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About Aberdeen city

There are many international students who prefer to study in the UK. Aberdeen is one of the top cities in the UK that students can choose as their study abroad destination. Aberdeen is a port city located in the northeast of Scotland. The name Aberdeen means' Mouth of the River Don'. It is the third most populous city in Scotland, with a population of 200,000 people.

Aberdeen has a long, sandy coastline and features an oceanic climate with cool summers and mild, rainy winters. The city has many enduring grey-stone architectural buildings. Hence, the city is also famous for the name "Granite City." Aberdeen is also considered the UK’s wealthiest city. Previously, the city was famous for fishing, paper-making, and shipbuilding. But now these industries are being overtaken by the oil industry. The ships from Aberdeen carry a large quantity of oil to other parts of the UK and many other countries.

Aberdeen is also an attraction for international students as it has various top universities which provide quality education to students. You can contact our educational counsellors at any branch of Meridean Overseas for all the details regarding the admission process to UK universities.

University of Aberdeen

The University of Aberdeen is the number one university in Scotland and one of the top universities to study in the UK. It has a student population of about 15,000 and a large international community of students drawn from 130 different countries, which promotes cross-cultural exposure. Also, it gives students the opportunity to have a global perspective and build their own network. The courses at this university are designed to provide a professional-oriented education. Also, there are various courses at the university that are professionally accredited, with various programmes taught by leading practitioners. Apart from this, the university also provides various scholarships to international students every year. There are 12 schools in the university, which encompass a broad range of disciplines. It also has various multidisciplinary research centres where students can learn and undertake their own research. Moreover, the university has partnerships with various big industries, which provide job opportunities for the university students.

6 Reasons to study in Aberdeen

1. Cost of Living

Aberdeen is one of the most affordable cities for students in the UK. The cost of accommodation, food, and travel in Aberdeen are more economical compared to other parts of the UK. The students also have the option of part-time job opportunities at many places, like in cafes, bars, magazine distributors, etc., to support their day-to-day expenses. The average wage for a part-time job is GBP 10–15 per hour.


2. Education

The city council currently runs 12 secondary schools and 54 primary schools. These schools are amongst the top 20 Scottish secondary schools. Also, there are a large number of private schools, providing all the modern and advanced facilities. Moreover, there are two big universities in Aberdeen; one is Robert Gordon's College, and the other is the University of Aberdeen. Both universities provide students with a high quality education.


3. Economy

High technology developments in the electronics design and development industry, research in agriculture and fishing, and the oil industry, which have been largely responsible for Aberdeen's economic boom in the last three decades, are now major parts of Aberdeen's economy. International students also get job opportunities in these big industries.


4. Sports

The Aberdeen Sports Village (ASV) is one of the leading sports facilities in the North East of Scotland, with facilities for athletics, football, swimming, hockey, squash, martial arts, and boxing.


5. Historic Architecture

Aberdeen is one of the oldest cities in the UK, having been established approximately 8000 years ago. The coastline of Aberdeen stretches for miles, whilst Aberdeenshire provides various historic castles, rivers and mountains to explore. It is also historically known for its strong ties with the North Sea.


6. Tourist attraction

On a sunny day in Aberdeen, you can swap the library for one of Aberdeen’s diverse variety of parks, ranging from the city centre's Union Terrace Gardens to the spacious 44 acres of Duthie Park. The city has various options to keep you entertained and fuel your curiosity, for example, museums, galleries, festivals, theatrical events, etc. Apart from this, there are Union Square, Trinity Shopping Centre, and craft and vintage markets where you can enjoy shopping. Also, there is a global food market where international students can easily taste and enjoy the various types of cuisine.


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