throughout the world, particularly in the United Kingdom. International students choose ACCA because it enables them to find work quickly after finishing their studies.

ACCA entry routes in UK universities

There aren't many requirements for international students to get into ACCA at a UK university. You can easily get admission if you meet the following requirements:


Minimum entry requirements: A level and O level students can apply for ACCA studies if they have passed 2 and 5 subjects with English and Mathematics, respectively. Students with an American high school diploma and a minimum of 50 percent marks are also eligible to apply for ACCA at UK universities.


Graduate Entry Route: Any student with a BSc, B.Com, or simply a BA can easily get admission to ACCA. There is no restriction on previous accounting knowledge. A graduate student also gets admission to ACCA in UK University.


Via FD or CAT: If you have an ACCA Foundation Diploma or CAT certification, you can easily enter ACCA. Graduates of FD and CAT are additionally excluded from the initial three ACCA papers and start their ACCA instruction with F4 papers.

Modules of ACCA

ACCA is divided into two primary modules:: fundamentals and professional level, however, these two modules of ACCA are additionally divided into two. There are 14 papers altogether, with 12 needed for ACCA affirmation. The ACCA modules are separated into four classes: information, abilities, fundamental, and functional.

By removing two papers, ACCA has recently introduced one new paper. So contact ACCA to learn about the new statistics on the number of papers.

What is the fee of ACCA at UK University?

There are two types of fees that ACCA students must pay. They pay a charge to the college to go to class, also known as the tuition fee, and a second charge to ACCA when they need to take tests. The ACCA fee varies from paper to paper and university to university. Universities in the United Kingdom also provide a discount when students pay for multiple papers in advance. There is no discount on the exam fee paid directly to ACCA, and it is the same for all students worldwide.

The tuition fee for an ACCA paper in a UK university may start at £200 for basic papers and £300 for advanced and professional level papers. The ACCA exam fee is very low, starting at £80 per paper, and is paid when a student wishes to take the exam. Students who wish to take computer-based exams must pay a slightly higher fee.

How to get a UK visa on the basis of ACCA?

Obtaining a UK student visa to study ACCA in the UK is not difficult, and no special rules apply to ACCA students. In fact, ACCA students have an easier time getting into UK universities than other students because there are no special admission requirements for ACCA Global.

IELTS is required to get admission in ACCA yet you can dispose of this just by presenting an English proficiency certificate which you can acquire from your past college on the off chance that you have finished your last schooling totally in the English language. 


Here are simple steps to get a UK student visa (Tier 4 visa) by following these steps: The information provided below is for general understanding only, and visa applications should be handled with caution.


Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS): CAS is provided by the University which grants you 40 points


Financial Proof: Proof of funding for your tuition fee and living expenses offers you an additional 10 points towards your visa application

Liquid Funds equivalent to the tuition fee for year 1 of studies plus maintenance funds (depending on the location of your University) are required to be shown

The funds could either be available in the savings bank account of the student and/or parents or an educational loan sanction letter is required to cover the total calculated cost. The funding can be a mix of both: own funds and education loan

  • The funds must be at least 28 days old.

  • Students must make an appointment at the VFS

Visa interview for all students is compulsory at the visa application center. That’s it, if everything goes well, you will be granted a UK student visa. Universities in the UK offering ACCA course


Here is the name of some popular universities in the UK that are offering ACCA courses

  • Birmingham City University

  • BPP University

  • London School of Business and Finance

  • University of Brighton

  • The University of the West of Scotland

  • Manchester Metropolitan University

You can visit the official sites of these colleges to get more information about the ACCA course

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